His favorite target: “Rigidity”!

Francis Unleashed:

“Pius XII freed us from the very heavy cross that was the Eucharistic fast… So many Pharisees were scandalized!

On Monday, December 15, “Pope” Francis preached another sermon during the “Mass” at the Vatican’s Casa Santa Martha, once again exercising the magisterium of what blogger Tom Droleskey has called Bergoglio’s “Ding-Dong School of Apostasy”. One of his favorite things to rail against is, of course, Roman Catholic discipline, that awful “rigidity” he so detests — you know, the kind that just isn’t open to the “god of surprises” he worships.

Vatican Radio presents a summary of Bergoglio’s tirade here, which is really worth reading because seldom does he come out swinging like this:

Under the guise of extolling Pope Pius XII, Bergoglio attacks the venerable tradition of the Eucharistic fast from midnight, which was reduced by Pope Pius to a three-hour requirement, first only under special circumstances, in the Apostolic Constitution Christus Dominus (January 6, 1953), later extended to all, in the Motu Proprio Sacram Communionem (March 19, 1957).