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Novus Ordo Priest complains:
Confessors at St. Peter’s Basilica Playing Games, Reading Newspapers while Hearing Confessions — Priest silenced

(This is a photoshopped stock image and not the confessional in question)

We have been telling you from the beginning that Francis’ new “mercy” is a sham. Recently, a young Novus Ordo priest from Chile found this out the hard way: On four separate occasions, as he sought to receive the sacrament of penance, he found the “priests” hearing his confessions doing other things at the same time: playing games, reading the newspaper, etc. — and three of these incidents took place at St. Peter’s Basilica in the Vatican! Therefore, on May 1, 2016, the bewildered presbyter wrote and published on his personal blog an open letter to “Pope” Francis to bring these problems to his attention so they can be corrected. This was reported by Petra Lorleberg of the Austrian Novus Ordo news site on May 2.

Of course, it did not take long for his Novus Ordo superiors to take action: Within 24-48 hours, the priest’s entire blog disappeared, his Facebook page was deleted, and his Twitter account was closed as well. One can only wonder whether the man was told to include this little indiscretion in his next… uh… confession. In any case, the message is clear: Welcome to the new “mercy”!

The following text is our translation of Lorleberg’s article at the portal:

Priest went to Confession at St. Peter’s Basilica, Confessor was playing Sudoku

Young Chilean priest writes open letter to Pope Francis after finding confessors distracted on three occasions at St. Peter’s Basilica — One priest was reading the daily newspaper while hearing his confession. By Petra Lorleberg

Vatican ( While he was confessing his sins at St. Peter’s Basilica, “I saw the priest play ‘Sudoku’, a Japanese number-placement puzzle. I saw two gaming magazines through the confessional grille. In a polite manner I expressed my desire for a worthy celebration of the sacrament. But the priest told me that if I had a problem with the ‘Sudoku’, I should look for a different confessor, since there were many [to choose from] at St. Peter’s Basilica. I left the confessional in sadness and went to another one, where a priest greeted me fraternally.” This was reported by Felipe Herrera Espaliat (photo), Chilean priest, journalist, musician and currently student in Rome, in an open letter he wrote to Pope Francis on May 1, 2015 [should read 2016 —transl.], concerning this very problem. According to his own words, he thereby responded to the catechesis on confession which Pope Francis had given at a general audience the day before.

This was already his fourth experience of this kind, three of which took place directly at St. Peter’s, the priest further explained on his blog. Thus he “went to confession at St. Peter’s Basilica last October” and discovered that the priest was reading the British newspaper “Daily Mail” on his smartphone during confession. Herrera Espaliat related that he thereupon asked the priest who was hearing his confession if a penitent did not deserve better treatment. The priest was peeved but at least put the smartphone aside and concluded the confession properly.

Another time a priest at St. Peter’s was apparently proofreading a text and even marked it up while hearing his confession, Espaliat said. In New York City, too, last year it happened that during a confession at St. Patrick’s Cathedral he caught the priest playing an electronic game on his smartphone. After an appropriate hint from his fellow-cleric, the confessor apologized in embarrassment and the confession continued without any further problems.

The diocesan priest of the Archdiocese of Santiago de Chile explained that he felt encouraged to voice his criticism by a letter from Pope Benedict XVI. In 2010, in connection with the revelation of severe abuse scandals in the Irish church, Benedict had warned against abstaining from criticism out of a “misdirected concern for the reputation of the Church and the avoidance of scandal.”

Herrera Espaliat concluded by writing: “Dear Holy Father, I am a simple priest with only three years of service” who is asking for his experience to be taken note of, as his contribution to the renewal of the sacrament of penance. The priest asked Pope Francis “to address himself to all the confessors in the world”.

(Petra Lorleberg, “Priester beichtete im Petersdom, Beichtvater spielte dabei Sudoku”, May 2, 2016; our translation.)

Hopeful though he still was on May 1, “Fr.” Herrera Espaliat has since gotten to feel the “luv” of the false “Mercy” Church: Not only was he apparently ordered to delete this particular open letter addressed to Francis, but his entire blog was removed (formerly here), and virtually all of his other internet profiles as well, at least the ones we could find: Facebook (formerly here) and Twitter (formerly @espaliat). Only his Google Plus profile is still active, although no posts are publicly visible.

To show that Espalia’s open letter truly existed and was being shared on Twitter, we are providing the following screenshots of Twitter accounts that retweeted or referenced the candid blog post by the Chilean Novus Ordo cleric (click to enlarge):

This sort of treatment is really nothing new in the Novus Ordo Sect: The only people who ever really get in trouble are those who are trying to be Catholics. We saw this, for example, with the “abortion priest” of Spain, who was not punished at all for giving money to poor women wanting to have abortions so they could have their babies slaughtered “professionally”; we saw it in the case of the Belgian “priest” who held a quasi-funeral / bereavement service for a dog (!) and was defended by his local “bishop” afterwards; and we saw it in the case of the conservative Austrian priest who was silenced and then removed for speaking out against perversion and Islam:

Oh yes, Novus Ordo authorities can act very quickly and decisively against their own clerics if they so wish. But silencing and punishment are usually reserved for those who still exhibit symptoms of Catholicism, of which, after 50+ years of Vatican II, there aren’t many left.

So, welcome to the New Church of “shut up and be merciful”! There is a reason we’ve been observing our very own Year of Exclusion, Judgment and Condemnation instead.

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