Divorce Bergoglio Style

If only St. Thomas More had known about this…

Divorce Bergoglio Style:

Francis Applauds Kasper’s “Profound Theology” that Blesses Adultery

[from Fr. Cekada’s blog]

JUST ABOUT anyone who claims to be a Catholic can tell you that the Church teaches that divorce and remarriage are forbidden. He might even be able to tell you that the teaching is not just a “Church” law, but one that comes from Our Lord Himself: ”Whom God hath joined together, let no man put asunder.” And he might even add that if you remarry while your first spouse is alive, you commit adultery.

Until now that is. For as we predicted last year, Bergoglio (“Pope Francis”) is pressing forward with his program to dismantle Catholic teaching on giving the Eucharist to the divorced and remarried, one of the six key points of Bergoglio’s revolutionFor some reason Bergoglio believes that implementing this change will lure hordes of disaffected nominal Catholics back to the emptied and emptying churches of Europe and South America.

Since the traditional teaching is so deeply rooted not only in Catholic dogmatic and moral teaching, but also (despite Vatican II) in the consciousness of many Catholics, it was necessary to engage in extensive preparation for such a seismic shift. The biggest step came recently with Cardinal Walter Kasper’s keynote address to a meeting of all the cardinals in Rome on February 20-21, a gathering intended to prepare for the October Bishops’ Synod, which will have the family as its theme. Bergoglio’s personal choice of Kasper as keynote speaker for this topic was considered very significant. The cardinal has a reputation for being one of the more “liberal” modernists in the once-Sacred College.

The text of Kasper’s address to the cardinals was not supposed to be made public, but it was leaked to the Italian paper Il Foglio, which printed it in full. (It has yet to appear in English.) On February 21, at the end of the consistory, Bergoglio lavishly praised the speech:

“Yesterday, … I read or rather re-read the work of Cardinal Kasper, and I would like to thank him because I found profound theology, and even serene thinking in theology. It is pleasant to read serene theology. And I also found what Saint Ignatius told us about, that sensus Ecclesiae, love for Mother Church. It did me good and an idea came to me — excuse me, Eminence, if I embarrass you — but the idea is that this is called “doing theology on one’s knees.” Thank you. Thank you.”

Vatican commentator Sandro Magister says that Kaspar’s proposals represent nothing less than “a paradigm shift” on the issue — a complete change of context or perspective — and that it enunciates the program that Bergoglio intends to implement.

So what is Bergoglio’s program for the question of giving the Eucharist to the divorced and remarried, and what are the problems with it?…


Novus Ordo Watch Commentary:
The above-linked article by Fr. Cekada is a well-written overview and critical analysis of what is now the writing on the wall with regard to how the Novus Ordo Sect will most likely deal with the problem of Novus Ordo sacraments for “remarried divorcees” (the politically-correct term for “unrepentant public adulterers”).

In his clear and frank critique of the position Jorge Bergoglio lauded as “profound theology,” Fr. Cekada identifies ten major problems:

  1. A Slap in the Face to the Virtuous and the Suffering
  2. “Pastoral” Camouflage for Overthrowing Dogma
  3. No Mention of Sin
  4. The False Concept of “Failed Marriages”
  5. Drive-Thru Annulments
  6. An Invitation to Derision and Scandal
  7. The Opening to Polygamy
  8. Fraudulent Appeals to the Church Fathers
  9. The Horse of Dissent has already left the Stable
  10. A Slippery Slope: Why not also tolerate fornication, other sins?

Though Francis is currently letting “Cardinal” Kasper do the dirty work of finding specious arguments for allowing the impossible, it is to be noted that this Modernist position is rooted in a 1972 essay by Fr. Joseph Ratzinger (Benedict XVI), On the Question of the Indissolubility of Marriage, which argued for unrepentant adulterers being allowed to receive the false sacraments of the New Church under certain circumstances — all very limited, of course (wink, wink).

Those who have been pretending that Francis is, deep down, the big bad defender of orthodoxy, will be sorely disappointed. He is on the record as calling the mortal sin of fornication “not as great as” the sacrament of holy matrimony, and just recently he indicated that when it comes to the question of homo-perverted civil unions, “each case must be looked at and evaluated in its diversity” (see links below).

At this point, we predict that Francis will somehow find a terribly “nuanced” way to open up his false Novus Ordo sacraments to unrepentant public adulterers, and this will cause a ruckus, perhaps even a full schism, in his sect. It will be one more piece of evidence that the Vatican II Church is not and cannot possibly be the Catholic Church founded by Our Lord Jesus Christ, whose last known legitimate Pope was Pius XII.

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