Bergoglio’s Kissy Fits…

Kiss, Kiss, Kiss:
The Kissing “Pope” Administers Novus Ordo Confirmations

This is nothing new for “His Holiness”, who did the same thing as “Archbishop” of Buenos Aires. In the true Roman Catholic rite of Confirmation, each confirmand, having just received the imposition of hands (which the Novus Ordo rite has eliminated) and the anointing, is slapped on the left cheek by the bishop as a sign that one is now a soldier of Christ and must be ready to accept any suffering for the Faith. The Novus Ordo religion, in its “updating” of the rite of Confirmation, has completely done away with the slap, not replacing it with anything. Apparently, Mr. Bergoglio has decided to substitue a tender kiss for the slap instead. Probably not the best idea, especially not in the context of the Novus Ordo abuse scandals that have been revealed in the last 10+ years.

Speaking of kissing, one cannot help but notice how frequent Bergoglio’s kissy fits are. See the link below for some disturbing comments and photos about “Pope” Francis and his inappropriate kissing:

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