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Francis meets Russian Orthodox Patriarch Kirill in Cuba:
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On Friday, February 12, the leader of the Modernist Vatican II Sect, “Pope” Francis, met with his fellow-non-Catholic “Patriarch” of Moscow, Kirill, of the Russian Orthodox Church. The two signed a common declaration in Cuba, which is available in full here:

Various videos of Francis’ brief stop in Cuba and meeting with Kirill can be found below.

Francis arrives in Cuba:

Kirill and Francis embrace in Cuba:

Presentation of the Common Declaration between Francis and Kirill:

Francis stopped in Cuba while on his way to Mexico for an “Apostolic Voyage”, which we cover in a separate blog post.

Some relevant links and commentary regarding the Francis-Kirill meeting:

Back in September 2015, the “Pope” had already landed in Cuba for an official visit (find our coverage here). While there, he met not only with the current president, Raul Castro, but also had a personal encounter with Raul’s brother, Fidel Castro, the former long-time dictator of the Communist nation. We have put together a brief video clip of Francis’ antics with the Castros:

Francis’ 2015 visit to Cuba was immediately followed by a visit to the United States, which we covered here.

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  1. Geremia16

    Kirill’s headgear looks like a square and compass. His meeting with Bergoglio is the only time I’ve seen that. His headgear usually looks like this.

    Makes sense, since they’re both promoting the Freemasonic ideology by signing some ecumaniacal agreement in Communist Cuba

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