Some extra Lenten penance, anyone?

Mortification for the Eyes:
The ‘Jubilee Church’ in Rome

(image: Wikimedia Commons [Simona poncia] / License: CC BY-SA 4.0 DEED)

If you can’t identify the object in the photo above as a Roman Catholic Church, that’s because it isn’t one. Rather, it’s a worship center by and for the Vatican II Church, a Modernist sect which illegitimately calls itself the Roman Catholic Church and has occupied many Catholic structures for roughly six decades now.

The official name of this hideous ‘Catholic’ edifice is Chiesa di Dio Padre Misericordioso (“Church of God the Merciful Father”), although it is also known as the ‘Jubilee Church’. Located in the Tor Tre Teste district of the Italian capital, it is part of the diocese of Rome. It got its nickname because it was built in connection with the Great Jubilee Year 2000.

Many Novus Ordo churches tend to resemble spaceships, libraries, medical buildings, or modern art museums more than something one would want to use for the exclusive worship of the Most Holy Trinity. In the present case, it is hard to find words to describe what one sees. To call it a spaceship would not do it justice — unless perhaps we mean one that has crashed:

(all images above are screenshots taken from videos below)

Let’s also look at some videos.

This first one is a calm and detailed exploration of the inside of the pseudo-Catholic church:

A dizzying but mercifully brief tour of the ‘sacral’ building can be viewed here:

A drone has taken the following footage from the sky:

This ‘Catholic church’ was designed by American architect Richard Meier in 1996. Construction was completed in 2003. A bell tower, a community center, and a recreation court are also part of the site.

More images of this aesthetic crime can be viewed here. They make for excellent mortification of the eyes.

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