Don’t you hate health issues?

Stiff-Kneed on Demand:
Francis’ Kneeling Problem

Right from the beginning of his false pontificate, we’ve been hearing that “Pope” Francis is unable to genuflect, which is why he merely bows after the “consecration” when he offers the Novus Ordo worship service. Likewise, we’ve been told, he is unable to kneel, at least without a kneeler, and this is because of arthritis or some other health issue he suffers from.

But, it turns out, this is not exactly true. Somehow Jorge Bergoglio can turn his kneeling ability on and off as desired — and the lever is usually firmly set to “off” whenever kneeling before Jesus Christ in the Blessed Sacrament is called for (although the “Eucharist” in the Novus Ordo Church is not valid, this is beside the point, because Francis and his crew claim to believe it to be valid).… READ MORE