Allocution of Apr. 17, 1907, now in English…

Pope St. Pius X condemns Bergoglio’s Gospel of Man

Not interested in Bergoglio’s false gospel: His Holiness, Pope St. Pius X

Roughly five months before releasing his monumental encyclical Pascendi Dominici Gregis against Modernism, Pope Saint Pius X gave an address to newly-created cardinals gathered in consistory, in which he sounded the alarm against Modernistic attempts to subvert Catholicism by feigning a return to the “pure” gospel of a dogmaless humanitarianism.

This papal allocution, which has never before been seen in English, is relevant in our day because it condemns more or less directly some of the very errors being promoted by the false pope Jorge Bergoglio, commonly known as “Pope Francis”.

An exclusive English translation of the entire address of St. Pius X can be accessed here:

A striking contrast to the pseudo-papal allocutions of our own day is that a real Pope shows himself primarily concerned with the purity of the Faith and the salvation of souls — not with human dignity, mutual respect, dialogue, or human fraternity.

Below we provide some of the highlights of Pope St. Pius X’s speech which pertain directly to our times (all underlining added):

…[R]ebellious are those who profess and spread under subtle guises the monstrous errors regarding the evolution of dogma, the return to the pure Gospel — that is to say, stripped down, as they say, from the explanations of theology, from the definitions of the Councils, from the maxims of asceticism —, and the emancipation from the Church, but in a new way, without rebelling, so as not to be cut off, yet also without submitting, so as not to violate their own convictions; and, finally, concerning adaptation to the times in everything, in speaking, in writing, and in preaching a charity without faith, very accommodating to unbelievers, which unfortunately opens the way to eternal ruin for all.

You can see, Venerable Brothers, how We, who must defend with all our strength the deposit entrusted to Us, have reason to be in anguish in the face of this attack, which is not a heresy, but the synthesis and the poison of all heresies, which seeks to undermine the foundations of the faith and annihilate Christianity.

…And all these and a thousand other errors they propagate in pamphlets, in magazines, in ascetic books and even in novels, and they wrap them in certain ambiguous terms, in certain nebulous expressions, in order always to leave a way open in their defense so as to avoid incurring an open condemnation and yet to take the unwary in their snares.

By exposing these nefarious tenets and tactics of the Modernists, Pope Pius X has rendered the world an invaluable service, for this allows Catholics to recognize that in our own day we are indeed beset by Modernism on every side. This, in turn, lets us understand that those who pretend to be our lawful ecclesastical authorities are not in fact such but mere heretical impostors.

What St. Pius X condemns in this 1907 allocution, and which during his glorious pontificate (1903-1914) he made every effort to fight and defeat, is precisely what has come to pass since: Like their 18th-century forerunners, the 20th-century Modernists, careful to avoid ecclesiastical condemnation, spoke in such fashion as to avoid direct censure, yet, using ambiguity and vagueness, succeeded in injecting their poisonous doctrines into souls in the most subtle manner. “Pope” Francis himself is a master at it! Here is just one example:

It is no exaggeration to speak of Modernism as annihilating Christianity, for that is exactly what these partisans of error do with their ideas. At this point, Bergoglio boldly preaches religious diversity, a blasphemous doctrine according to which God is said to will the existence of many different religions as an expression of His wisdom. This Francis declared, together with an unbeliever, in February of 2019:

The pluralism and the diversity of religions, color, sex, race and language are willed by God in His wisdom, through which He created human beings. This divine wisdom is the source from which the right to freedom of belief and the freedom to be different derives.

(Antipope Francis and Grand Imam Ahmad Al-Tayyib, “A Document on Human Fraternity for World Peace and Living Together”,, Feb. 4, 2019; underlining added.)

Such heretical blasphemy!

What is this if not the end of Catholicism, of Christianity, indeed of even the very notion of revealed religion?! It is apostasy!

It is extremely important to understand that what we are witnessing today was warned against and severely condemned by unquestionably true Popes before the Second Vatican Council.

Again, the entire text of Pius X’s allocution can be read in English here.

We thank our volunteer for kindly translating this important document from the original Italian.

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License: public domain

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