“An enemy hath done this” (Mt 13:28)...

Almost-Nude Dancers in German Cathedral


St. Peter’s Cathedral, Osnabruck, Germany

Who can doubt any more that the people in charge of the Modernist Novus Ordo Church are in fact the enemies of Christ and the Catholic Church? For decades, they have encouraged or permitted the profanation of Catholic holy places, even in the most foul ways.

One particularly egregious example comes from Germany, long a hotbed of Modernism and liberalism. On April 30, 2013, the Cathedral of St. Peter in Osnabrück was profaned by male and female dancers who were almost completely nude and certainly made to look as if they were entirely nude. They performed a perverted “sacred dance” entitled Corpo D’Anima [“Body of the Soul”], right there in the sanctuary, in front of the Novus Ordo altar and the traditional high altar. They had been invited (!) to do this by none other than the “bishop” of the diocese, Franz-Josef Hermann Bode (pictured below). To add insult to injury, the musical accompaniment to this terrible sacrilege was Johann Sebastian Bach’s Agnus Dei.


The local Modernist “bishop” responsible for this outrage

There are five stillshots of this atrocity available, all extremely disturbing, some even perverted. Because of the nature of this desecration, we do not wish to reproduce them all on this page; rather, we will provide a link further below but urge extreme caution when viewing these images, for obvious reasons.

To give you an idea of what you’re going to see, here is an image we have censored:


“Lift up thy hands against their pride unto the end;
see what things the enemy hath done wickedly in the sanctuary.”
(Ps 73:3)

To view all of the images (without the censorship), click here [the source page has since been removed –NOW]. The dancers are not in fact nude, but almost.

In addition to the still images, you can also view a video of various scenes of this spectacle as part of a report shown on German television. Though the clip is not in English, the dance scenes speak for themselves. You will even see the “bishop” giving a defense of his decision to have the cathedral profaned in this manner. Here is the link to the video:



This abomination is but one more in a sheer endless string of attacks on Catholic holy places, Catholic teaching, Catholic morals, Catholic traditions — not simply by people who are not Catholic and openly hostile to the Church, but — and this is much, much worse — by those very people who claim to be and externally appear to be the rightful Catholic authorities, who assert to be the true shepherds of the flock, successors to the Apostles.

Over 100 years ago, Pope Pius X described the Modernists as “the most pernicious of all the adversaries of the Church.” He then explained the reason:

For, as We have said, they put into operation their designs for her undoing, not from without but from within. Hence, the danger is present almost in the very veins and heart of the Church, whose injury is the more certain from the very fact that their knowledge of her is more intimate. Moreover, they lay the ax not to the branches and shoots, but to the very root, that is, to the faith and its deepest fibers. And once having struck at this root of immortality, they proceed to diffuse poison through the whole tree, so that there is no part of Catholic truth which they leave untouched, none that they do not strive to corrupt.

(Pope St. Pius X, Encyclical Pascendi Dominici Gregis, n. 3)

When will people finally realize that the Catholic Church is besieged by Modernists who seek her very destruction? “Even so every good tree bringeth forth good fruit, and the evil tree bringeth forth evil fruit…. Wherefore by their fruits you shall know them” (Mt 7:17,20).

The Modernists who have taken over the visible structures of the Catholic Church are, by divine law, incapable of being true and legitimate Catholic authorites — Deo gratias! They can take possession of the physical buildings, they can occupy the dioceses, even the Chair of St. Peter, physically — but never spiritually or genuinely! Not being Catholics, they have no part with the true Catholic Church whatsoever and possess no authority in her. Let this be a great consolation to you, that Almighty God protects His church in this way, that no one who does not profess the Catholic Faith can possibly have ecclesiastical authority over Catholics.

An important observation regarding this point comes from Mr. John Lane, a Catholic layman in Australia:

The entire force of the Conciliar revolt comes from the fact that it has apparently been imposed by the authority of the [Catholic] Church. How many bishops, priests, religious, and laymen, would have swallowed the lies of the heretics if they had not believed themselves bound to do so by the voice of Christ’s Vicar on earth? Questioning the authority of these men renders their revolution of doubtful authenticity.

(John Lane, “Concerning an SSPX Dossier on Sedevacantism” [PDF], p. 65)

We must understand that the Modernist Revolution since the 1960s was imposed not by true Catholic Popes and bishops, but by charlatans. On this topic, we highly recommend you watch this extremely informative and refreshingly clear talk given by His Excellency, Bp. Donald Sanborn, regarding the impossibility of the Modernist Vatican II Church being the Catholic Church of all time.

For well over a century, sundry Catholic Popes had warned against the danger presented by the revolutionary forces opposing the Church, and now we can see how prudent these warnings were, for that which they cautioned against, has now come to pass. Our lengthy post here illustrates how it was none other than the Popes themselves who sternly warned all Catholics against a conspiracy — yes, that nasty word! — against the Church that was being plotted with the intent to overthrow the Mystical Body of Christ by introducing novelty, disseminating heresy, abolishing traditional practices, changing the Mass, and so much more.

Only a fool would dismiss these warnings as a paranoid fantasy — especially now, after the fact.

Image sources: Wikimedia Commons (Ub12vow; cropped) / youtube.com (screenshot; modified) / youtube.com (screenshot)
Licenses: CC BY-SA 3.0 / fair use / fair use

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