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July 24, 2022

Caution! This is a Novus Ordo cringe compilation…

Francis has an important message to Buddhists: “Jesus and Buddha knew the need to overcome the ego”. What he didn’t mention: Only One of the two also provided the spiritual means necessary to accomplish that (and no, “double belonging” won’t work).

So they can’t figure out why no one is taking their Vatican II church seriously, huh?

In this year’s message for the World Day of Prayer for the Care of Creation, Bergoglio wants you to practice an “ecological spirituality” in the “great cathedral of creation” lest the “song of creation” continue to be accompanied by a “chorus of cries of anguish” of “our sister, mother earth”. Therefore, “repent” and “convert”!

If you don’t know what a “transgenderqueer two spirit doctor” is, you obviously haven’t attended a conference hosted by Hellboy “Fr.” James Martin yet…

Francis told them to make a mess, so they did: Pentecost Chaos at Holy Family ‘Catholic Community’ near Chicago.

Progress update: Remember that Abrahamic Family House — a church, mosque, and synagogue all built on the same foundation — being put up in Abu Dhabi, scheduled to open in September? Here’s how that’s going.

You’re going to have to read this sentence more than once to ensure you don’t misread it: “The Catholic Archdiocese of Chicago is slamming a Catholic activist group for opposing the display and promotion of pornographic children’s books by Chicago area public libraries.” Yes, they’re slamming the group for opposing pornographic children’s books. You can read the full article here, but caution! It includes lewd illustrations. More on that disgusting story here.

Good thing it’s Nelson Mandela Day, so Vatican News has something to report on.

No one saw this coming: Turns out creator of rainbow logo for Vatican’s Jubilee Year 2025 is Italian massage therapist whose phone number is linked to a sodomite porn site. Suggestive pictures on his Facebook page have since been removed.

Now that’s just rich: The Vatican’s Chief of Ecumenism calls Russian patriarch’s defense of Ukraine war ‘heresy’… Funny how quickly they manage to remember such outdated terms from yesteryear when they really want to…

“Cardinal” Wilton Gregory may give “Communion” to Joe Biden, but you can bet your bottom dollar it won’t be at a Traditional Latin Mass… Meanwhile: The Vatican has a ‘very positive relationship’ with the Biden administration.

Caution! French diocese of Nantes has “dared to move forward”

Vaticanist Bob Mickens says it’s dangerous to define Francis as the “world’s moral leader”. Indeed, immoral leader would be better, but that’s not what he means — no, Mickens thinks that Francis’ program is just “too radically human and intensely relational” for it to be considered mere “morality”! Get it?!

In full communion with the Vatican II Sect: Leading laywoman and Co-President of German ‘Synodal Way’ calls for ‘nationwide provision of abortion’. Speaking of that ‘Synodal Way’: German Novus Ordos leaving Vatican II Church in record numbers.

Ah, so you were thinking of escaping all the Novus Ordo madness by becoming Eastern Orthodox… Bad idea for more reasons than one!

Who will succeed Francis as Antipope of the Vatican II Sect? Andrea Gagliarducci looks at a number of candidates.

In interview, “Cardinal” Robert Sarah says he believes Francis to be a man of prayer. Who or what he prays to, however, was apparently not discussed.

Expect fifty shades of gray — at a minimum: Vatican wants to move beyond a “Black and White” Morality.

Jesuit dimwit at America: “I don’t think we should be banning anyone from the Eucharist” (“Cardinal” Cupich tried to pull that one a year ago). Almighty God via St. Paul the Apostle: “But let a man prove himself: and so let him eat of that bread, and drink of the chalice. For he that eateth and drinketh unworthily, eateth and drinketh judgment to himself, not discerning the body of the Lord” (1 Cor 11:28-29). Funny how the author does quote St. Paul in his piece, just not that passage.

When it comes to dealing with abuse, let no one say Francis doesn’t have standards. In fact, he’s got two of them. No wonder that when he calls for ‘zero tolerance’, he is silent on his own permissiveness.

Question: Is your heart on fire for demons? No? Then you’d better get with the program and adopt the Vatican’s recommended “Spirituality for Synodality”

Francis shares his infinite wisdom with sports participants in the Mediterranean Games.

You know you’re at a Novus Ordo conference when “young, diverse, prophetic voices [are] journeying together”

Priceless: One Peter Five is looking for more people to defend their position against what they call the “false spirit of Vatican I”, which is in actual fact, however, simply the teaching of the papal magisterium.

Meet the next absurd Novus Ordo “saint” in the making: Bishop Hélder Pessoa Câmara!

That figures: Francis is concerned about pornography being a ‘threat to public health’, but says nothing about its infinitely worse spiritual consequences (cf. Mt 5:28). This goes to show once more where Francis’ priorities lie, namely, where his heart is: His chief concern is the body, not the soul; the world, not eternal life; all things temporal, not anything spiritual. Yet: “Mind the things that are above, not the things that are upon the earth” (Col 3:2).

Choir with obscene T-shirts perform for Bergoglio at audience. That fits perfectly, considering what words he likes to use….

Finally, the world gets to see some African liturgical dance at St. Peter’s Basilica in the Vatican. But is it better than the “Nidwalden folk mass”? Experts disagree, so… you decide! (Hey, at least it wasn’t a Traditional Latin Mass! Imagine the disunity and bewilderment that would cause…)

Vatican secret revealed: “Synodality” means whatever Francis wants it to mean!

No, although his false pontificate appears to be in decline, this isn’t the end of the Frankster just yet; in fact he says he isn’t resigning any time soon. In any case, why would anyone think that what comes after will be any better?

When Novus Ordos get serious about religion: ‘Eco-weddings’ garner enthusiasm in South Korea.

Word on Fire on fire: Multiple resignations at Robert Barron’s ministry after allegations into staffer’s personal life. Meanwhile, Barron gets his own diocese, in Minnesota.

Fun challenge: Can you endure the entire 2 minutes and 20 seconds of these most passive-aggressive and oddly-specific prayer intentions ever?

Francis may have very little to say on pro-abortion politicians, but at least he takes the initiative to speak up on World No Tobacco Day.

You can’t make this stuff up: Two sodomites deliver “Gospel reflection” comparing their “marriage” and children to the miracle of the multiplication of the loaves. In Blase Cupich’s Chicago, of course.

New Age apostate Franciscan ‘Fr.’ Richard Rohr says Francis told him: “I want you to keep doing what you’re doing, keep teaching what you’re teaching” — three times!

Scratch that: Francis omits Islam from massacre of Christians in Nigeria. Then again, it is a religion of peace, right?

The merciful head of the always-apologizing Listening Church, who encourages people to speak frankly and boldly (with “parrhesia”), bans presbyter who criticized him, from all public ministry. Meanwhile, this Puerto Rican “bishop” is hoping for an opportunity of encounter with his always-listening boss.

Texan Novus Ordo bishop under fire for praising Remnant video in which Francis was called a “diabolically disoriented clown”. Whereas that should have triggered an immediate apology to all clowns, the real scandal here is that “Bp.” Strickland had the gall to refer to the diabolically-disoriented clown as “Pope”!

The social benefits of keeping a tree alive — and other important “Catholic news” from Vatican News.

Benedictine Alcuin Reid receives “ordination” by unnamed Novus Ordo bishop after local ordinary refuses on account of an intervention by the Vatican. (And that’s not the only case in which the Vatican has intervened as of late. Well, maybe this petition will fix it.)

Vatican releases endless document on the identity of Novus Ordo schools for a culture of dialogue. Sounds exciting.

A perfect meditation idea for your next Eucharistic adoration: “Communion means working for social justice”! And if that isn’t specific enough for you, remember that the “Eucharist is inescapably linked to how we produce, distribute, consume and waste food”.

Authorities of Keningau diocese, Malaysia: Vandalism “encourages personal reflection on one’s own brokenness and ‘need to be healed by God’s presence'” — therefore, broken statues of Sacred Heart and Blessed Mother won’t be replaced.

False pope notes that humanity has ‘moral obligation’ to fight climate change. Conversion to the true religion, on the other hand, continues to be an optional matter of personal conscience for him.

Francis announces names of 21 new Novus Ordo cardinals to be created August 27. (Some biographical details here.) Surprise! San Diego’s leftist “Bp.” Robert McElroy made the cut, whereas San Francisco’s more conservative “Abp.” Salvatore Cordileone — Nancy Pelosi’s ordinary — didn’t. (Yes, that sends a message. And it reveals motives and ambitions. And yes, “conservative” is an extremely relative concept in Novus Ordo Land.) Meanwhile: “Cardinals” Angelo Sodano (94) and Claudio Hummes (87) die.

Beyond Sodom and Gomorrah: Vatican opens up to ‘LGBT families’. (And the American Novus Ordo bishops do as well, somewhat.) Next up: ‘LGBT Saints’!

That figures: Bergoglio receives award from the Jewish-Masonic B’nai B’rith. Hey, you’ve got to show appreciation to your benefactors! In return, Francis offered his usual lowest-common-denominatorism.

The Old Mass is just not compatible with the Pachamama religion of Vatican II: Novus Ordo bishop of Savannah, Georgia, says the Vatican ordered him to end all Latin Masses in his diocese by May 2023.

More estrogen should fix it: Bergoglio names three Women to Dicastery for Bishops. Yes, that is a problem in more ways than one.

After sodomite ‘hookup’ scandal and ‘extended leave’: Scandalous “Mgr.” Burrill resumes ministry in his home diocese.

Life Site presents false messages from pseudo-mystic to keep people in the Vatican II Church. If Peter could become Judas, the gates of hell would have prevailed!

Canadian Supreme Court adopts Bergoglian ideology, strikes down life sentences without parole. Remember, the false pope called it a “hidden death penalty” more than once, and of course that’s contrary to human diiignity! Reality check: In Sacred Scripture, it is precisely because the victim has human dignity that the death sentence is to be imposed: “Whosoever shall shed man’s blood, his blood shall be shed: for man was made to the image of God” (Gen 9:6). But then, that’s pre-Vatican II!

The woke folk at Where Peter Is recommend you read Daniel Horan’s White Catholic’s Guide to Racism and Privilege before the summer is over.

Mission accomplished: Pelosi’s ‘Communion’ in the Vatican undermines the American Novus Ordo bishops.

Francis appoints Chicago‘s liturgical terminator Blase Cupich to the Congregation for Divine Worship. What could possibly go wrong? But rest assured, the Frankster knows exactly whom to send to San Diego to help Mr. McElroy, and whom to send to Phoenix. (Hey, it all makes sense once you stop thinking Francis is the Pope of the Catholic Church and realize he’s an anti-Catholic infiltrator doing all he can to ruin Catholicism in souls. Ditto for Francis and abortion.)

Hellboy says homosexuality is ‘the way God created a part of the human race’. Some people are vying for the hottest place in hell.

“New Springtime” Updates: Game Over in the United Kingdom — and in France they’re wondering what to do with all the empty churches… Oh yeah, and then there’s always Ireland, too.

This pretty much sums up the situation since Vatican II: “From a Church of certainty to a Church of chaos”. Remember: As far back as April 3, 2013, less that a month after Bergoglio started occupying Vatican City, we predicted: “Francis will eventually be dubbed the ‘Chaos Pope'”. By the way, who’s the author of chaos and disorder again?

Encounterism galore: Roman conference tries to clarify what Francis means by “culture of encounter”.

Vicar of dying Novus Ordo Sect: Church must communicate faith with ‘theology that is alive’. That’s been working out really well…

Seven years ago, this would have been a big shocker, but now? It barely elicits a yawn: “Francis allegedly tells divorced homosexual man to take Communion”. Wow, the Frankster is really in sync with his henchmen!

Bergoglio still doesn’t know what the Christian Faith is.

For “Cardinal” Peter Turkson, it’s back to the future — with Vatican II!

Apparently this problem occurs frequently enough in the Novus Ordo Sect to warrant a blog post: What to Do If the Seal of Confession Is Broken.

It figures that the one time these Modernists talk about the fruit of sin, they get it wrong: “Vatican cardinal: Subordination of women to men is ‘fruit of sin’”. Reality check: Genesis 2:21-23 was before sin entered the world. Fr. George Haydock in his commentary on 1 Corinthians 11:3: “The man was created to be head over the woman, who was made subject to the man, being made of him, of his rib, and the woman made for him, not he for the woman.”

Vatican News conducts interview with the man Francis put in charge of Liturgy and Sacraments for the whole church.

A preview of what’s coming down the pike, perhaps under “Pope Francis II”: Vatican finds way to approve contraception and assisted fertilization — and defends it when challenged! Is that perhaps the reason they’re getting “Pope” John Paul I ready for beatification? Meanwhile, Francis wants more “accompaniment” for habitual adulterers… Just remember: It all started with Amoris Laetitia

Don’t worry, “Father” Jim, you’re safe: No one would mistake you clowns for Catholic priests.

Novus Ordo homophiles gather in New York: First in-person LGBTQ ministry conference builds ‘sense of community’. Meanwhile, a Novus Ordo “Service of Atonement and Apology to the LGBTQ+ Community” is held in John Stowe’s diocese in Kentucky.

Come on, LGBTQ is so five years ago. It’s time for 2SLGBTQIA+ now, and that’s why a Canadian presbyter is promoting it for ‘Pride Month’ in a Novus Ordo school board video! Maybe that will soon be picked up by Newark, New Jersey?

Francis says he hopes to renew Vatican’s deal with Chinese Communists. Since it’s been going so well, obviously. (Right?)

It’s so refreshing to know that Francis knows exactly what really ails his church — such as “grandma’s lace” — and always has the appropriate remedy: more Vatican II!

Are you surprised that the first “Catholic gay blessing” in Italy should take place in the diocese of the president of the Italian bishops’ conference (who is reportedly lying about the matter)?

Now that’s rich! Australian Catholic Weekly complains about the “nastiness of online Catholics”, while employing Mark Shea as a columnist! (A quick refresher on Mark Shea here.)

Why you’re not Novus Ordo anymore, example no. 55028: Dancing with the Monstrance.

A false concept of revelation for a false religion: For the Vatican II Church, the daily news is the new Revelation. And “the current experience of our faithful” is just one example of it.

Don’t you hate that knotty Catholic morality? Francis’ false magisterium to the rescue! These people are trying very hard to eliminate the concept of intrinsic evil, which would mean that anything is permissible in itself, it’s only the external circumstances that could make it wrong. Such “ethical existentialism” was denounced by Pope Pius XII against the promoters of the “New Morality”.

Francis is about to get “smudged” in Canada: “The ritual as commonly practiced includes the religious burning of smoke and prayers offered to the deities of nature, such as ‘mother earth,’ or in another language, ‘Pachamama.’” More of what to expect from the Francis Show in Canada.

Soon they’ll run out of biblical imagery: After entering the “Ark of Fraternity” and looking up to the stars in the sky, now it’s all about “crossing the Red Sea” toward peace

If that isn’t a sign: Rome’s wild boar problem gets closer to the Vatican. In 1520, Pope Leo X referred to Martin Luther as a “wild boar from the forest”, and it just so happens that Francis loves Luther!

How credulity can lead us to ruin: Possible Miracles, Possible Deceptions.

One of One Peter Five‘s theological brain surgeons offers another completely theology-free piece on ‘Ultramontanism’, this time psychoanalyzing those who adhere to the pre-Vatican II Catholic teaching on the Papacy, and trying to treat this “disease” in the Mystical Body. It’s evident that the author tries to make up for his lack of theological argumentation with a truckload of flowery rhetoric, which is perhaps meant to intimidate the reader into being impressed. But the subject matter is too serious for such intellectual shysterism.

This too must be reported: Some Novus Ordo priests are accused falsely and deserve to be exonerated.

Memo to Feeneyites: No, St. Peter Canisius did not deny Baptism of Desire.

This is no way to preserve Tradition: Beware of, and protect yourself from, the semi-trads’ “Great Rethink”. A good dose of Mgr. Joseph Clifford Fenton will help! And there’s bad news for Peter Kwasniewski from none other than his hero, Cardinal John Henry Newman.

Rita Davidson’s phenomenal book Immodesty, Satan’s Virtue: How Modesty will change your Life is back in print!

Sister Lucy vs. Sister Who-She?: An introduction to the “Two Sister Lucys” controversy. Meanwhile: How the Falsification of Sister Lucy Is Being Ignored by Fatima Groups and How they Continue to Falsify the Message.

Historical tidbit: Audio of Fr. Gommar de Pauw’s lecture “Conciliar or Catholic?”, given in Chicago in 1967.

Fr. Damien Dutertre presents a theological treatise on Sedevacantism and the Indefectibility of the Church.

A conservative Novus Ordo priest presents the scriptural roots of the Litany of the Sacred Heart.

The WM Review explains the authority of St. Thomas Aquinas in the Catholic Church and shares some notes on the nature of heresy in light of the unity of the Church.

Sedevacantist Bp. Donald Sanborn dismantles “Pride Month”.

Louie Verrecchio wants to know if you’ve fallen for fish tales and fables.

And Steve Speray showcases a typical example of Modernism in Vatican II.

Oh, and one for the road…

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