A “Fun Church” Update…

Oh Joy! Meet the “Happy” Nuns

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One of the things the head of the Vatican II Sect, Jorge Bergoglio (“Pope Francis”), has been prattling on about endlessly since his election in 2013 is for people to be “docile to the Holy Spirit” and embrace His alleged “unexpected newness” and constantly exude some unspecified “joy” that supposedly gives “witness”, while at the same time denouncing those evil doom-and-gloom Catholics who who allegedly only use their minds and not their “hearts” in religious matters (see, for example, Francis’ sermon of May 13, 2014).… READ MORE

The Vatican II Church is desperate…

Wanted: Novus Ordo Vocations

The Novus Ordo Church is running out of people, and this is no surprise, as its adherents typically do not reproduce sufficiently (due to contraception or “Natural Family Planning”) and the number of people who still think there is any point to converting to the Vatican II Sect is below the levels needed to sustain the operation long-term.

This is good news, really, because it spells the certain death of this wicked, soul-destroying sect in due time, even without divine intervention. Just as they are running out of people, that is, people who actually take the religion seriously and try to practice it (as opposed to hordes of merely baptized people whose names appear in the parish registry), so they are also running out of vocations to what they still call the “religious life.”… READ MORE