Introducing TRADCAST — the new Podcast from Novus Ordo Watch

Ladies and gentlemen, the time has come to kick things up a notch: As more and more people are beginning to wake up to what has really happened to the Catholic Church since the death of Pope Pius XII in 1958, we have decided to meet the growing demand for genuine Catholic information and analysis in an exciting new way: In addition to the great informative content already being offered on the Novus Ordo Wire blog and all throughout the Novus Ordo Watch web site, we will now be adding professional audio podcasts, beginning January 19, 2015.

“TRADCAST” — the name of our podcast program — will be the perfect companion to our blog posts, our articles, and our tweets.

Things in the Novus Ordo Church are deteriorating quickly: As “Pope” Francis’ Revolution picks up steam, more and more people who seek to be genuine Catholics are becoming confused and restless, and it is getting really difficult to keep up with the flood of information that emanates from the Vatican II Sect on a daily basis.

This is where TRADCAST comes in: TRADCAST will allow us to cover, dissect, refute, or comment on various news stories, events, articles, commentaries, blog posts, and video and audio programs that are difficult or too time-consuming to cover in our articles or Novus Ordo Wire posts. It will furthermore permit us to respond to our critics at lightning speed and give us an opportunity to address various concerns people have who are finding out about the true state of Holy Mother Church for the first time.

TRADCAST will be your “Novus Ordo Watch on the Go” because you will be able to easily take it with you using your smartphone, your tablet, or your laptop and listen at your own convenience — while exercising, while waiting at the doctor’s office, while driving, while walking your dog, while relaxing on your sofa… you name it!

Like all podcasts, TRADCAST will come to you via automatic subscription, if you so choose, or you can listen to it at as soon as each episode becomes available. TRADCAST will also be a welcome aid for all who have difficulty reading or simply prefer audio over text!

TRADCAST will be a refreshing mix of real Catholicism, sound philosophy, delightful humor, and intellectually challenging content. TRADCAST will be informative, insightful, smart, unyielding, sophisticated, interesting, witty, cool, and charitable… but above all, it will be Catholic! And of course, it will be absolutely free.

TRADCAST is the podcast for REAL Traditional Roman Catholics! The launch date for the first broadcast is January 19, 2015. We have created a separate Twitter account just for TRADCAST — follow us at @TradcastNOW.

So, don’t keep this a secret: Spread the word about TRADCAST, say a prayer, and listen to the first episode, now available right here (click).

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