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Stiff-Kneed on Demand:
Francis’ Kneeling Problem

Right from the beginning of his false pontificate, we’ve been hearing that “Pope” Francis is unable to genuflect, which is why he merely bows after the “consecration” when he offers the Novus Ordo worship service. Likewise, we’ve been told, he is unable to kneel, at least without a kneeler, and this is because of arthritis or some other health issue he suffers from.

But, it turns out, this is not exactly true. Somehow Jorge Bergoglio can turn his kneeling ability on and off as desired — and the lever is usually firmly set to “off” whenever kneeling before Jesus Christ in the Blessed Sacrament is called for (although the “Eucharist” in the Novus Ordo Church is not valid, this is beside the point, because Francis and his crew claim to believe it to be valid).

This was especially evident in this year’s Corpus Christi celebration in the Vatican. Corpus Christi is the Church’s great solemn commemoration of the institution of the Most Holy Eucharist by our Blessed Lord and a celebration of gratitude for His Real Presence. This year, not only did Francis not genuflect (which was expected) after the “consecration”, he did not even bow after the “consecration” of the bread — and offered a hanging head after the “consecration” of the wine. After the service, the “Blessed Sacrament” was put into a monstrance and driven (yes!) to an altar outside St. Mary Major, set up specifically for adoration and benediction. Francis, of course, did not even bother to get on the vehicle with the Monstrance but had someone else do it while he just showed up at St. Mary Major at the appropriate time. Then, for benediction at the outdoor altar, a comfortable kneeler was waiting for the “Pope” there, who decided not to use it — he simply remained standing while everyone else knelt in adoration (excepting his master of ceremonies). Here is the Vatican’s video of the May 26 ceremonies:

see 56:03-57:10 and 2:00:21-2:08:17

Oh, surely this is all because he is simply unable to kneel, right?! The arthritis!

Well, not exactly. Mr. Bergoglio is quite able to kneel whenever he wants to. So, for example, he kneels before Protestants who offer him a “blessing” (see 40:53 mark here); he kneels before and lauds Anglican pseudo-martyrs; he kneels to make a public spectacle of his “humility” by flaunting his going to confession in St. Peter’s (see how quickly he can kneel on his own at 0:19 here); he endorses “doing theology while kneeling”; he says we should all “kneel before the poor”; and, of course, he is happy to kneel the whole time while washing the feet of twelve people, including infidels, on Holy Thursday — a yearly spectacle he places special emphasis on, totally eclipsing the primary reason we commemorate Holy Thursday at all.

And yet, when it comes to the Holy Eucharist, Francis’ knees give out — the poor guy needs a chair:


No one around to have their feet washed? Then Francis needs a chair:
Here the Antipope is shown during “Eucharistic Adoration” at World Youth Day 2013 in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil — VIDEO HERE

Francis bows to man but not to God because he preaches the false gospel of man and not the Gospel of Jesus Christ (cf. Gal 1:8-9). But our Lord will not be mocked: “For it is written: As I live, saith the Lord, every knee shall bow to me, and every tongue shall confess to God” (Rom 14:11).

We put a meme together to show Francis’ telling double-standard — feel free to share it with your friends and family (click image to enlarge):


Clearly, Francis does not only have a stiff neck (cf. Acts 7:51; Ex 32:9; Bar 2:30) but also stiff knees. At least whenever he wants to.

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4 Responses to “Stiff-Kneed on Demand: Francis’ Kneeling Problem”

  1. Andrew Frïëdl

    Every man who rejects the authority of the Pope and refuses him the obedience due to him that sits upon the chair of Peter rejects the Church itself and falls into heresy. Check your Church history to see that this is true.

    The rejection of the Pope and his authority is THE mark of EVERY protestant denomination. All of them use this same argument to claim they are the last remnant of true Christianity. God who knows all things has allowed this man to rule over his Church and He will bring from it what HE wills.

    Do you think this has never happened before or that the Church cannot survive intact every attack on her doctrine whether from within or from without? Do you think Jesus who promised the Holy Spirit to guide his Church a liar because Francis is Pope? No? Do you think he cannot immediately replace Francis with a man of pure doctrine if that be his will?

    If the Lord allows the wicked to rule over you know that He himself has placed the chastisement over you. But you sit in judgement over him, mocking him, spewing your hatred at him.

    Look at what happened to those who rejected the authority of Moses who was a type of Christ and his vicars the Popes? Their very words were no different from yours! They said: “Does the Lord not speak through us?” And yet Moses had only to suggest the earth would swallow up them up and the earth swallowed them. This is the fate of all those who presume to speak for God and those who places in authority.

    Do you only honor only honorable and respect only respectable. Where is the spirit to be found in those who love their friends and hate their enemies? What is the worth of a man who despises the chastising cross of a difficult master? Do not even the protestants do this?

    No humble man rejects the authority of the Vicar of Christ. Know and keep the faith! Show honor and respect to those God allows to be placed over you. God knows and will judge them rightly and He will judge harshly those who judge harshly but He will reward the humble man and the penitent man who is mindful of his own sins.

    • Eric H

      Hello Andrew, thank you for commenting. Your criticisms are addressed in questions 6 and 7 of the Novus Ordo Watch FAQ: link.

      I do think that the Vatican II episode is completely unprecedented in Church history. When do you think it has happened before that a series of men almost-universally regarded as Catholic popes have remade all aspects of the Catholic religion in a way that is false and unholy? And with very little effective resistance by the bishops?

      The belief and profession of the Catholic faith is not merely lip service; it is adherence to truths that we can and should really know. Thus if someone like John Paul II or Francis comes along teaching things that contradict the truths of faith that we already know, the Catholic response is to reject the false teaching. On this I suppose you agree. In addition, if it’s evident that a person willfully and knowingly contradicts Catholic dogma, then by that very fact we can and should recognize and denounce him as a heretic. This is especially important if he is an influential person who is causing the ruin of many souls.

      This is not “sitting in judgment,” it is retaining one’s sanity and acting with courage and conviction.

      I think a lot of people who mean to be Catholics nowadays don’t realize the importance of true Catholic faith and morals. In a real sense these unite man with God and push and guide him along the road to Heaven. To go seriously wrong in matters of doctrine and morals does real harm to a man, even if he is perfectly blameless in the matter, and I doubt many people are. Religion is the chief business of our lives, and pre-Vatican II Catholic books — so obviously different from today’s revolutionary garbage — can still be found, and would be found if people took a serious interest in religion and refused to accept garbage.

      Here’s a good book that explains how it’s right to vigorously stand up for the faith against those who attack it: What is Liberalism? (link). See pp. 107-118.

      • Andrew Frïëdl

        As a Traditional Catholic of over 40+ years I can appreciate that we have MANY of the same concerns and love for the Church and the Catholic Faith. That being said…

        The heresy of Arianism cast into near total chaos the Catholic Church having duped the faithful, priests, bishops, cardinals and even popes to the point that Saint Athanasius himself was renounced and vilified so your argument that there has never been a time this bad is false.

        All the great heresies have cast the members of the Church into disorder and chaos. Modernism is no different and yet the Catholic Church guided and protected by the Holy Spirit in spite of weak or even heretical men has survived intact. It survives intact to this very day. It will survive beyond pope Frances because he cannot alter the deposit of faith with error. Thank you Holy Spirit!

        But the public condemnations of the Popes and the denial to them of the office to which they were elected damages the faithful and the whole church through division and distrust. What did Francis de Sales offer to us with regards to the manner in which the protestant revolutionaries acted and spoke?

        “But to fill heaven and earth with invectives, railings, outrages, — to calumniate the Pope, and not only in his person, which is bad enough, but in his office, to attack the
        See which all antiquity has honoured, to wish to go so far as to sit in judgment upon him, contrary to the sense of the whole Church, to style his position itself anti-Christianism — who shall call this right?”

        A brief review of this blog shows clear this same spirit evident within the comments here. It is not enough to reject false teaching but that they need to fill heaven and earth with their invectives and railings.

        As St. Francis de Sales says again…

        “take out of these, I beg you, the railings, calumnies, insults, detraction, ridicule, and buffoonery which they contain against the Pope and the Holy See of Kome, and you will find that nothing will remain.”

        St. Francis de Sales again….

        “They utter a thousand calumnies on this point: this is the general rendezvous of all your ministers. On whatever subjects they may be composing their books, as if they were tired and spent with their labour they stay to dwell on the vices of the Popes, very often saying what they know well not to be the fact.”

        Not much has changed. The “reformers” have ALWAYS called the popes heretics and condemned them in order to replace them with others of their own choosing. Logically it is to themselves and their own decision to which they ultimately appeal.

        I have this same conversation with “Jesus only” pentecostals who reject the Holy Trinity. Their argument only differs by the time frame in which they declare the popes to be invalid. They too have their sources, their books and their arguments. They too have their choice apologists who support and prove their points. Yet despite any valid criticism of the popes themselves they are the ones destined for error and desolation. Ultimately their argument is the same – that the actions of the popes require them to act this way or that way – and thus they invalidate the promise that the Holy Spirit will guide The Church.

        Who can point to the various splinter groups of “orthodoxy” if it can be called such and say with conviction that they are united in the Spirit? Having been among them since early in my life I can attest to the division and distrust between them. I can attest to the self promotion, the constant use of distrust to keep the faithful splintered.

        The St. Pius X, St. Pius V, St. Pius 2.5, the Dolonites, the Old Catholics and the vast numbers of individual priests (and nuns) some of who are wolves who prey upon the faithful. Who protects the faithful against the errors of these individual groups who often disagree on important matters? How is it they like the protestants claim to hold the untainted deposit of faith while others do not? Who insures that their leaders remain free of error while each disagreeing claim the protection of the Holy Spirit? Who among their leadership is impeccable? Who among them does not say “They must turn and join with us and believe what we believe?” These are proof positive that within these groups the original error is alive and well – THEY WILL NOT SERVE.

        • Eric H

          Could you point me to a detailed history of Arianism? Here’s the best I’ve found so far: Studies in Church History, by Rev. Reuben Parsons, vol. 1 (link).

          I hear what you’re saying, but you haven’t made an argument or explained in detail how Francis could be the pope without the Church defecting. Do you not believe that a public heretic is incapable of holding an ecclesiastical office? Do you believe the gates of hell would not prevail if false doctrine and unholy laws and liturgy were imposed upon the whole Church by a legitimate pope? My understanding is that this is the very definition of the gates of hell prevailing.

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