Three Jaw-Dropping Videos…

The Hard-Rocking Novus Ordo


As long as it’s not Catholic, you’re guaranteed to find it at a Novus Ordo parish, at least somewhere.

We found the following three videos posted at the Irreverence and Impiety of the New Mass blog and thought we’d share them with our readership. As you view these clips in utter disbelief, remember that this is the church of which “Pope” Francis has said it is in the best shape ever. Yes, in two-thousands years, it’s never been better, according to Jorge Bergoglio. Can’t you tell?!

High Voltage: Hard Rock “Mass”
This satanic spectacle took place in 2012 in the Archdiocese of Trent, Italy

What – your altar doesn’t have disco lights??!
This “Mass” was offered in 2011 in thanksgiving for the “Beatification” of John Paul II. How fitting.

“Rock Mass” in Austria
Compared to the previous two clips, this one seems almost harmless. This abomination took place in 2013 at St. Leopold in Gersthof, Austria.

If the above videos aren’t revolting enough for you and you’d rather see flame throwers, stage diving, and pagan “care dolls” at the Novus Ordo liturgy, you can find all that at the now-defunct Find-Fight-Follow “Masses” sponsored by the “Catholic Archdiocese” of Vienna. If you think you can stomach it, check out their video collection hereCaution: In one video, there is a brief clip of a Novus Ordo priest holding up a porn magazine during the sermon.

But don’t worry, Francis is soon bound to come to the rescue, because he’s figured it all out. He knows what’s going on. He is quite aware that there are youngsters that have gone off the deep end and have attached themselves to a certain liturgical fad, and it is one he wants nothing to do with. Of course, he means the Traditional Latin Mass.


But if you’re wondering about Francis’ own opinion of “Rock Masses”, you’ll be thrilled to find out that he has his very own Rocker “Priest” whom he invited to his “Masses” when he was still in Buenos Aires. He probably also doesn’t mind the Spanish rock band La Voz del Desierto, whose members include several Novus Ordo priests.

For more Reality Checks regarding Jorge Bergoglio (“Pope Francis”), see our collection of posts and links here.

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