They’re mocking Our Lord all over again…

“Climate Crucifix” in Salford Cathedral

The Novus Ordo Modernists occupying our beautiful Roman Catholic churches never run out of ideas for profaning the sacred. We need but recall the sickening, blasphemous “Jesus Clock” perpetrated by “Bishop” Hermann Glettler of Innsbruck, or the no-less-blasphemous “crucifix” in the seminary chapel in Graz. Both examples are from Austria, one of the hotbeds of sacrilegious “art” and architecture in Europe.

Today’s example of ridiculing and humiliating Our Beloved Savior Jesus Christ comes from the diocese of Salford, England (click image for larger version):

This abomination is found in not just any church within the diocese, however. It is displayed in the Cathedral of St. John the Evangelist! That’s right, it’s on prominent display in the Salford Novus Ordo bishop’s own church! (That man’s name is John Stanley Kenneth Arnold, by the way, appointed to the post by none other than the Frankster.)

The source for this image is the Facebook page of Salford Cathedral. It was posted on Nov. 19, 2021, and its caption reads:

If you’ve visited Salford Cathedral in the last couple of weeks, you might have noticed this crucifix sculpture in the old baptistry. The sculpture was put up by CAFOD to coincide with COP26; to emphasise the grassroots, parish-led action we have taken to support Bishop John in his efforts to preserve our common home.

The crucifix was made from local, re-used materials: pallet timber and driftwood from the River Irwell. It is a representation of how huge changes can start at the parish level, when communities come together to take action.


“COP26” is a reference to the recent climate conference recently held in Glasgow, Scotland, for which “Pope” Francis even dusted off belief in God’s judgment for a moment:

The eco-climate religion is in full swing in Novus Ordo Land, where worship of the Crucified has long been replaced by the cult of “Mother Earth”.

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