Bergoglio’s Theology in Song…

“Heal the World” with Cistercian “Fr.” Karl Wallner

The above is a video clip of a secular talk show broadcast on Austrian television on Good Friday, April 3, 2015. It features the Cistercian Novus Ordo presbyter “Fr.” Karl Wallner attempting to give a rendition of Michael Jackson’s naturalist 1990s feel-good song Heal the World. He is joined by Birgit Denk, lead singer of the Viennese pop and rock band DENK.

Heal the World (lyrics here), just like similar slushy hymns such as We are the World and Hand in Hand, makes for a perfect theme song for the Vatican II Church, but specifically for Francis’ theology: It contains nothing you couldn’t also find on a Hallmark greeting card, it makes only a fleeting and virtually meaningless reference to God, it has no answer for human misery and suffering, it glosses over the necessity of divine grace, it treats life in this world as the ultimate purpose of human existence, and it puts its hope in the natural “goodness” of man, that just needs to be rekindled, as the solution to the world’s problems. In short: This is Bergoglian “theology” in song. As Bergoglio’s apostate theology ultimately has its source in Vatican II, Heal the World makes for a perfect theme song for the entire Modernist Sect.

Now, before you think that Mr. Wallner is just some nobody in Austria who simply happened to get a quick gig on a TV show, let it be known that the man teaches dogmatic and sacramental Novus Ordo theology at the Philosophico-Theological College Benedict XVI of a Cistercian monastery near Vienna, where he also acts as a youth pastor. In other words, he might be a perfect candidate, eventually, for becoming a Novus Ordo bishop.

Who knows, perhaps his performance of Heal the World was the one thing still missing on his resume….

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