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“Marriage Equality”?
Of Holy Matrimony, People’s Rights, and God’s Law


You may have seen the ads on TV or on the internet for the new “marriage equality” movement. What does this movement stand for? Has marriage been “unequal” in our society up to this point? What about the language of rights?  Is marriage a “civil right”? What does that mean?

Solid Catholic Truth, not political correctness: Two Roman Catholic Sedevacantist clerics — Bp. Donald Sanborn and Fr. Anthony Cekada — tackle these hot-button issues in this 90-minute internet radio broadcast. CLICK HERE to listen or download.

No government, no court, has the jurisdiction, the right, or the ability to determine what a marriage is because marriage is not something that comes from government nor is subject to its whims. Marriage is a natural institution inherent in creation and necessarily follows the laws of God, the Creator, who is the lawgiver of all laws, including the laws of nature and the moral law, which is enshrined in creation.

A government that redefines “dog” to mean “cat” shows itself to be foolish, but it most certainly has not made dogs into cats.

To those who would claim that homosexual “marriage” is a matter of equality, we answer that every homosexual person, just like any heterosexual person, already has the right to get married, they just need to choose a member of the opposite sex, because that’s what a marriage is. Proponents for “marriage equality” do not actually want equalityunder the law, they want a redefinition of marriage, but this is impossible, and any attempt by any government to make perverted unions into a “marriage” will be ignored.

The verb “to pervert” properly means “to turn away from its proper end,” hence a homosexual union, whether between men or women, would in the truest sense of the word be perverted, for it would turn the reason for the existence of human sexuality away from the proper purpose (end) for which it was made: “Increase and multiply…” (Gen 1:28).

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