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The Faithful Departed: New Statistics show the Novus Ordo Church is collapsing — despite Mark Shea’s Blog

There comes a point when all the New Church’s smarty-pants apologists, bloggers, and commentators have to face reality: Beyond all the polemics and the verbal gymnastics, there will always be, eventually, the cold hard facts.

On November 13, the Pew Research Center published the results of a survey conducted in Latin America to measure the growth — or decline — of (Novus Ordo) “Catholicism” in the region, also with a view to a possible “Francis Effect.” The results are in, and they are nothing short of devastating.

The indult Rorate Caeli blog has put together the highlights of the findings:

Commenting on the results of this survey, the Francis-adoring Crux web site is rather straightforward about admitting the sobering facts:

Harmonizing quite nicely with this latest evidence is another recent study on the state of “Catholicism” in the United States by the Center for Applied Research in the Apostolate (CARA). The video below was produced by Mr. Joao Machado, who is a member of the Novus Ordo Church but has no illusions about what has happened and what is going to happen in terms of the state of his religion in the United States:

These statistics, as explained by Mr. Machado, speak for themselves; but especially when viewed within the context of all the heresies, errors, blasphemies, and impieties that have spewed forth from the Vatican since the election of the false “Pope” John XXIII in 1958, these stats are an absolutely damning indictment of the false new Vatican II Religion that was imposed on an unsuspecting Catholic populace and is still so happily advanced by Novus Ordo professionals, such as by people at Catholic Answers, EWTN, Catholic Culture, and similar organizations and web sites.


Not the Real Thing: The Vatican II Church may look Catholic on the outside but has Zero Catholicism inside

One of the biggest Novus Ordo loudmouths out there is the blogger, columnist, author, and EWTN personality Mark Shea. In an interview he granted to the über-Modernist Jesuit America magazine, Shea was asked to give his opinion of “Pope” Francis, to which he responded with a veritable waterfall of adulation:

I love the man. It’s almost inarticulate, but I have nothing but love for the guy. I think he’s the absolute real deal and I feel tremendous hope for the church. As I said before, I’ve loved every pope we’ve had, but I particularly have a soft spot for this man just as a human being apart from whatever he does as pope. I think the world of him. There are some people you just recognize as genuine people and I always respond really strongly to them. There’s no artifice about him and I really like that.

(Sean Salai, SJ, “Blogging Pope Francis: An Interview with Mark Shea”America, Sep. 17, 2014)

Shea is a die-hard proponent of Francis’ soup-kitchen theology, and he has been using his cavalier “anyone-who-disagrees-with-me-is-just-a-colossal-idiot” attitude to advance Bergoglio’s agenda on his blog, where he likes to publish pseudo-theological posts that are all rhetoric but low on substance. Take as an example this scandalous post of July 25, 2014, in which Shea blasphemously tries to justify Francis’ Modernist gobbledygook (which is meant to attack well-established doctrines and sow doubt and confusion among the faithful) by insinuating that Francis’ heresies, errors, and blasphemies are similar to the Sacred Words of our Blessed Lord during the time of revelation!

The holy Words of our Lord, of course, were left to be interpreted, guarded, and transmitted by His infallible Church, the beacon of salvation, truth, and light (see 1 Tim 3:15), for which task the Savior appointed Apostles who would have successors until the end of time (see Acts 8:30-31; Mt 28:19-20; 2 Tim 4:1-5; cf. Mk 4:12). If you look at Shea’s post, notice that once you get through all the sarcasm, there is no theology there, no salutary doctrine, no quotes from traditional Catholic teachings, saints, or anything of the kind. There’s only Mark Shea, misusing the holy Words of our Savior Jesus Christ for his own purpose, which is that of exonerating the blaspheming heretic Jorge Bergoglio.

On the other hand, what has Holy Mother Church said about the danger of heretics and their deceptive, confusing, and ambiguous talk? Pope Clement XIII warned against “diabolical error [which] easily clothes itself in the likeness of truth while very brief additions or changes corrupt the meaning of expressions; and confession, which usually works salvation, sometimes, with a slight change, inches toward death” (Encyclical In Dominico Agro, n. 2). Pope Pius VI rebuked those who “by means of slight changes or additions in phraseology, distort the confession of the faith that is necessary for our salvation, and lead the faithful by subtle errors to their eternal damnation” (Bull Auctorem Fidei). And Pope St. Pius X pointed out that we can identify Modernists by “their tenets, their manner of speech, and their action” (Encyclical Pascendi, n. 3).

Mark Shea doesn’t tell you this. In his view, these Popes should have rejoiced at scandalous, confusing, and suspicious talk and compared it to the holy Words of Christ! What blasphemy! But it sure made for a great blog post for Shea, didn’t it?!

When Francis appointed Mr. Blase Cupich as the next “Archbishop” of Chicago, Shea found himself in somewhat of a bind, as he had previously published posts rather critical of Cupich. When people called him on the fact that his hero Bergoglio had now appointed such a lousy pseudo-Catholic to the all-important archdiocese of Chicago, Shea did respond, but once again only with a satirical quickie post in which his sarcasm was only trumped by his bad logic: He made it all a matter of whether the gates of hell could prevail against the Church (cf. Mt 16:18), and triumphantly pointed out that they could not.

Now, for the sake of argument, let’s assume for a minute that the Novus Ordo Sect were actually the Catholic Church against which the gates of hell truly cannot prevail. What does that have to do with anything? Should we not be concerned about bad episcopal appointments, simply because we know the Church can’t be destroyed? What Shea obviously missed is that even though the Church can’t be destroyed, nevertheless souls can and do go to hell in the meantime. That’s why a bad bishop is cause for great concern. Shea is obviously too blinded by his blog, his agenda, dumb memes, and an “I’m always right” attitude.

Mark Shea’s role in the Novus Ordo Sect can be likened to a passenger on the Titanic who, against all evidence, nevertheless tries to reassure the other guests that everything is just fine and that the captain should have their complete and total trust.

If you’re still a member of the Novus Ordo Church because you mistakenly believed it to be the Catholic Church founded by our Lord Jesus Christ and legitimately last shepherded by Pope Pius XII (d. 1958), we urge you to leave this sinking ship, which is not the Barque of St. Peter but the Barque of Judas.

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