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Bergoglio Doubles Down: All Religions Look at the One God in Different Ways!

It is often difficult to keep up with ‘Pope’ Francis (Jorge Bergoglio), but here at Novus Ordo Watch, we do try. Even though he is 87 years old, when it comes to advancing the Great Apostasy, there is simply no slowing down for him.

On May 18, 2024, the false pope made a trip to the city of Verona in northern Italy. One of his stops there was Montorio Prison, where he addressed the inmates.

Vatican News has released the video footage of the event:

When Bergoglio visits prisons, he often points out that God forgives always, although he never mentions the conditions necessary to receive that forgiveness; and it was no different this time around. (Sometimes, in fact, he denies outright that there are any such conditions, aside from simply ‘asking’ to be forgiven.)

The big story this past Saturday, however, was something else; namely, what Francis told the prisoners about God and the world’s religions.

The Vatican has not yet released an official English translation of the papal pretender’s address to the inmates, so we will use a computer translation (via DeepL), duly checked against the live translation provided by the Vatican reporter in the video of the event. [UPDATE 21-MAY-2024: Vatican has now issued English translation, but it omits the following part!]

Here, then, is what Francis said:

And, as the [prison] director said, God is one: Our cultures have taught us to call him by one name or another, and to find him in different ways, but he is the same father to all of us. He is one. And all religions, all cultures, look at the one God in different ways.

In the Italian original as found on the Vatican web site, the false pope said:

E, come ha detto la direttrice, Dio è uno: le nostre culture ci hanno insegnato a chiamarlo con un nome, con un altro, e a trovarlo in maniere diverse, ma è lo stesso padre di tutti noi. È uno. E tutte le religioni, tutte le culture, guardano all’unico Dio con modalità differenti.

Here we see, once more, Bergoglio the Apostate Indifferentist at work: Ultimately, all religions seek and believe in the same God. That is part and parcel of his abominable Naturalist ‘fraternity gospel’! It is Freemasonry, it is heresy, it is apostasy!

Francis is moving from the notion that Christians worship the same God as Moslems and Jews to the idea that all religions are worshipping, believing in, or teaching (however imperfectly) the true God. What an incredible blasphemy! “For all the gods of the Gentiles are devils: but the Lord made the heavens” (Ps 95:5). Even more explicitly, according to Bergoglio, people of all religions constitute the ‘People of God’.

Having watched ‘Pope Francis’ closely for the last 11 years (ever since he took over the Vatican II Church, on Mar. 13, 2013), we can summarize part of his apostate creed as follows: There is only one true God, one Great Architect of the Universe, and all religions worship Him. They may disagree with one another, teach different things about him, and point out different paths to him, but it is the same God. They may give him different names, but it is all fundamentally good. People of all religions constitute the People of God, even if they are apostates. God himself wills this diversity of religions as a reflection of his infinite wisdom and goodness, and as an enrichment to humanity. Because they are willed by him, religious differences are necessary, and all religions taken together make up a beautiful mosaic! Our task on this earth is to unite in harmony, dignity, peace, mutual tolerance and respect, encounter and fraternity, helping each other in our temporal necessities. Fraternity and transcendence will save humanity! Thus we ought to live in liberty, equality, and fraternity.

Yes, one can find, of course, things said by Francis that contradict this. But that is because he deliberately contradicts himself, precisely so that he cannot easily be pinned down and exposed. The above is the message he proclaims to the world, even as he claims to oppose Freemasonry.

Under Francis’ apostate belief system, what happens to supernatural divine revelation? What happens to Catholic dogma? What happens to the Incarnation? What happens to the Redemption? What happens to the Gospel of Jesus Christ? “For the law was given by Moses; grace and truth came by Jesus Christ” (Jn 1:17); “Jesus saith to him: I am the way, and the truth, and the life. No man cometh to the Father, but by me” (Jn 14:6); “This [Jesus Christ] is the stone which was rejected by you the builders, which is become the head of the corner. Neither is there salvation in any other. For there is no other name under heaven given to men, whereby we must be saved” (Acts 4:11-12).

Francis’ apostasy considers all religions “more or less good and praiseworthy, since they all in different ways manifest and signify that sense which is inborn in us all, and by which we are led to God and to the obedient acknowledgment of His rule”, an idea Pope Pius XI condemned as “distorting the idea of true religion” and leading to complete apostasy (Encyclical Mortalium Animos, n. 2).

The words of Pope St. Pius X against the once-Catholic French social movement Le Sillon are eerily applicable to our day, and to Bergoglio’s false gospel in particular:

And now, overwhelmed with the deepest sadness, We ask Ourselves, Venerable Brethren, what has become of the Catholicism of the Sillon? Alas! this organization which formerly afforded such promising expectations, this limpid and impetuous stream, has been harnessed in its course by the modern enemies of the Church, and is now no more than a miserable affluent of the great movement of apostasy being organized in every country for the establishment of a One-World Church which shall have neither dogmas, nor hierarchy, neither discipline for the mind, nor curb for the passions, and which, under the pretext of freedom and human dignity, would bring back to the world (if such a Church could overcome) the reign of legalized cunning and force, and the oppression of the weak, and of all those who toil and suffer.

(Pope Pius X, Apostolic Letter Notre Charge Apostolique; underlining added.)

It is painfully obvious that the false pope Bergoglio is preaching the heresy of Indifferentism, which Pope Gregory XVI called “an absurd and impious idea” (Encyclical Commissum Divinitus, n. 9), and which he condemned in no uncertain terms:

Now We consider another abundant source of the evils with which the Church is afflicted at present: indifferentism. This perverse opinion is spread on all sides by the fraud of the wicked who claim that it is possible to obtain the eternal salvation of the soul by the profession of any kind of religion, as long as morality is maintained. Surely, in so clear a matter, you will drive this deadly error far from the people committed to your care. With the admonition of the apostle that “there is one God, one faith, one baptism” [Eph 4:5] may those fear who contrive the notion that the safe harbor of salvation is open to persons of any religion whatever.

(Pope Gregory XVI, Encyclical Mirari Vos, n. 13)

Closely tied to Indifferentism is the notion, likewise espoused by Francis, that different religions share certain “essentials”, whereas all the rest is deemed “non-essential” or “accidental”. Pope Pius XI rejected that in the following words:

Those, who are unhappily infected with these errors, hold that dogmatic truth is not absolute but relative, that is, it agrees with the varying necessities of time and place and with the varying tendencies of the mind, since it is not contained in immutable revelation, but is capable of being accommodated to human life. Besides this, in connection with things which must be believed, it is nowise licit to use that distinction which some have seen fit to introduce between those articles of faith which are fundamental and those which are not fundamental, as they say, as if the former are to be accepted by all, while the latter may be left to the free assent of the faithful: for the supernatural virtue of faith has a formal cause, namely the authority of God revealing, and this is patient of no such distinction.

(Pius XI, Encyclical Mortalium Animos, n. 9)

In 1892, Pope Leo XIII exhorted all Catholics to

avoid familiarity or friendship with anyone suspected of belonging to masonry or to affiliated groups. Know them by their fruits and avoid them. Every familiarity should be avoided, not only with those impious libertines who openly promote the character of the sect, but also with those who hide under the mask of universal tolerance, respect for all religions, and the craving to reconcile the maxims of the Gospel with those of the revolution. These men seek to reconcile Christ and Belial, the Church of God and the state without God.

(Pope Leo XIII, Encyclical Custodi di Quella Fede, n. 15)

That is exactly what Antipope Francis has been doing, and the damage to souls is incalculable. He may not have a formal membership in the Lodge, but he is a Freemason in terms of what he believes and teaches.

More on Francis’ false religion of human fraternity can be found in the following links:

At the prison in Montorio on May 18, Francis ended by giving his trademark politically-correct pseudo-blessing, which he had first used in 2013, saying:

Now I would like to give you the blessing, but I will give it silently, so everyone receives it from God in the way they believe. One minute of silence and I give the blessing to all of you.

[Adesso vorrei darvi la benedizione, ma la darò in silenzio, così ognuno la riceve da Dio nella modalità che crede. Un minuto di silenzio e do la benedizione a tutti voi.]

What an abominable betrayal of Jesus Christ! What a frightful sin, to deny the only true Triune God in this way, in order not to offend unbelievers!

Our Blessed Lord Jesus Christ told us to go and make disciples of all nations — He did not tell us to go and respect everyone’s conscience: “And he said to them: Go ye into the whole world, and preach the gospel to every creature. He that believeth and is baptized, shall be saved: but he that believeth not shall be condemned” (Mk 16:15-16).

‘Pope’ Francis is helping to ensure that as many as possible will be condemned.

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