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Blog-of-War: Vatican Spokesman threatens to sue Canadian Blogger

The Canadian heretic Rev. Thomas Rosica, CSB

The ‘new media’ of blogs, Twitter, and internet forums is quite powerful. So powerful, in fact, that the Modernist heretic “Fr.” Thomas Rosica, a Vatican spokesman (second only to “Fr.” Federico Lombardi) and CEO of Salt + Light TV, has now threatened to sue the Canadian Novus Ordo blogger Mr. David Domet, editor of the Vox Cantoris blog. For what? Essentially, for exposing the man’s undermining of Catholicism, even by Novus Ordo standards.

While we do not mean to endorse or give credibility to Mr. Michael Voris of the so-called ChurchMilitant.TV Detroit-warehouse operation, Mr. Voris has produced two succinct videos on this matter that are indeed worth watching for a summary of what’s going on:

Mr. Rosica is one of the worst and most dangerous enemies of the traditional Catholic Faith hiding behind a Roman collar. His position as a spokesman and translator for the Vatican gives him plenty of clout, and apparently he’s trying to use it against those who are exposing his treachery, even those in his own church.

Here are some links that give detailed information about what’s happened and what’s going on now, as well as some background on Rosica’s anti-Catholic Modernism:

Rosica has long blocked @NovusOrdoWatch on Twitter, but we remember quite well the following tweet he sent out on October 19, 2014, at the end of the Vatican’s infamous “Synod on the Family”. Keep in mind that the adjective “irregular” had been used to describe illicit sexual unions of people not married to each other in the Synod’s notorious midterm report (par. 17-20):


Further comment is hardly needed on this point. To use the extraordinary and unique nature of the Holy Family as an “argument” to justify adultery and fornication — perhaps even the unnatural kind of union — is a blasphemy beyond disgusting and perhaps even a new low for the Modernists.

During the “lame duck” days of Benedict XVI’s false pontificate, Tom Rosica appeared on Canadian television for an interview and used the heretical term “first among equals” (primus inter pares) to describe the nature of the papal primacy. You can watch the interview at this link (the sentence in question starts at the 7:28 mark). Even though it must be mentioned that Rosica in this case was only repeating Ratzinger doctrine, as Joseph Ratzinger (“Pope” Benedict XVI) himself explicitly denies the dogma of Papal Primacy in his 1982 book Principles of Catholic Theology and instead suggests a mere “primacy of honor” on the part of the successor of St. Peter.

You might ask why we care about this. A Novus Ordo presbyter threatens to sue a Novus Ordo blogger — what does this have to do with us? Lots, ladies and gentlemen, lots. Mr. Rosica’s attack on Mr. Domet is an attack on all who threaten to expose the Modernists. This is how this must be viewed, and so we do not shy away from expressing our sympathy and our closeness to Mr. Domet. People like Rosica do not distinguish conservative Novus Ordos from semi-traditionalists from sedevacantists when it comes to being exposed like this. All of them, in one way or another, pose a threat to him and his ilk. It is time that charlatans like him had their mask torn off.

Rosica may be a lot of things, but a Roman Catholic he is not.

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