News Digest Oct. 7, 2013

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October 7, 2013

  • The Honeymoon is Over: The Remnant Turns on Francis — What Ferrara fails to realize is that the “house built upon the rock of Peter” does not exist in the Vatican II Church, and he will “resist” and wait in vain for it to emerge from the Modernist Antichurch. By the way, notice how Ferrara uses the adjective “astonishing” when describing Francis’ Modernist claptrap — as though the fact that they astonish people were what’s really wrong with them. Ferrara has used “astonishing” before and the reason is obvious: He doesn’t want to say “erroneous” or “heretical” or “Modernist” because he doesn’t want his feet to be held to the fire down the road. “Astonishing” has sufficient effect to make his point, yet without any of the potentially nasty side effects because it is so wonderfully neutral in terms of accusing Bergoglio of nothing other than, well, causing astonishment. Sorry, but the situation we find ourselves in is extremely serious and doesn’t need lawyerly B.S. tactics — rather, it requires straightforward, bold, and competent men pointing out that Francis acts like a Modernist, speaks like a Modernist, and believes like a Modernist, and that he does so because he is a Modernist. And Modernists, not being Catholics, are incapable of being Popes. Minor detail.
  • German District SSPX Theologian Criticizes Francis — The SSPX at large has been eerily quiet on Bergoglio, yet Francis’ Modernism is much more obvious than that of Ratzinger, Wojtyla, or Montini. What is going on?
  • Encyclicals Have a New Format: The Interview — You can tell something is really wrong when even such mainstream Novus Ordo journalists and thinkers like Sandro Magister are getting fed up with it all. Fasten your seatbelts, folks, we may be in for something big coming!
  • After the Spadaro Interview: “An Open Letter to the Pope” by a Novus Ordo adherent — People are beginning to wake up…
  • Anonymous Theologian on Papal Infallibility — They’re all missing the point. The issue of Francis and the interviews isn’t one of infallibility or even authority; it’s about something much more fundamental: What does Jorge Bergoglio believe? Is it Catholic? If so, can anyone tell us what religion Pope St. Pius X was?!
  • Poll: Majority of Catholics Not Catholic — Duh! See what the “New Springtime” has wrought. And no, please don’t say this is all despite Vatican II. It’s because of it, because of the New Theology, the New Mass, the New Morality, and the Modernist chaos perpetrated by the false authorities in Rome. The apostasy began at the top, not at the bottom, with John XXIII. They are now merely reaping the fruits.
  • This is what they call the “Ordinary Form of the One Roman Rite” in the Vatican II religion: World Youth Day Beach “Mass” — Nice earbuds, Mr. Presbyter!
  • French Imams are Francis’ New Friends — Linking Islam and violence? Now why would anyone do that??
  • Francis slams Brazilian Novus Ordo Bishops for Losing Members to Protestants — Looks like they weren’t “warming the hearts of the faithful” enough over there. No doubt, Chaos Frank can fix it. Actually, Mr. Bergoglio, the reason for the exodus is that when you offer Protestantism to people instead of Catholicism, they prefer to go straight to the original rather than putting up with the imitation.
  • Some Thoughts on the “Z Hermeneutic”
  • The “Super 8” – Francis’ Dream Team helps him begin Overhaul of Vatican Curia — Is this the first step to instituting a governing council as the real head of the church?
  • Francis on Pacem In Terris, Justice, Solidarity, and Peace — Contrast this with a real papal encyclical on peace (read it to see just how different it is!), such as Quas Primas of Pius XI, and also take a look at the Apostolic Letter “Our Apostolic Mandate” of St. Pius X, clarifying the roles of the Church and society.
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