“Saint” John Paul II Strikes Again…

Floods Destroy Lourdes Grotto again as Vatican announces Second “Miracle” of John Paul II

Is this coincidence? The first time Lourdes was severely damaged by flooding was October 21, 2012, the very day that a “relic” of the apostate and false “Pope” John Paul II were scheduled to arrive at the French holy site. We reported the matter back then under the tagline “Talk about raining on someone’s parade”… (see our coverage here – scroll down about one-third of the page).

Now, flooding hit a second time, and worse than before, the very same day (June 18, 2013) that the modernist Vatican announced they had approved the second (and final) “miracle” needed to clear the way for the “canonization” of John Paul II as a “saint”. Can you imagine what may happen when Francis actually does “canonize” him?!

In case you’re not sure about what was so bad about John Paul II, and why we call him an apostate, you may wish to begin here by reading these two essays (and keep in mind this is just the tip of the iceberg):

Here is one of the many reports regarding this second flood of the Lourdes Grotto:

Locals said the shrine’s famous grotto now looks like a vision of ‘the apocalypse’ and is closed to the public, still submerged under a metre of mud.

Much of the site, which draws six million visitors each year, will be in no fit state to open in the coming weeks when high season begins, local officials have warned.

Chapels and the bathing pools filled with water that pilgrims believe has curative powers lie in ruins after being overrun by fierce floodwaters that thundered through the town. Only the Basilica of Our Lady of the Immaculate Conception has escaped unscathed.

Three people have died in the southwestern region in the floods and the government has declared parts of the region a ‘disaster zone’.


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