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‘Pope’ Francis shows up as Studio Guest on Italian Television Show

For the first time ever, a ‘Pope’ has taken part in a television show as an in-studio guest. Hooray.

Mr. Jorge Bergoglio — the talkative Argentinian Modernist who has been falsely presenting himself as the Pope of the Catholic Church since 2013 — participated as one of several guests in the televised religion-themed show A Sua Immagine (“In His Image”) for the Italian public TV channel RAI. The show had been recorded on May 27 and was aired on June 4.

Vatican News reports:

Pope Francis became the guest star of Italy’s television programme on faith and religion called “A Sua immagine” (‘In His image’), a weekly broadcast by RAI, the nation’s public broadcaster.  The Pope dialogued on a host of issues and social challenges, especially the world situation.

The RAI broadcast featured video link-ups, reports on people and challenges they face, live testimonials with Pope Francis interacting and commenting. The programme recording took place a week before the 4 June Sunday broadcast.

Pope Francis revealed that he had never been in such a television studio, or watched much television before, as when he grew up, there was no television yet, he quipped.

Regarding the important role media play, he said “the media must help people discover and understand one another, help make friends, and send help rid of the evils that can ruin people’s lives.” He said this positive emphasis does not mean only talking about religion and God, very important, but always safeguarding and remembering the human dimension, our common humanity.

(“Pope Francis discusses faith, world issues on Italian TV”, Vatican News, June 4, 2023)

The studio in which the recording took place is located in the Saxa Rubra neighborhood of Rome. A video of the entire show is available at the RAI web site [and now also on YouTube].

On YouTube, RAI has released some clips reporting on Bergoglio’s appearance in the TV show:

No doubt, his appearance on A Sua Immagine allowed Francis to unload plenty of his globalist-Masonic talking points, carefully garnished with a few crumbs of Catholicism to help keep the charade going.

This latest Bergoglian stunt comes two months after the online airing of a Disney documentary — named Amen: The Pope Answers — in which Francis sits down, face to face, with ten young adults who ask him anything they want. The whole production was a monstrous scandal. Francis humiliated the Church and misled the questioners, among whom was even a woman who makes porn videos. Here are some critical reviews of that fiasco:

The false pope Bergoglio doesn’t miss a beat. At 86 years of age, he seems hell-bent on using the little time he has left to destroy the Faith in as many souls as possible.

Image source: YouTube (screenshot)
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