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Free Transcript: Bp. Donald Sanborn analyzes Traditionis Custodes – PLUS: More Resources

On July 24, 2021, the folks at True Restoration released a phenomenal podcast episode of their popular FRANCIS WATCH program. It was a special episode (no. 47) dedicated to the decree Traditionis Custodes the false pope had just released, in which he essentially phases out, however gradually, the use of the 1962 Roncalli Missal (the “Traditional Latin Mass”, for all intents and purposes) in the Vatican II Church.

In the podcast, host Matthew Gaskins interviews Bishop Donald Sanborn, rector of the sedevacantist Most Holy Trinity Seminary in Brooksville, Florida, regarding the historical and theological claims made in Traditionis Custodes. His Excellency also assesses Francis’ new legal stipulations and addresses some of the arguments made by those in the Vatican II Church who, although recognizing Francis as a valid Pope, nevertheless resist those acts and teachings of his that they believe do not conform to traditional Roman Catholic belief and practice.

People who have not yet listened to it can do so here. Our accompanying blog post can be found here.

Now True Restoration has also released the transcript of the entire program and is offering it free of charge:

In connection with the suppression of the Traditional Mass in the New Church, True Restoration has also published additional content, including a free transcript of the 13-minute sermon Fr. Philip Eldracher preached on Aug. 1, 2021:

Transcripts are a popular and convenient way for people to refer back to what they heard in a podcast, and they are a great research aid since the text is searchable.

The video of Fr. Eldracher’s sermon can be watched here:

Fr. Damien Dutertre has also preached on Traditionis Custodes, and his sermon is available in audiovisual format in English and as a classroom presentation in French:

Bishop Sanborn himself had preached on the topic on July 25:

More information and additional relevant content can be found in the following posts:

We are greatly indebted to Bp. Sanborn’s apostolate and the work of True Restoration to help educate souls in genuine traditional Roman Catholicism.

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