That schism is coming…

“I Will Resist”

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In Interview on French Television, “Cardinal” Burke pledges he will resist and oppose “Pope” Francis if he should allow Public Adulterers to receive Communion

That schism we’ve been predicting for months is now beginning to take more concrete shape, it seems. During an interview with a French television channel, the recently-demoted “Cardinal” Raymond Burke declares quite plainly that he is ready to “resist” Francis if the latter should grant access to the sacraments to unrepentant adulterers, which is being rumored may happen at the Synod scheduled for October of this year (last year’s first Synod on this topic was a bloodbath, if you recall). The interview was broadcast on February 8 on France 2’s program 13h15 Le Dimanche.

The Novus Ordo Rorate Caeli blog has provided an English translation of the complete interview:

The entire program has been released by the French TV channel as an online video, which you can watch here in French. The segment that includes the interview with Mr. Burke begins at 8:17 and ends at 15:03.

The following is an English translation of an article posted on the official web site of the French district of the Society of St. Pius X, La Porte Latine, on February 7, regarding this interview:

Cardinal Burke Will Resist and Oppose Pope Francis If He Continues Adrift

In a televised interview produced for the France 2 channel, to appear tomorrow February 8, 2015, Cardinal Raymond Burke declares in plain language that he will resist Pope Francis if the latter continues on the path of liberalization in the areas of granting access to communion for the divorced and remarried and welcoming homosexuals without “judgment”.

La Porte Latine recommends for you [see also the video below] some extracts of his interview produced by Lionel Feuerstein, Karine Comazzi, Patrice Brugères, Nicolas Berthelot and Claire Aubinais for the France 2 program “13H15 le dimanche.”

“I do not accept that one give communion to the divorced and remarried or to couples who are unmarried before the Church, because their union is irregular, it is adultery.”

“As for homosexuals, they have nothing to do with marriage. It is a suffering to be attracted to a person of the same sex, it is against nature.”

Regarding the pope who declared on the matter of homosexuals, “If a person is gay, and he seeks the Lord and is of good will, who am I to judge him?” the journalist asked the cardinal:

“If Pope Francis ever continues in this direction, what will you do?”

Here is his response:

“I will resist, I cannot do anything else. There is an uneasiness, undoubtedly. It is distressing and worrying […] but fortunately, as Our Lord has assured us, the powers of evil will not prevail against the Church, they will not defeat her.”

Let us pray that the cardinal follows his logic all the way through and finally joins head-on the fight of Tradition to restore the Church, which has suffered so much from the disastrous Vatican II Council.

La Porte Latine – February 7, 2015

Source : Le Figaro/FranceTVinfos/France2/La Porte Latine

[Original post in French here]

We’ve said for months that things will not be able to continue as they are going right now. Francis is pushing the envelope so much that there will be a rebellion of some sort before long, perhaps with “Cardinal” Burke at the helm, as the next Archbishop Lefebvre.

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