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Flashback: “Cardinal” Burke accepted Transsexual Man as “Nun” in early 2000’s

While many in the Novus Ordo Sect have long been hailing “Cardinal” Raymond Burke as some sort of traditionalist hero, and perhaps the next St. John Fisher, the Call Me Jorge blog has reminded people of an interesting piece of news from the early 2000’s that shows that then-“Bishop” Burke of La Crosse, Wisconsin, allowed a genetic male to be accepted as a religious sister (!) in a congregation co-founded by “her” in the 1990s, the so-called “Franciscan Servants of Jesus”.

When the time came for this “sister” — a man named Joel Green who had undergone surgical mutilation and has since used the pseudonym Julie Green — to make “her” final (perpetual) vows, one concerned woman in the diocese of La Crosse by the name of Mary Therese Helmueller had enough and complained to the Vatican about the scandal. Burke, of course, criticized Helmueller, whose intervention had the eventual effect of getting Green dismissed and the entire order disbanded. See what the action of a single person can accomplish!

Anyway, be sure to read the well-researched and well-documented blog post with the full story on the Burke-Green scandal, here:

Not surprisingly, the Vatican II Sect’s notorious apologist Mark Shea was outraged that this “reactionary pharisee” (referring to Helmueller) had by her action “destroyed” Green’s “efforts to serve the Church”, which he took as evidence that decent people like Hellmueller “hate evangelism and loathe the Church’s missionary imperative” (Shea, “Reactionary Layman Successfully Defends Church from Wounded Sinner Seeking God”, Oct. 19, 2013). You can’t make this stuff up!

Since obviously Mr. Burke needs some education not only in theology but also in biology and common sense, we’d like to lend a hand, free of charge:

  • A person’s sex is determined genetically at conception
  • It is not possible for a man to become a woman
  • Genital mutilation and plastic surgery cannot make a man into a woman, or a woman into a man
  • A man cannot enter a women’s congregation
  • A man cannot be a nun/sister, and a woman cannot be a monk/friar/brother
  • “And God created man to his own image: to the image of God he created him: male and female he created them” (Gen 1:27)

Francis, of course, has his own transgender/transsexual scandals — the links below give more information concerning those. It is really time for all those who think that they need to have sex-change surgery to accept the fact that they were “born that way” — you know, the way they were actually born. That’s your sex. If you think that’s wrong and you need to have surgery, by all means — just let it be brain surgery.

The Novus Ordo Church is nothing but a pity of doctrinal and moral filth. Get out of it before you lose your soul in it — become a real Roman Catholic today.

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  1. Most Rev. Archbishop Gregori

    No matter what they say or do to the contrary, people like the so-called “Cardinal” Raymond Burke are no more Christian or Catholic then the Muslims are. These supposedly shepherds of the Lord are most certainly NOT leading their flocks to Jesus Christ, but instead they are leading them on the road to perdition.

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