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 “Pope” Francis & Our Lady of Fatima

It is quite disheartening to see just how many good-willed but yet seriously-misled people in the Novus Ordo and semi-traditionalist circles are ignoring the cold hard facts about Jorge Mario Bergoglio in order to be able to continue to entertain the heart-warming idea that the man is the Pope of the Catholic Church. Bergoglio — “Pope Francis — does not have a single Catholic bone in his body, as our Francis Page amply demonstrates, yet so many are just taken in by the white cassock and the papal claim that they cannot – or are unwilling to – draw the necessary conclusions from the facts we know about him. (One shudders to think how these people would have acted during the great Anglican schism under King Henry VIII, when almost every Catholic priest and bishop defected to the new Anglican religion yet still held on to their dioceses and parish churches. The mere claim to being a Catholic authority doesn’t make one such.)

This whole problem is aggravated when you throw Fatima into the mix, because Fatima always tends to add a great deal of emotion, as many people’s piety is deeply rooted in a devotion to the Immaculate Heart and Our Lady of Fatima in particular. But this emotion, though understandable and hopefully the result of a tender Marian piety, must not obscure the important and horrific truths we have to face with regard to the Vatican II Church and its leaders, most notably Mr. Bergoglio, “Pope Francis”.

On April 8, 2013, it was revealed that “Pope” Francis had twice asked “Cardinal” Jose da Cruz Policarpo, then the Novus Ordo Patriarch of Lisbon, Portugal, to consecrate his (i.e. Francis’) “papacy” to Our Lady of Fatima. Right away, some of the usual neo-traditionalist and “conservative” Novus Ordo blogs got all excited, and, what’s worse, probably got their readers all excited as well, because Francis was ostensibly demonstrating his devotion to Our Lady of Fatima, and after all, who knows what else might be in store, right?! Francis is showing himself to be a Fatima Pope, right?! Oh my gosh!

So, for example, we read at the motu-indult Rorate Caeli blog: “Encouraging! A sign of more to come? A positive sign possibly signaling other actions concerning Fatima?”

The semi-traditionalist Canadian Fatima Center, headed by the Rev. Nicholas Gruner, published a commentary on this by Andrew Cesanek, who pontificated as follows:

The Pope’s request to consecrate his pontificate to Our Lady of Fatima is telling and important. It proves that he recognizes the need for Our Lady’s help in the wake of various recent scandals as Pope Francis prepares for needed curial and Church reform. The request highlights his awareness of the significance of Our Lady of Fatima and Her message for the 21st Century.

We notice here that Mr. Cesanek is adding quite a bit of his personal wishes into his text. That the request to consecrate his “pontificate” to Our Lady of Fatima is “telling” and “important” is something the author has spun into the text. He doesn’t know that at all — he simply sees it that way, hopes it that way. Nor does it “prove” or “highlight” anything, since Francis didn’t say why he wanted this consecration done. What is extremely telling, however, is that Francis doesn’t do the obvious and consecrate his “pontificate” to Our Lady of Fatima himself, as “Pope” — but instead, he has the Patriarch of Lisbon do it. Huh? What kind of odd devotion is this? If he wants to honor Our Lady and make a big statement regarding his recognition that he is dependent on Our Lady, why not do it himself and right in the Vatican? Something is fishy here.

Cesanek continues:

One wonders whether Pope Francis’ request is a response to having read the Fatima Center’s pre-Conclave delivery of literature to all the Cardinals, highlighting the need for the Consecration of Russia; or if he has read the full Third Secret since his election.

Sure, one can wonder about this, but instead of sending all the “cardinals” packets full of Fatima Center literature, let me suggest they should have just sent them basic Baltimore catechisms instead. Come on, what a perfect opportunity this would have been to introduce these men to the Roman Catholic religion. Every time the Fatima Center and its allies grapple with sedevacantism, we hear that these men need to be presumed ignorant of the basics of Catholicism, so why didn’t they use this golden opportunity to teach them the Catholic Faith? How disappointing! Surely a small copy of Liberalism is a Sin would have fit into the literature package?!

Oh well.

On April 11, the Zenit Novus Ordo news service published its story on Francis’ request to the “Patriarch” of Lisbon:

Earlier this week, in his opening address to the 181st plenary assembly of the Portuguese episcopal conference, its president, Cardinal José Policarpo, said that Pope Francis asked him twice to consecrate his ministry to Our Lady of Fatima.

“Pope Francis asked me twice to consecrate his new ministry to Our Lady of Fatima,” the cardinal said.

“It is a request,” he added, “that I can fulfill in the silence of prayer,” but that would be better if “all the episcopal conference associated itself to the realization of this request. Mary will guide us in all our works and also in the way of fulfilling this desire of Pope Francis.”

(Zenit.org, “Francis’ Petrine Ministry Consecrated to Our Lady of Fatima”, April 11, 2013)

John Vennari of Catholic Family News was one of the few, it seems, who retained a cool head (though his anti-sedevacantist stance has reached absurd and ridiculous proportions – see here) in this matter. Though his initial post showed some optimism regarding Francis’ desire for this consecration, a day later Vennari quoted the sobering words of a friend of his in Coimbra, Portugal, who, commenting on “Cardinal” da Cruz Policarpo’s statements about Francis’ request, wrote:

Unfortunately, this is not part of a request to all Catholic Bishops, but a personal request to the Cardinal Patriarch of Lisbon. Policarpo, as a man who is on record as saying he doesn’t believe in Fátima, leaves the final decision to the Bishops’ Conference. If they agree in doing a collective consecration, good; if not, Policarpo will do it in “silent prayer”.

If Policarpo were an ardent Catholic as he is a chain smoker, I would perhaps be willing to buy a used car from him. As things stand now, I don’t think I would.

(Catholic Family News blog, “More on the Consecration of Pope Francis’ Pontificate on May 13”, April 12, 2013)

Vennari then refers to his own 2003 news report on the heretical and blasphemous interreligious congress at Fatima  held from October 10-12, 2003. Many people may not be aware but the New Church has been trying to reshape and reinterpret Fatima into a tool for ecumenism and interreligious dialogue – in short, syncretism and apostasy. The new “basilica” the Vatican II Sect built there a few years ago is the epitome of blasphemy and idolatry in stone and cement — see the monstrosity here. For their New Church and New Religion they needed a New Fatima, and this is what all the contemporary Novus Ordo “Fatima” hoopla is all about. Our Lady of Fatima and the three little seer children have been hijacked to serve the Vatican II Sect and its abominable program of apotasy.

But a curious thing happened at the Fatima interfaith event just referred to. Vennari relates that “Cardinal” Policarpo found himself in a public exchange with a young man from the Society of St. Pius X, who challenged him on the ecumenical-interreligious errors being spouted. The dialogue, though brief, contains real fireworks, and is a very interesting read: Click here to read the whole article, including the dialogue. Most of all, this exchange tells us a lot about the man da Cruz Policarpo, the individual whom Francis has asked to consecrate his “papacy” to Our Lady of Fatima. He is a full-blown apostate modernist, not a Catholic, and this underscores what a farce this whole thing about Francis and this “conscration” really is.

As always, reality needs to rule our positions, not the other way around. All these facts, coupled with the facts about the Vatican II Sect and the heresies coming daily from Rome and the “Catholic” world, is what is being ignored by the good-willed but misled “Catholics” who jump up every time they hear the words “Pope” and “Fatima” in the same sentence. They are ignoring – or ignorant of – the terrible reality that no “consecration” or “dedication” or “devotion” by any of these apostates or heretics can wipe away.

How unfounded and ludicrous the semi-traditionalist press’ hopes and desires and outright spin about this are, was recently demonstrated when, in a candid moment, Francis admitted that when a neo-traditionalist group from Buenos Aires presented him with a 3500+ Rosaries spiritual bouquet, he got concerned that they’re actually counting Rosaries! He thought this was indicative of Pelagianism!

Such a reaction is typical of someone who has no clue about Catholic devotions or traditional Catholic piety. In fact, Bergoglio’s reaction was Protestant if anything. Yet, some in the pseudo-traditionalist press which seek to color and spin the news rather than stick to facts, had assured us that Francis was a very Marian Pope. So Christopher Ferrara at the Fatima Center assured his readers that Bergoglio cultivated a “Marian piety of the most traditional sort.” Only the most gullible and uninformed could believe this statement, especially since it was based on the flimsiest of evidence (see our post here), and which was only meant to get people excited about a “Marian and pro-Fatima Francis.” Well, as usual, the facts turned out different, but for Ferrara this wasn’t a first faux pas.

In light of all this, the objectively appropriate and informed response to any talk about the Vatican II sect, its “Pope”, or any of its leaders, with regard to Fatima, ought to be: “So what?”

Yet people too often do not go by principle but are swayed by emotion instead; that’s why they fall for the New Church and its errors again and again. Bergoglio is an apostate, and as such, any “devotion” to Our Lady is repulsive to Almighty God and the Blessed Mother. Any talk about “the Pope and Fatima” is a farce, and any “hopes” in that regard are entirely illusory. Our Lady is the Vanquisher of Heresies — Francis is the chief promoter of them.

If we could only galvanize all those “Pope Francis needs to consecrate Russia to the Immaculate Heart of Mary” forces and turn them into a force for begging God to send us a true Pope again, much would be gained. Instead, gargantuan efforts are being made to have an apostate dressed in white “consecrate” Russia to the Immaculate Heart of Mary, a consecration which, if done, would accomplish absolutely nothing because the man doing it is not the Pope of the Catholic Church, and Our Lady of Fatima said the consecration needed to be performed by the Pope. This, by the way, is quite possibly the reason why the Vatican II “Popes” will never do the consecration – because then they would be exposed as charlatans, as nothing would happen.

Be sure to read the essays below — they give a lot more detail on this topic, including the “consecration prayer” as it was actually read by “Cardinal” Policarpo and his modernist fellow-bishops on May 13, 2013, and a lot of related information.

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  1. patjsb

    Our holy father Pope Francis following the course of the Catholic universal Church in the fullness of its faith which encompasses the teachings of Christ to be socially just as well as personally moral and spiritually holy Will be criticized by those on the far left as well as those are the far right who think they know better. It is good that he should push forward the canonization of this child of Fatima as well as leading the rosary to remind us of its prayer importance. He is so much like St. Francis who was so holy and was so concerned about the poor and worked against injustices.

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