“Chaos Frank” strikes again…

“Pope” Francis advised Tony Palmer NOT to Convert, ordered him buried as a Catholic Bishop!

The absurd circus that is the Jorge Bergoglio “Papacy” continues unabated. A very interesting article published by Austen Ivereigh in the Boston Globe on August 7, 2014, gives a lot of background information on the friendship between “Pope” Francis and the Anglican-Evangelical “Bishop” Tony Palmer, and casts the latter’s deadly motorcycle accident in an even more significant light:

[The church communion Palmer was “ordained” in sees itself] as part of a “convergence” movement, seeking to combine evangelical Christianity with the liturgy and sacraments typical of Catholicism.

That convergence, Palmer told me, “is a precursor to full unity between the Protestant and Catholic Churches.”

Palmer and [his “Catholic” wife Emiliana] Calisi began doing joint missions around the world — which is what took him to Buenos Aires in 2006. Its archbishop, Cardinal Jorge Mario Bergoglio, had overcome his reservations about the charismatic renewal and enthusiastically backed a 6,000-strong joint Catholic-evangelical gathering that year in Buenos Aires’ Luna Park stadium.

At one point, when Palmer was tired of living on the frontier and wanted to become Catholic, [then-Cardinal] Bergoglio advised him against conversion for the sake of the mission.

“We need to have bridge-builders”, the cardinal told him.

On June 24 [2014], Palmer took a group of evangelical leaders who jointly reach more than 700 million people to meet and lunch with Francis, which he reported to me a few days later, as he left for two weeks in South Africa. The delegates included Copeland, the televangelist James Robison, as well as Geoff Tunnicliffe, head of the Worldwide Evangelical Alliance. They told Francis they wanted to accept his invitation to seek visible unity with the Bishop of Rome.

Palmer handed the pope a proposed Declaration of Faith in Unity for Mission the evangelicals had drawn up, which they proposed would be signed by both the Vatican and leaders of the major Protestant churches in Rome in 2017, on the 500th anniversary of the Reformation and the 50th anniversary of the Catholic Charismatic Renewal.

Palmer told me the draft Declaration has three elements: the Nicean-Constantinople Creed, which Catholics and evangelicals share; the core of the Catholic-Lutheran declaration of 1999 making clear there is no disagreement over justification by faith; as well as a final section asserting that Catholics and evangelicals are now “united in mission because we are declaring the same Gospel.”

The closing section speaks of the importance of freedom of conscience and the need for Catholics and evangelicals to respect each other’s mission fields and treat the other with respect, not as rivals. Francis had taken the draft and said he would think about it. Palmer and I agreed to speak again when Francis got back to him, but that was not to be.

Last Wednesday, in Bath, Palmer’s funeral was a Catholic Requiem Mass at which most of the congregation were evangelicals. He was buried in a Catholic cemetery, united at last with the Church he felt at home in.

(Austen Ivereigh, “Pope’s Protestant friend dies, but push for unity livesThe Boston Globe, Aug. 7, 2014)

Palmer was buried in Bath, England (near Bristol), on August 6, and received a Novus Ordo (that is, “Catholic”) Requiem Mass at St. John the Evangelist church, despite the fact that he was a public non-Catholic (even non-Novus Ordo).

One non-Catholic “clerical” participant at the funeral related that it was by order of “Pope” Francis himself that Palmer received not only a “Catholic” burial but even a burial for a Catholic bishop:

Fr. David our wonderful host led us out to greet Tony’s mortal remains as they arrived at the entrance to the Church. Fr. David told us he would like us as ministers to lead the procession up to the sanctuary and for us to remain at the front either side of the altar in the choir stalls. Fr David confessed that he would have loved us to be able to con-celebrate with him, but for now this was impossible. He found he had to remember his vow of obedience to the diocesan bishop and knew we would understand.

Fr. David told us that because Tony was not a Roman Catholic he had to ask his bishops permission to celebrate the requiem and though Tony’ s wife and children are Roman Catholics, permission still had to be given for the requiem. The bishop agreed but said that Tony could not be buried as a bishop as he was not a Roman Catholic bishop. However, Pope Francis said he should and could be buried as a bishop…and so that put an end to that little bit of ecclesiastical nonsense!

(Michael Daly, “A  few thoughts from the Requiem Mass Celebrating the Life of Rt Rev Anthony Palmer.  4th Feb 1966 – 20th July 2014”, Michael Daly CJ Blog, Aug. 8, 2014)

Why does this not come as a surprise? Because it fits perfectly with everything Francis has been saying and doing for years:

More on Francis and Palmer can be found here:

By allegedly telling Tony Palmer not to convert to Catholicism (Novus Ordoism, of course, but Catholicism in Palmer’s eyes), then-“Cardinal” Bergoglio was simply following the example of the former “Cardinal” Ratzinger, who also advised a Protestant — one who was working in the Vatican, no less — not to become a Catholic (see story here).

The Novus Ordo Church thus once again demonstrates beyond all doubt that it is not — cannot be — the Catholic Church of our Lord Jesus Christ, whose last known valid Roman Pontiff was Pius XII (d. 1958). Once more we recall the clear words of this last true Pope to date:

Even on the plea of promoting unity it is not allowed to dissemble one single dogma; for, as the Patriarch of Alexandria warns us, “although the desire of peace is a noble and excellent thing, yet we must not for its sake neglect the virtue of loyalty in Christ.” Consequently, the much desired return of erring sons to true and genuine unity in Christ will not be furthered by exclusive concentration on those doctrines which all, or most, communities glorying in the Christian name accept in common. The only successful method will be that which bases harmony and agreement among Christ’s faithful ones upon all the truths, and the whole of the truths, which God has revealed.

(Pope Pius XII, Encyclical Orientalis Ecclesiae, n. 16)

The contrast between the Catholic religion and the Modernist Novus Ordo religion is becoming clearer and more pronounced by the day. For further reading on the true (traditional) Catholic position on ecumenism, interreligious dialogue, indifferentism, and the uniqueness of the Catholic Church as the only true religion revealed and willed by God, see the following links:

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