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Lexington’s Rainbow Bishop has Cathedral Deacon announce Rector and Vicar aren’t Vaccinated

Mirror, mirror on the wall, who’s the wokest of them all?

The Franciscan apostate John Stowe (b. 1966) has been playacting “Roman Catholic bishop” of Lexington, Kentucky, since 2015. Given his job performance so far, he seems to be vying for the distinct honor of worst Novus Ordo bishop in the United States — not an easy task, considering all the contenders!

Yesterday, Sep. 12, 2021, “Bp.” Stowe ordered an announcement to be read after the Novus Ordo worship service (still incorrectly called “Mass” by some conservatives in the Vatican II Church) in his cathedral. It has been captured on video and can be heard in the first 40 seconds of the following clip:

This video clip was obtained from this tweet. Using the video feed on the cathedral’s official web site, we have verified that this announcement is real. It is not “fake news.”

For those unable to play the video, here is the text of the announcement as given:

Bishop has asked that Father David and I, Father John — I’m speaking for Father John –, make an announcement that we are not vaccinated so people could decide if they want to attend Masses which we’re celebrating. And also, that the priests — and this has been done throughout the diocese — those priests that are not vaccinated are to follow the COVID protocol in the liturgy, and they are not allowed to visit the sick or elderly that are homebound. Father John and Father David, again, have not been vaccinated. Thank you.

The leprous clerics in question are Rev. John Moriarty (rector) and Rev. David Wheeler (parochial vicar), as noted on the cathedral web site. Now that the whole world knows their vaccination status — not, mind you, any confirmed actual risk they might pose to anyone — perhaps Mr. Stowe wishes to equip them also with little bells to warn anyone of their arrival. Alternately, they could be made to wear an identifying mark on their clothing. A yellow star perhaps?

The whole COVID/vaccine matter seems very clear and straightforward to Mr. Stowe. The black-and-white message he is implicitly communicating is: The vaccinated pose no potential danger to anyone, but the unvaccinated do, regardless of whether they are actually infected or not. Does he have reliable scientific evidence to back up this “dogma” of his? If not, why is he pushing this message? If so, will he or the diocese accept liability for anything that goes wrong on account of it?

Just for the sake of providing some perspective, here is a most interesting video excerpt from a 1979 episode of CBS’ 60 Minutes. It concerns the 1976 swineflu outbreak and the vaccines tens of millions of Americans were urged to take:

To be clear: Novus Ordo Watch does not provide medical advice. We do not advise anyone either to take or not take any kind of injection.

What we do advise is that people inform their consciences properly, both with regard to the science and risks pertaining to SARS-CoV-2 (COVID-19) and the so-called vaccinations, and also with regard to the Catholic moral principles that govern these things. The following blog posts can help in that regard:

It is indeed a strange kind of vaccine that (sufficiently) protects not oneself but supposedly everyone else. What is totally left out of the equation is the fact that, as is the case with any injection, there is also a certain risk associated with it, and risks can vary from person to person, from case to case. Besides, possible long-term side effects must also be considered, and these are simply not known yet (how could they be, considering the stuff was just developed?).

It is amazing that with regard to COVID-19 and its vaccinations, “Bp.” Stowe has suddenly discovered the notion of moral obligation, a concept implicitly abolished by Francis himself in his infernal exhortation Amoris Laetitia (see n. 303), which Stowe has called “one of the great magisterial texts of the post-conciliar era”.

Furthermore, it is noteworthy that the notion of personal conscience, at other times given “primacy” by fake Catholics like the Lexington rainbow bishop (especially when going to Novus Ordo communion!), seems to play no significant role when it comes to shots against Coronavirus. Less than three months ago, Stowe happily tweeted his support for this particular quote from Amoris Laetitia: “We have been called to form consciences, not to replace them”. It’s too bad that doesn’t apply to his COVID dogmas!

But then that’s because he cares all about health, right? Surely, with regard to COVID, the invalidly-ordained bishop is just extremely concerned about everyone’s bodily well-being, and he wants everyone in his diocese to be safe and healthy, right? Sedevacantist blogger Steven Speray gives reasons for why he doesn’t think so.

Clearly, when it comes to spiritual diseases such as unnatural lust, Mr. Stowe isn’t so concerned about the supernatural health of souls. In fact, even a genuine concern for their purely natural health — aberrosexual practices are not exactly conducive to bodily well-being, either — is probably missing. At least it wasn’t apparent in Stowe’s video message greeting sodomites during “pride month” last year, in which he also denounced “white privilege”:

That was last year.

This year, Stowe upgraded his participation by engaging in a virtual “pride blessing” event sponsored by the notorious DignityUSA group.

When it comes to Novus Ordo wokeness, no one outdoes “Bishop” Stowe! Recall June of last year, when the parish of St. Paul in Lexington, which is a diocesan church right under his nose, not only openly celebrated so-called LGBT pride, it blasphemed the Blessed Virgin Mary as the “Mother of Pride”!

By the way: On Aug. 17, 2021, the diocese of Lexington had released a communiqué stating: “Employees at the Catholic Center of the Catholic Diocese of Lexington will be required to be vaccinated against COVID-19 as a condition of their employment, starting on Sept. 1…” (underlining added). It’s a good thing Stowe would never bully anyone!

On the other hand, when it comes to sodomites being fired from Catholic (well, Novus Ordo) institutions because they have chosen to flaunt living in public sin, Stowe has nothing but a melting, bleeding heart:

After eight years serving as the director of religious education at a Catholic school in Pennsylvania, Margie Winters was fired in 2015 because of her marriage [sic] to a woman.

As part of a discussion during the annual gathering of the College Theology Society, held virtually, Bishop John Stowe of Lexington, Kentucky, told Winters: “You tell a story that has happened to you and so many others … to be betrayed by an institution that you love.”

“As part of [the] male hierarchy, I apologize for the pain it has caused you,” he said.

Stowe, who has become one of the most vocal U.S. bishops in support of LGBTQ Catholics, also said that his own Catholicism “cannot be reduced to a morality clause.”

“There is a hierarchy of truths and values that constitute the core of Catholicism,” said the bishop, who has led his diocese since 2015. “Catholic institutions have to be focused on the Gospel itself and on the extension of the reign of God … in ways that lead people to a deeper relationship with the Triune God.”

(Joshua J. McElwee, “Bishop apologizes to fired LGBT Catholic educator at theology gathering”, National Catholic Reporter, June 8, 2021)

The hypocrisy stinks to high heaven! If Stowe didn’t have a double standard, he’d have no standard at all.

Other headlines featuring the LGBTQXYZ propagandist Stowe include the following:

“Bp.” Stowe is so über-woke that he could easily out-Bergoglio even the false pope himself.

Next time Francis creates more “cardinals”, Stowe will be hard to overlook.

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