Like a good neighbor, Francis is there…

“My Brother Bishop!”

Few things are a better advertisement for the falsity of the Vatican II religion and the truth of the Sedevacantist position than Jorge Mario Bergoglio (“Pope Francis”) speaking his mind freely — “from the heart”, you know.

And in this seven-minute screed to Anglican-Pentecostal “Bishop” Tony Palmer, recorded on a smartphone, that’s exactly what Francis did. He addressed the Protestant layman as his “brother bishop”, called the the fake “speaking in tongues” at Pentecostal assemblies a sign of the “Spirit” working throughout the world, outrageously denied the Immaculate Conception of the Blessed Virgin Mary, offered “tears of love”, asked for the heretical layman’s “blessing”, and much more.

Fr. Anthony Cekada has dissected and analyzed Francis’ frighteningly heretical monologue, exposing how Francis hides very serious heresies and errors against Catholic doctrine behind fluffy and sugary words:

Please also review the list of links below for the true Catholic position on Ecumenism and religious unity.

At this point, Francis is a walking copy of Sedevacantism For Dummies. There are, of course, always those who will never admit that the Vatican II Church is a false religion and its leaders are not genuine Roman Catholic Popes. But then there are those who can no longer deny that a necessary conclusion is a necessary conclusion, no matter how unpleasant or undesirable it may be. We pray that you who are reading this are among the latter kind.

“He that hath ears to hear, let him hear” (Mt 11:15) .

The following quote by Pope Pius XII on the question of fostering unity among all who desire and profess to be followers of Christ, is very instructive:

Even on the plea of promoting unity it is not allowed to dissemble one single dogma; for, as the Patriarch of Alexandria warns us, “although the desire of peace is a noble and excellent thing, yet we must not for its sake neglect the virtue of loyalty in Christ.” Consequently, the much desired return of erring sons to true and genuine unity in Christ will not be furthered by exclusive concentration on those doctrines which all, or most, communities glorying in the Christian name accept in common. The only successful method will be that which bases harmony and agreement among Christ’s faithful ones upon all the truths, and the whole of the truths, which God has revealed.

(Pope Pius XII, Encyclical Orientalis Ecclesiae [1944], n. 16)

Does anyone really think Francis agrees with this??

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