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Swiss Novus Ordo Bishop: Sodomy? Not a Problem if you’re Nice!

Mr. Markus Buchel, pretend-bishop of Sankt Gallen, Switzerland, and head of the Conference of Swiss Bogus Ordo Bishops

The Novus Ordo Sect in Europe has once again shown its true colors: “Bishop” Markus Buchel of the diocese of Sankt Gallen, Switzerland, who is also the current head of the Swiss Conference of Novus Ordo Bishops, has essentially declared that sodomy (and any other type of sexual perversion) is an intrinsically acceptable expression of human sexuality, and that this unnatural sexual act that cries to Heaven for vengeance is not seriously blameworthy as long as the partners-in-vice are “attentive”,”loyal”, “careful”, and “respectful” towards each other — in other words, as long as they’re nice. Buchel has furthermore implied that Holy Scripture is not the inerrant Word of God dictated by the Holy Ghost (cf. Pope Leo XIII, Encyclical Providentissimus Deus, n. 20) but is simply a historical narration subject to the conditions of the times in which it was written.

This glorious paragon of Faith and morals was made a “bishop”, of course, by none other than the “great Restorer of Tradition”, Benedict XVI, in 2006 (source). One may surmise that in the Middle Ages, he would have been burned at the stake.

The following is our translation of the post “Bischof von Sankt Gallen: Egal, ob jemand homo- oder heterosexuell ist”, posted on August 7, 2015, at the German Mathias von Gersdorff blog. The author is a conservative adherent of the Novus Ordo religion. It provides a good summary of Mr. Buchel’s position, whose quoted words are indicated in dark blue:

On August 7, 2015, Bishop Marcus Büchel of Sankt Gallen (Switzerland), in a letter to all “employees who work in pastoral care”, made appalling statements regarding homosexuality and Church teaching on sexuality in general. His central thesis: It is of no consequence what sexual orientation one practices, as long as this is done in a “responsible” manner.

Thus he directly contradicts the Catholic Church’s sexual morality and possibly also Christian anthropology.

On top of that, Bishop Markus Buchel is the head of the Swiss Bishops’ conference!

His ideas about sexuality Bishop Buchel expresses as follows: “Human relationships have many dimensions, because each person carries within himself several dimensions. One of them is sexuality. To advance a person’s well-being, what is decisive is not so much one’s heterosexual or homosexual inclination, but rather the responsible use of sexuality and of all dimensions present in a relationship (such as attentiveness, care, respect, or faithfulness). We as faithful Catholics in particular may certainly rely on the conscience of each individual with respect to this matter. Let us be happy about every kind of relationship in which the partners accept each other [or “themselves” —Transl.] as equal, valuable, beloved children of God, who respect the dignity of the other and advance the well-being of the person!”

Regarding the biblical testimony on homosexuality, Bishop Buchel writes: “Our knowledge today about homosexuality as a disposition rather than a freely-chosen sexual orientation was not even known at the time of the Bible.”

Bishop Buchel is calling for a new sexual morality, in particular as regards homosexuality: “Thus we as Church must consciously face the historical baggage in dealing with homosexuality and find a new, approriate language that does justice to the issue and to human dignity.”

These statements reinforce the impression in the universal Church that things are “topsy-turvy” in the German-speaking world. The Roman synod in the fall of 2015 should also give thought to how in our region the Faith and the true doctrine of the Catholic Church can once again be propagated.

[source: http://mathias-von-gersdorff.blogspot.com/2015/08/bischof-von-sankt-gallen-egal-ob-jemand.html]

Further commentary would be superfluous.

Image source: bistum-stgallen.ch
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