Miami Vice: 129-Page Dossier documents former Archdiocesan Vocations Director’s Involvement with Sodomite Santería Practitioner

Now that it’s summer and “Pope” Francis has slowed down talking a little to prevent a sunburn on his tongue, we can finally catch up on a big story that broke in the month of May but that we never got around to covering because the Vatican’s Modernist-in-Chief can’t figure out how to close his mouth: “Father” Pedro Corces (pictured below left), pastor of St. Rose of Lima parish in the Novus Ordo Archdiocese of Miami, Florida, has reportedly been caught in a sodomite relationship with a practioner of the syncretistic Santería religion who also has a criminal background. To make matters worse, “Fr.” Corces hired the man as a maintenance worker for the parish and the K-8 parochial school. When Miami’s “Archbishop” Thomas Wenski was notified of the scandal by concerned parishioners and given an exhaustive dossier compiled by a private investigator detailing the evidence against Corces and his lover, Wenski lashed out at the whistleblowers and accused them of spreading “gossip”.

Once you’ve closed your mouth, go on reading for the details.

It all started with Corces’ sudden removal of the “nuns” from the parochial school at St. Rose of Lima “Catholic” church in Miami Shores, where he was serving as pastor. When the announcement came in January 2016, parents were furious, and some staged a protest. Religious sisters had been running the school since 1951.

As “multiple conflicting reasons were given for the nuns’ departure, … families began to suspect that Corces was forcing them out”, according to a report in the regional New Times. “…[C]oncerned parents … wanted to move forward with an investigation of Corces after the kerfuffle over the nuns led to ‘tips’ about his behavior. … [M]ultiple families pooled funds to hire a private investigator”, and this is when things hit the fan.

Organizing under the name of Christifidelis, the group of concerned laymen and parents had their investigator put together a dossier on the activities of “Fr.” Corces, and the result is a shocking 129-page report that was sent to the archdiocesan authorities and has since been released to the public. You can access it here:

The report from the New Times gives the following summary of the dossier:

1. Fr. Pedro puts the children of the Parish in grave danger. He has a history of placing unsuitable characters in close contact with children. During his tenure as Vocation Director for the Archdiocese of Miami, which ran from 1996 to 2006, he allowed for the placement of Miguel Cala in St. Andrew Catholic School in Coral Springs, where Mr. Cala later sexually abused children and is currently serving time. Fr. Pedro has also apparently circumvented the background checks which are required for hiring employees who may be in contact with children. Most recently he replaced members of his maintenance staff with a felon and prostitute, Santeria practitioners, promiscuous gay practitioners and people who openly mock the Catholic faith.

2. Fr. Pedro throughout his career has made a mockery of his vows of celibacy. He has a documented history of being involved in romantic gay relationships, including his current relationship with a maintenance worker, [name redacted by New Times] whom he subsequently hired to work in the church.

3. Fr. Pedro leads a Catholic church yet he openly mocks and defies the religion. … Of the two charities that he operates, Mision Manos Hermanas is listed in its IRS filing as a Protestant organization and Action of Solidarity Inc. is listed as nonreligious. His boyfriend is a Santero (voodoo religion) who openly mocks the Catholic faith. Fr. Pedro has hosted an interdenominational service where he hosted practitioners of the following religions at the altar: Protestant, Judaism, Islam. He also led a gay rights petition in defiance of Archdiocese policies.

4. Fr. Pedro has lied repeatedly to parishioners about the reason for the departure of the Sisters of the I.H.M. One such, outright lie was repeated by him in the Sanctuary, in front of the altar, to a group of parishioners. When asked for answers, Fr. Pedro generally insists on one on one meetings with parishioners without witnesses, which raises questions about his trustworthiness.

5. There are troublesome red flags around Fr. Pedro’s financials, putting the Parish’s financials at risk. Fr. Pedro enjoys frequent, lavish trips and dinners with his boyfriend. His boyfriend lives in a condominium, not commensurate with the salary of a maintenance worker. Last year Fr. Pedro raised funds in the parish for the purchase of a house in Cuba but did not give any information about the recipients and it is rumored that the receiving family was that of a maintenance worker at Saint Rose of Lima. Also raises questions that the parish St. Vincent de Paul failed financially shortly after his tenure as its administrator. Fr. Pedro has increased secrecy and reduced controls by dismantling the Financial Oversight Committee of the parish, by changing the financial administrator three times in a year, and by changing the security code of all video cameras as soon as he became pastor of St Rose of Lima.

6. Fr. Pedro demonstrates and has made clear his lack of interest in the Parish. He has told the parishioners various times in the homily that he did not want to be our Pastor. He has told another priest that he “hates” us.  Ever since he became a priest, the parish has gone from meeting its ABCD [Archbishop’s Charities and Development campaign] collections targets to missing them consistently. Fr. Pedro, unlike other priests, never publicly appealed to our knowledge for donations for the ABCD even though any shortfall would have to be covered by the parish.  When a petition was presented to Father Pedro, which was signed by over 600 parents, students and other stakeholders, asking that the Sisters of IHM stay at Saint Rose, he ignored the petition, just as he has ignored all other such. Father Pedro has rejected the many calls for a parish town hall.

7. Fr. Pedro openly violates Archdiocese polices and lacks morale character by not screening maintenance employees he has hired to work amongst the children.  Additionally, once when he went on a vacation to Puerto Rico with [the maintenance worker, name redacted by New Times] took a “sick leave” to fly with him. Father Pedro thus covered for his employee’s lie and unethically allowed him to collect sick pay while another employee who was actually sick had to come in and cover for him.

8. Fr. Pedro operates in ways that mock the example and teachings of our Lord Jesus Christ. Instead of freely serving others he cultivates loyalties of individual parishioners through favors so that they are beholden to him. When a group of nine parishioners asked him why the Sisters of I.H.M. where leaving he demanded to know why one was questioning him given that Fr. Pedro had helped him with a tuition problem previously. Likewise he reprimanded another parishioner in front of the group when she tried to question him by pointing out that he had counseled her in times of need. In both cases he attempted to intimidate those that questioned him and publicly reminded them of private “favors” in front of the other, shocked parishioners.

9. Fr. Pedro has stoked deep divisions in our parish. An email to the men’s Emmaus group describes our community as “harshly divided” in the aftermath of Fr. Pedro’s recent actions.

(Deirdra Funcheon, “Miami Archdiocese Investigating Catholic School Scandal After Group Compiles ‘Dossier’ on Priest”New Times, May 23, 2016; formatting changed.)

The Neo-Catholic Church Militant web site summarizes further:

The document is a result of several weeks of investigation by a private investigator and various members of the parish and outlines the sordid relationship between Fr. Corces and his gay prostitute “boyfriend” whom he hired as a maintenance worker at the parish.

The private investigator obtained video footage of Fr. Corces traveling to his boyfriend’s apartment to stay for the night, surveillance footage of them eating at restaurants and going on outings together. The document also shows the boyfriend has a criminal record of prostitution, insurance fraud, impersonation of a doctor and forgery. His Facebook posts show he has a disdain for Catholicism and a proclivity for the pagan voodoo religion Santeria.

Paperwork for a massage parlor the boyfriend owns were found in the parish trash along with receipts from sex shops and gay musicals. Records show Fr. Cortes [sic] and his boyfriend on vacation to Key West and Puerto Rico together and stayed at resorts together; the investigator confirmed the rooms had one bed.

Despite all this, the boyfriend has been working on Church property in almost daily close proximity to school children. [Attorney] Armesto told ChurchMilitant.com that the parish does criminal background checks on all parents before they are allowed to set foot into the school — even if they are just picking up or dropping off their children.

Yet Corces’ boyfriend has an extensive criminal background and is allowed free reign on parish property. The report also alleges that Fr. Corces has had homosexual relations with three other maintenance employees of the parish and a deacon.

Christifidelis is urging the archbishop to take prompt action and remove Fr. Corces immediately from the parish as well as the homosexual maintenance workers he hired. They are also asking that his financial decisions as pastor be investigated.

(Rodney Pelletier, “Miami Parishioners demand Abp. Wenski remove reportedly Homosexual Priest”Church Militant, May 26, 2016)

Miami attorney Rosa Armesto, who herself has a child enrolled at St. Rose of Lima school, is the legal representative of Christifidelis. According to the New Times article quoted earlier,

Armesto stressed that homosexuality was not the issue with Corces so much as “nepotism and cronyism. Father Cortes basically hired his boyfriend and he sleeps at the boyfriend’s house and at the rectory — that’s what the surveillance has shown. Surveillance video shows Father Cortes [sic] at the [boyfriend’s] apartment building. He has the code to get in, he parks on the space allotted for the apartment. He sleeps there; in the morning, surveillance has shown both of them exiting together. That’s been proven. Tips were given about them vacationing together.” The dossier includes hotel receipts and Facebook check-ins that seem to confirm a relationship.

Armesto says that when Corces was appointed pastor, “the school had their own maintenance workers that had been there years and years” but he replaced them with three staff of his own choosing. Armesto says that Corces “has denied any sexual relationship” with any of the maintenance workers, but that the private investigator found they stayed in a hotel room with just a single bed.

“It’s no different than when President Clinton denied having sex with that White House intern,” says Armesto. “Both are lying.” Families suspect that Corces wanted the nuns gone because they lived on parish grounds and could witness his activities around the clock, she claims.

(Funcheon, “Miami Archdiocese Investigating”New Times, May 23, 2016)

On May 26, Miami’s “Archbishop” Wenski sent a letter to the parents of St. Rose school, in which he accused them of “[s]landerous gossip, calumny, [and] detraction”, insisted that some of the allegations in the dossier were false, and said that other accusations were still being investigated. In any case, however, he had asked “Fr.” Corces to resign as pastor and had appointed someone else in his stead as interim principal. The story, together with a copy of the Wenski letter, can be found here:

Needless to say, the parents and concerned laymen of Christifidelis were outraged: “It’s such a shameful letter. The archbishop is not upset at what the priest has done but that it has been uncovered… The church isn’t upset by the sins of their priests but by the fact that the faithful have had the audacity, the temerity, to bring this up”, the Miami Heraldquoted the group’s lawyer in a reaction to the Wenski letter.

According to Susan Matthiesen at the Novus Ordo Les Femmes — The Truth blog, who was once almost “excommunicated” by Wenski when he was “bishop” of Orlando (2004-2010), it is very typical of him to blame the complaining laity: “…nothing has changed. Archbishop Wenski acts exactly the same and speaks the same as when the Orlando Truth was in active combat with him” (“The Immutable Archbishop Thomas Wenski”).

On July 5, 2016, Wenski wrote another letter to the parishioners of St. Rose of Lima, telling them of the outcome of a “thorough investigation” the archdiocese had supposedly conducted in response to the accusations made in the dossier:

The investigation of these allegations is now completed. Based on the outcome of extensive interviews of all persons that could have knowledge of the truth of these allegations as well as the results of a voluntary polygraph examination of Fr. Corces, it is concluded that no sexual impropriety had occurred. Nevertheless, Father’s decision to hire friends to work for the parish and his continued socializing with them outside the parish did contribute to the perception among some of inappropriate behavior.

On a positive note, St. Rose of Lima Parish and School were in compliance with the Archdiocese of Miami Safe Environment protocols during Fr. Corces’ administration and no one hired or employed by Father Corces represented a risk to minors.


Archlayman Wenski’s assertion that “no sexual impropriety had occurred” defies credibility. Furthermore, the fact that the hiring of the homo-perverted maintenance worker with a criminal past apparently does not violate the diocese’s “Safe Environment” protocols, says a lot about those protocols. As a follow-up report by Church Militant pointed out:

The report by Christifidelis shows incontrovertible evidence that Fr. Corces traveled to his boyfriend’s apartment and spent the night. There is surveillance footage showing them eating at restaurants and going on outings together. Receipts to sex shops and gay musicals were recovered from the parish garbage, along with paperwork for a massage parlor owned by the boyfriend.

The document also shows the boyfriend has a criminal record of prostitution, insurance fraud, impersonation of a doctor and forgery. His Facebook posts show he has a disdain for Catholicism and a proclivity for the pagan voodoo religion Santeria.

Records show Fr. Corces and his boyfriend vacationed at Key West, Florida and Puerto Rico and stayed at resorts together. The investigator confirmed the rooms only had one bed.

(Rodney Pelletier, “Miami Archbishop condemns Laity, exonerates suspected Gay Priest”Church Militant, July 12, 2016)

Why Mr. Wenski thinks he can erase this evidence simply by claiming he interviewed some people and assuring everyone that Mr. Corces passed a polygraph test, is anyone’s guess, but it is a testimony to what he must think of the intelligence of the very people who put money in the collection basket every week and pay the school’s tuition. The dossier was very detailed and concrete in its findings and allegations — Wenski on the other hand delivers a defense that is very general and vague, and which ultimately requires people to simply take him, the “archbishop” of Miami, at his word. The concrete evidence the investigator produced is “refuted” simply by Mr. Wenski’s assurance that it isn’t so. Not convincing.

So, who’s paying for this party?
“Fr.” Pedro Corces, left, with his alleged lover

For the “Archdiocese” of Miami, however, none of this comes as a real surprise, given its history. Corces himself had labored under suspicions of being a homosexual for years, and back in 2005, “a group also calling itself Christifidelis compiled 400+ pages of similar investigative documents about John Favalora, who was then the Miami archbishop. Christifidelis accused Favalora of running a ‘homosexual superculture’ among church employees” (Funcheon, “Miami Archdiocese Investigating”New Times, May 23, 2016). While Favalora eventually resigned a few months ahead of his mandatory retirement, the Novus Ordo authorities at the Vatican, which had received the dossier years before, were dragging their feet taking any action.

As Renew America columnist Eric Giunta reported in 2009, a Miami “priest” had told him that if they were to “get rid of every gay priest, this Archdiocese [of Miami] could run maybe … ten parishes.” This quote and much more can be found at the following link:

By the way, from 1996-2006, “Fr.” Corces was the vocations director for the Miami diocese. This means, as the archdiocesan web site states, that he was “responsible for recruiting and screening candidates to the priesthood”. This explains a lot.

When “Archbishop” Wenski finally took over for his disgraced predecessor Favalora in 2010, many in the archdiocese were hopeful that the apparent sodomite hell hole would finally be swept clean. However, Wenski is himself a product of the Miami diocese, and aside from some tough words here and there, at this point a substantial housecleaning of the diocese has not occurred.

Of course, not every cleric in Miami is a sodomite. One presbyter who definitely wasn’t a homosexual was Alberto Cutié, a celebrity clergyman who had his own TV show, “Padre Alberto”, and was considered staunchly orthodox and conservative by Novus Ordo standards. In 2009, he was caught on the beach having a good time with a female divorcée he later “married” in the Episcopal (Anglican) Sect, for which he now acts as “priest”. To add insult to injury, he claimed that he had discerned it was “God’s will” for him to become an Episcopalian. In 2012, he cashed in on his scandal by publishing a book called Dilemma: A Priest’s Struggle with Faith and Love. But of course, there was no genuine “dilemma” at all: He simply didn’t want to keep his vow of celibacy, and that’s that. Testosterone-based theology didn’t work out for King Henry VIII, and it won’t work out for Mr. Cutie, either.

As far as the case of Mr. Corces, his maintenance-worker boyfriend, and the vanishing religious sisters goes, it seems that by removing Corces as pastor and assigning him to some other ministry, “Archbishop” Wenski has effectively quelled the bad publicity. However, he has failed to address all the evidence and what the whole scandal implies for the people involved, the parish, and the school. In other words, Wenski has applied a band-aid to stop the bleeding for the time being, but without treating the wound. He provided a quick fix to get the people off his back, yet nothing was really resolved. As long as he can get away with this kind of “problem resolution”, we can assume that this is always how it will be.

Just recently Life Site published a good summary article on everything that has transpired in this latest sordid Miami scandal:

Folks, there is only one thing these people understand: money. Even if you are not, at this point, convinced of our theological position of Sedevacantism and therefore still believe the Vatican II Sect to be the Catholic Church, at least stop feeding the beast! There are many good, legitimate causes to which you can donate your money. If you wish to ensure that your money will not be used to fund the lavish and wicked lifestyles of the Novus Ordo Sect’s homo-perverts, there is only one way to do that: stop giving them your money.

Image sources: Wikimedia Commons / miamiarch.org / Christifidelis
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