Celebrity apologist claims Pope is not head of Church…

See Nothing, Hear Nothing, Say Nothing: Scott Hahn’s Botched Attempt to Reassure Catholics during Bergoglio’s Reign of Error

UPDATE 28-NOV-2023: Scott Hahn corrects himself in new podcast: It was wrong of me to say that it is heretical to say the Pope is the head of the Church, because the Pope is the head of the Church.” (see 5:17 time stamp)


The conservative Novus Ordo apologists are at their wits’ end with ‘Pope’ Francis, Jorge Bergoglio.

This was manifest in a recent podcast episode of Pints with Aquinas, hosted by Novus Ordo apologist Matt Fradd. The show’s guest was Dr. Scott Hahn, famed and prolific author and long-time professor of biblical theology at Franciscan University of Steubenville, Ohio. Hahn was asked to provide some guidance on how to keep Catholics from leaving the Church on account of ‘Pope’ Francis changing Catholic teaching. Apparently more and more people in the Vatican II Church can no longer deny that the Bergoglian magisterium has defected, and so they’re drawing the conclusion that Catholicism, specifically the teaching on the Papacy, must be false. They are therefore starting to look elsewhere for truth (in particular, Eastern Orthodoxy was mentioned).

That was the problem the questioner wanted help with, and the celebrity Steubenvillain failed abysmally in his attempt to address it. Hahn’s “answer” consisted essentially of three elements: (1) keep in mind the Pope isn’t the head of the Church, Christ is; (2) stop following the news coming out of the Vatican; (3) pray for the Pope!

But see for yourself. Here is the 5-minute clip from Pints with Aquinas:

Ladies and gentlemen, by the time the professional apologists’ advice regarding ‘Pope’ Francis consists of telling you to turn off the news and pray more, it’s clear they’re out of answers — specifically, out of Catholic answers (pun intended). To add that the Pope isn’t the head of the Church anyway (??) and “merely” the Vicar of Christ, doesn’t help things.

It was clear that this nonsense needed to be addressed and refuted, and that is precisely what we did in our latest podcast, TRADCAST EXPRESS 180, released late on Oct. 30, 2023. You can listen to it, free of charge, right here:

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