Dedication scheduled for July 25

House of Horrors:
Hideous New SSPX Church in Madrid

In Madrid, the capital of Spain, the Society of St. Pius X spent the last few years building a new church. The building has now been completed, and the solemn dedication ceremony is scheduled for this coming Monday, July 25, which coincides with the parish’s titular feast, for the church is dedicated to St. James the Greater, Apostle.

Normally, none of this would be news, for the SSPX builds new parish churches around the globe all the time. The case of St. James the Apostle Church in Madrid, however, is different, because the exterior of the now-completed building is so hideous that it might as well be a Novus Ordo church. One may also easily mistake it for an office building, a library, or worse.

Here are a few sample pictures of this monstrosity (click each photo to enlarge). Make no mistake about it, this church is no longer under construction — it’s done!

The outer facade facing the main road

Another view of the same

The SSPX logo is plastered all over the outer wall

These interesting windows face a side street

A wider view

A view from the corner

You can check this out for yourself. Simply go to Google Maps and use Street View for the following address: Calle de Catalina Suárez, 16, 28007 Madrid, Spain.

By the way, did you notice the odd-looking statue at the top of the building? Here is a close-up:

What is this? The Grim Reaper? Actually, it is supposed to be the Blessed Virgin Mary, to whom the SSPX claims to be especially devoted. Here is a closer view still:

No eyes, no mouth, and just a hideous overall appearance. How much this must have cost? Or perhaps it was a gift from the local Masonic Lodge?

Lots more photos of the church, both during and after construction, can be found at the following links:

Bp. Alfonso de Galarreta is the District Superior for Spain and Portugal and will presumably be the celebrant for the dedication on July 25. No doubt we will get plenty more photos in a few days.

Not much commentary is needed here. It seems that in Madrid the Lefebvrians are trying to out-Novus-Ordo the Novus Ordo, at least as far as exterior church architecture goes. No doubt, with this new Capilla de Santiago Apóstol — Chapel of St. James the Apostle — the SSPX will be yet another step closer to being fully accepted by Modernist Rome. At this point, the writing is, even quite literally, on the wall.

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