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The Spiritual State of the Novus Ordo Sect

The above video sums up the current moral and spiritual condition of the Vatican II Church.

Meanwhile, in the Vatican, the “Life of Women” Conference has begun:

The conference is sponsored by the Vatican’s so-called Pontifical Council for Culture, headed by “Cardinal” Gianfranco Ravasi. Ravasi is the man who tweeted a tribute to the sexually deviant rock-n-roll icon Lou Reed when he died (see here), so perhaps we should not be surprised that the following nasty image — we have censored it here — is displayed on the Vatican’s Council for Culture web site for the women’s conference:

Theology of the Body?
The Vatican’s web site features the uncensored version

The direct link to the web page in question, with the original uncensored image (CAUTION!), is available here. (In case the image/page is removed, please contact us, as we have saved screenshots of the page.)

It is quite ironic that in the outline document released for this conference the Vatican condemns plastic surgery as “manipulations of the body” just as Francis met with and lauded a woman who had sex-change surgery and now lives as a man — complete with girlfriend and the desire to have a family.

Thus far the latest on the sorry state of the establishment falsely claiming to be the Catholic Church.

Among real Catholics, things look a bit different. Please pray for the brave sedevacantist priest Fr. Bede Nkamuke, who, after receiving a traditional Catholic priestly education and ordination in the United States, has returned to his native Nigeria to minister to souls there, where the cruel Islamic terror group Boko Haram is threatening the lives of thousands, perhaps millions, of people. More information, including a video interview and Fr. Nkamuke’s Twitter handle, can be found here:

Ask yourself where the real Catholic priests are today. Where is real concern for souls and their salvation? Who is preaching the true doctrine? Who still believes and teaches what was believed and taught until the death of Pope Pius XII before Vatican II? Is it the worldly 1968 hippie Novus Ordo “Father Bob” who sits in his presider’s chair dressed in a horseblanket and stole while Tom, Josh, and Debbie pass out “Communion” like it’s popcorn, preaching feel-good fluff about peace and luv, or is it those who are uncompromisingly faithul to the Catholic Faith of the ages, who would rather die themselves than not fulfill their soul-saving calling?

Roughly 100 years ago, in April of 1912, the famous luxury cruise liner Titanic hit an iceberg and sank, with several Catholic priests on board. Those heroic priests did not seek to leave the sinking ship but, knowing their mission, stayed until the bitter end so they could hear confessions and bring as many souls as possible to God: “Greater love than this no man hath, that a man lay down his life for his friends.” (Jn 15:13). How many last-minute conversions there must have been! How many souls were saved as a result!

Yes, the true Faith, with its true priests, is still alive today. Not in the Vatican, for sure, but in the world at large. Find out where there is a real Catholic priest near you and what to do if there isn’t one:

And if you need a little more encouragement, a little more incentive to start worrying about what is really going on in the Vatican II Church and what a crucial difference it makes to your life, both temporal and eternal, see the following sobering post:

Image source: cultura.va (screenshot; redacted)
License: fair use

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