Pseudo-conclave in Rome makes surprising choice…

Alexis Bugnolo’s Fake Conclave elects Successor to Benedict XVI, but you WON’T guess whom!

Self-appointed conclave organizer: Alexis Bugnolo
(ok, so we added the clown nose)

Ladies and gentlemen, Brother Alexis Bugnolo, the self-appointed conclave theologian who has made it his mission to elect a successor to the late Fr. Joseph Ratzinger (“Pope” Benedict XVI), has announced a great joy: Habent Papam! They have a Pope!

Or so they think.

January 30, 2023, has been a momentous day for all those who not only believe that Benedict XVI was the true Pope until his death on Dec. 31, 2022, but who also believe that Br. Bugnolo’s airport hotel meeting had the authority to elect Ratzinger’s successor.

Throughout January, Bugnolo was instructing anyone who would listen as to how the “new Pope” could and would have to be chosen, and he had declared back on Jan. 3 that it was “absolutely certain” that there would be a new Pope within 30 days.

As a resident of Rome, Bugnolo had decided to take matters into his own hands and organize a “conclave” after publicly rebuking the Novus Ordo cardinals for — just imagine! — failing to gather to elect a successor to Benedict XVI after the latter’s death. We reported on the impending ‘clown conclave’ in our most recent podcast, TRADCAST EXPRESS 168.

So far, the total number of electors who actually showed up and participated in the effort to elect a successor to Ratzinger has not been disclosed, but we suspect there was a total of at least 4 or 5. From the beginning, Bugnolo had said that he would personally refrain from casting a vote, lest he be accused of a conflict of interest.

It didn’t take much to expect that surely the pseudo-conclave would elect Alexis Bugnolo himself as the new “Pope”, perhaps with a name of Benedict XVII. And indeed, that is precisely what we predicted would happen, in the aforementioned podcast.

Except it didn’t.

Ladies and gentlemen, no, the conclave did not choose Alexis Bugnolo. It is much more absurd than that. After all, it wouldn’t have been the first time that some goofball decided he should be ‘Pope’ and gets a few people to elect him. That would have been absurd enough, and quite amusing; but nothing, truly nothing, could prepare the world for the selection the conclave actually did make.

So, whom did the “papal electors” choose?

Make sure you’re sitting down for this. Don’t be operating a vehicle or heavy machinery. In fact, it would probably be a good idea for you to have a family member or friend with you who could call an ambulance in case of an unforeseen reaction to what you are about to read.

The man who was chosen by the airport hotel conclave is….








aka “Pope Francis”

This is not a joke! YOU CANNOT MAKE IT UP!

Ladies and gentlemen, this is so absurd that it defies parody. We typically like to satirize absurd things and have a funny quip handy as needed, but not here. We simply cannot top this! We are left utterly speechless in the face of this absurdity on stilts!

In his official press release reporting on the results of his momentous Roman conclave, Bugnolo writes:

Those who were against Catholics electing a successor to St. Peter prevailed to convince many not to come to vote, and so the results of the election are as follows:

Unanimous for Jorge Mario Bergoglio, as successor of St. Peter and successor of Pope Benedict XVI.

The electorate present wants the world to know that it has chosen the only outcome that could be both universally accepted and that is to bring the canonical order of the Church back into harmony with the will of Christ. In this it follows the example of the Roman Catholics who, under threat from the imperial army, elected the deacon of the Eastern emperor, who was a Monothelite heretic. With his election completed he was immediately converted to the Catholic faith under the power of the Jesus Prayer.

And so, we hope and pray that the Lord, whose hands are now free to set the Church in order, will now intervene in history, without violating his promise to St. Peter, that “Whatever you bind on earth, be bound in Heaven.”

For my part, I have suggested as candidate Msgr. [René] Gracida, Bishop Emeritus of Corpus Christi, Texas, USA.

Brother Alexis Bugnolo

It is evident that Bugnolo is not happy with the outcome, but his own logic compels him to accept it. Very well! We could not have asked for a better and more effective way for Alexis Bugnolo to completely and permanently destroy his own credibility.

Had this faux conclave instead chosen Bugnolo himself or Donald Trump, the Dalai Lama, the corpse of Benedict XVI, or a space alien, the result would not have been as preposterous and absurd as choosing Jorge Bergoglio!

Truly, truth is stranger than fiction! Those who supported Bugnolo from afar because they shared his position regarding the status of Benedict XVI and in good faith believed this “conclave” would fix things, must now feel utterly betrayed and humiliated.

After all that has transpired in the last 10 years with Francis, and after the entire “Pope Emeritus” circus that accompanied the Bergoglian apostasy, to now be told that this Bergoglio has been elected the “true Pope”, that surely takes the cake!

To be clear: According to the beliefs of Bugnolo and his fellow-“conclavists”, Bergoglio has only now begun to be the true Roman Pontiff, Successor of St. Peter. Why now? Because he and his handful of Roman residents gathered at the conference room of that airport hotel, decided it so.

In the past, Bugnolo denounced the false pope Francis again and again. Just a week ago, he lambasted Bergoglio for “10 years of savage attacks on the Faith and the Mass”, and rightly so.

A day before his pseudo-conclave, Bugnolo posted five conditions that would have to be met for the assembly to produce a valid Pope. The fifth condition stipulates: “The electors choose a Catholic man who is an adult, not married, and free from ecclesiastical censure” (underlining added).

So, in the mind of Br. Alexis, apparently Jorge Bergoglio qualifies as a Catholic man, free from ecclesiastical censure? That is most astonishing, considering that in a prior blog post of his, he described Bergoglio as “a public manifest heretic on the throne of the Apostle Peter”! So how, then, does he now suddenly qualify as “a Catholic man … free from ecclesiastical censure”? In fact, Bugnolo’s insinuation that Francis “was immediately converted to the Catholic faith” after the clown conclave picked him, demonstrates that he was not a Catholic already.

Just how much Francis has suddenly become Catholic now, he will be able to demonstrate during his journey to the Democratic Republic of the Congo and South Sudan, which begins Jan. 31. By the way: The second leg of the tour, to South Sudan, is an “ecumenical” journey, and Bergoglio will be accompanied by the Anglican Archlayman of Canterbury, Justin Welby. The opportunities for Francis to demonstrate his miraculous conversion to Catholicism will be endless!

The airport conclave in Rome would be a farce was clear from the start. On Jan. 29, we sent out a tweet criticizing Bugnolo for usurping authority he does not have. For a conclave to be binding on consciences, it must be called and authorized by the lawful authority, not simply by someone who feels like calling a conclave.

Matt Gaspers of Catholic Family News responded to our tweet as follows:

Clearly, Gaspers thinks he scored a home run with his tweet, but the fact is that he simply revealed that he hasn’t been paying attention. Just as Alexis Bugnolo does not have the authority to call a conclave, neither does Novus Ordo Watch. That’s clear. The problem is that Bugnolo called one anyway:

On his blog Roma Locuta Est, Novus Ordo blogger Steven O’Reilly has been keeping an eye on Bugnolo and the entire “Benepapist” movement (i.e. those who believe Benedict remained Pope after his 2013 resignation — we like to call them “Resignationists”). In a post published today he writes: “It will certainly be interesting to see how this conclave impacts the intellectual debate and power struggles within Benepapist circles, now that Bugnolo will, apparently, become a defender of Pope Francis.”

Presumably, the other Resignationists — those who had nothing to do with the clown conclave, such as Patrick Coffin and Ann Barnhardt — will briefly denounce the Bugnolan farce and then pay him no further attention. The whole thing has been a tragicomedy, and it has now reached its definitive and well-deserved end.

Alexis Bugnolo will not be able to recover from this.

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