Remember Him?

Vatican Officials Urge Filipino Faithful to Use Images of Christ, Not Francis


Mardi Gras in Rio de Janeiro? No, “Pope Francis” Float during Carnival in Gualeguaychu, Argentina

You know things are bad in the “Francis worship” department when even Vatican officials themselves have to tell people to please adore, a-hem, Jesus Christ and not the “Pope”. Well, it’s easy to get confused, you know. Everything else is always about Francis, so you’ve got to pardon people for mistaking him for God Himself. Christ Jesus has long been thrown out of the Vatican in all but words — our Blessed Lord has been placed on an equal footing with, or even lower than, false gods, and His Gospel has been replaced by an empty naturalist “peace and luv” messagethat preaches empty twaddle about mercy (at the expense of justice), unity (at the expense of Faith), encounter (whatever), and breastfeeding (er — well)…

“Use images of Christ, not the Pope, is the message Vatican officials have been trying to send faithful in the Philippines, who eagerly await Pope Francis, who arrives in their country tomorrow and departs Monday. 

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