Sacrilege 2.0

Profanation in Cologne:

“SilentMOD” Light & Music Show inside Historic Cathedral as Part of Local Video Game Trade Fair

The High Cathedral of St. Peter in Cologne, Germany, is one of the most complex and beautiful church buildings in the entire world. Construction of the breathtaking architectural marvel lasted for 632 years, beginning under Pope Innocent IV in 1248 — when St. Albert the Great was still alive — and ending in 1880 under Pope Leo XIII.

This beautiful sacred building is currently undergoing Novus-Ordo-approved profanation by means of a music and light show in connection with the annual local video game trade fair known as Gamescom. The sacrilegious performance takes place every night from Aug. 18 through Aug. 20, between 10:00 pm and 2:00 am local time. The event has as its name “SilentMOD”. “Mod” stands for “modification” in computer developers’ terminology, and that is exactly what they have done to the cathedral: They have modified it by turning it from its original purpose of the worship of the Most Holy Trinity and the sanctification of souls, to impressing the senses of modern man, whose mind is dull and who, like brute animals, can only be stimulated through the senses. Incidentally, “Mod” also happens to be the backward spelling of “Dom”, which is the common German term for “cathedral.”

The music is a combination of sacred Gregorian chant and secular electronic music, composed specifically for this event by the local DJ duo Blank & Jones. Fog machines, naturally, can’t be missing here. In addition to music and lights, there are also fragrances disseminated, perfumes consisting of a blend of incense, myrrh, and various citrus scents.

Let’s have a look at some video clips that have been published of the event so far:

The official motive behind this sacrilege is, of course, the brilliant Novus Ordo idea that this will draw people, especially youngsters, to church and will allow them to (re-)discover and “come into contact” with “God” and the “church” and the “faith”. It is likewise no surprise that the disgusting spectacle is fully approved by “Cardinal” Rainer Maria Woelki, Cologne’s “archbishop”, who earlier this year had permitted another church in the diocese to be used for an ecumenical funeral celebration of a public Lutheran sodomite. But then again, we have to keep in mind that Woelki was appointed to his post by “Pope” Francis, who is himself an expert at profaning the sacred.

Granted, compared to other things we’ve seen in the Novus Ordo Sect, this light show is actually relatively harmless — which says a lot about what else we’ve seen. You know, like the Sound Effects “Mass”, the Skater Park church, the “Electric Church” spectacle, or the Find-Fight-Follow abominations.

In all this, we once again see an application of the Modernist dogma that everything must focus on the individual experience, for in the Modernist religion, faith equals experience or feeling, which of course ultimately rests on no intellectual foundation at all, can never withstand rational challenges, and will only last for as long as the feelings perdure. It is doomed to failure. God? An annoying side object for the Novus Ordo religion, who is invoked only to solve our problems, make us feel good, and give us psychological support — oh yes, and to forgive our sins, of course. But at the center there is always man, about whom Vatican II blasphemously said: “…all things on earth should be related to man as their center and crown” (Pastoral Constitution Gaudium Et Spes, n. 12).

This “mega event” (term used by the dean of the cathedral, Rev. Gerd Bachner) comes with a price tag of 300,000 € (roughly $340,000), although the “archdiocese” of Cologne did have sponsors for at least a portion of that.

Cologne Cathedral, by the way, is home to the relics of the Three Kings (Three Wise Men), whose feast is celebrated annually on January 6.

Together with the Psalmist we can say: “…see what things the enemy hath done wickedly in the sanctuary” (Ps 73:3).

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