News Digest February 23, 2021

February 23, 2021

“Catholicism” in AD 2021…

The Jorge of Babylon: Francis to hold interreligious prayer service at Abraham’s birthplace in ancient city of Ur, Iraq.

The Abomination of Desolation in the Holy Place: Hare Krishna in the Sanctuary in Rio de Janeiro.

It’s Lent, so… what are you doing for the environment?!

Amazing insight: Words can be “kisses” but also “swords”, Francis, obviously bored, writes in yet another foreword to yet another book.

New vices for old: On Italian TV, Francis speaks on the seven capital sins but substitutes five of them for more politically correct ones. Does this shock you? It shouldn’t. When someone gets away with saying that God wishes there to be many different religions, swapping out vices is small potatoes.

Put on your surprise face: Francis-endorsed Scholas Occurrentes Foundation teaches perverted gender ideology to children.

How to find out the religion you’re in is not the Catholic religion: There’s a “Day of Islam” and also a “Day of Judaism” in it.

The next phase of the Vatican II Effect: Dwindling number of Novus Ordos in Quebec being prepared for end of parish life as they know it.

Learn from the expert: How to speak for five minutes without saying anything.

Vicar of Vegetables: Francis commemorates World Pulses Day — yes, “pulses”, as in “seeds of legumes”. Obviously there’s nothing else to focus on.

Stamps of approval: New Vatican stamps highlight “papal” engagement in interreligious dialogue.

Rainbow Church: “Eight U.S. Catholic bishops, one of them a cardinal, have signed a statement in partnership with a pro-homosexual advocacy group, in support of young people who identify as LGBT, telling them that ‘God is on your side’.”

Don’t say you weren’t warned: The memoirs of a quintessential “Vatican II bishop” have been published.

Francis adds more women scholars to biblical commission. Well if that doesn’t ensure greater orthodoxy…

Par for the course in the Bergoglian era: New Pontifical Academy for Life appointees include the president of a pro-abortion institute.

The popular blogger “Fr.” John Zuhlsdorf has been dismissed from the diocese of Madison and is now trying to figure out what to do. (Hint: How about working as a “priest” for your real diocese?)

Auxiliary bishop in Cologne “apologizes”, says his allusion to Nazi propaganda minister Joseph Goebbels wasn’t directed at journalists – but at Donald Trump.

Hand-picked by the Frankster: After two conservatives, populous Swiss diocese of Chur gets liberal new “bishop”.

For interreligious dialogue’s sake: Vatican academy uses Blessed Virgin Mary as “Muslim-Catholic bridge”

“One” word too many: After decades of the Novus Ordo Missae in English, the Vatican finally moves on an obvious translation error.

That “poor church for the poor” is coming along: Spanish “cardinal” to sell Church’s artwork to help the poor. Except it’s not his, and therefore not his to sell. By the way, how come the people forking over the money for the artwork don’t donate their money to the poor instead and leave Catholic artwork alone?

Sandro Magister explains why Francis is happy with the utter confusion in the Vatican communications department.

Yawn. An old liberal favorite is back: “German bishop says Catholic Church must change its stance on homosexuality”.

Beware of “Catholic” schools: Irish Novus Ordo schools promote abortion and gender theory.

The party is over: “Cardinal” Robert Sarah definitively out at Vatican’s liturgy congregation.

Close Encounters of the Worst Kind: The Novus Ordo Sect and the Theology of Encounter.

Nothing to see here, folks. Just another Novus Ordo ordination. And there’s Part 2 here.

The “Vegan Gospel” is here: Canadian Novus Ordo priest preaches Veganism from pulpit.

Keeping them busy and excited will keep them quiet and indebted: Francis distracts traditionalists in his sect with more liturgical restoration nuggets while he goes full steam ahead with the apostasy.

The official hymn for World Youth Day ’23 in Lisbon has been released.

Aww, shucks: Italian Novus Ordo bishops nix the “elbow-bump of peace”.

That’ll show them: Denver “archbishop” challenges pro-abortion Novus Ordos to test their conscience. If only they’d thought of that!

After over five decades of ecumenism, this is where they’re at in France.

No, “Fr.” Ripperger, if you accept Francis as Pope, you can’t have a build-it-yourself Magisterium.

Was It Never About Abuse, After All? Famed Boston Globe Abuse Reporter comes clean.

No more Ravioli: Francis told to go on a diet to prevent sciatica.

Phil Lawler excoriates Francis over his speech to the Roman Rota on marriage annulments – and hits the nail on the head: “The Pope suggests that the children will be troubled … because their father, who is now engaged in an illicit union, cannot receive the Eucharist. …Good luck finding them. You will have no trouble, however, in finding children who are troubled because their father, who abandoned their mother, now shows up at Mass every Sunday with his younger female companion, and does receive the Eucharist, under the vague dispensation offered in Amoris Laetitia.”

CAUTION! Hellboy blasphemes again. And now he even wants to teach you to pray. We suggest your learn how to pray from a different teacher.

That “Church with an Amazonian Face” is beginning to take shape: Indian Chief becomes “Deacon” in Brazil.

Guess who has started an “ecological revolution” in a French town.

In this 30-minute sermon, in which Bp. Donald Sanborn explains the importance of mortification, you will learn more about the purpose of Lent than in 20 years’ worth of Novus Ordo sermons.

Theologically absurd: “Bp.” Robert Barron offers Requiem “Mass” for Deceased Unborn. It’s theologically absurd because the unborn die without baptism, and as such they cannot benefit from any prayers or sacrifices because they can never attain the Beatific Vision. They are not in purgatory and not in Heaven but in Limbo. And even if they were in Heaven, they would then not be in need of any intercession. So a Requiem for the Unborn makes no sense, no matter how you slice it.

A common post-Vatican II phenomenon in reverse: In came Latin, incense and burned books, out went half the parishioners.

Birds of a feather: Prominent dissenting Novus Ordos find open doors, muted publicity at Vatican.

An interview with Benedict XVI’s biographer, Peter Seewald: “The life, faith, and struggle of Joseph Ratzinger.”

John Salza and Robert Siscoe thought they had another smoking gun against Sedevacantism. They didn’t. (“Fr.” Paul Kramer is also less than impressed.)

Talk about diabolical disorientation: New video on the real and the fake Sister Lucy of Fatima.

Reality check for “nice” people: Fr. Philip Eldracher explains the difference between true and false charity.

Sede apologist Steve Speray challenges semi-trads to explain why, if Francis fulfills the description of the Papacy as laid out by Vatican I, they want to see him deposed…

Louie Verrecchio shows the attitude Catholics must have toward ecumenical councils.

The man behind your missal: The beautiful story of the great Fr. Francis X. Lasance is recounted here.

Sedevacantism in Spanish: Fathers German Fliess and Nicolas Desposito explain la Crisis en la Iglesia.

Fr. Stephen McKenna issues a simple advisory regarding the new mRNA Coronavirus vaccine.

Must-read: A former home-schooling father explains why there is no such thing as homosexuality – or heterosexuality.

A “new” 1961 lecture by Communist-turned-Catholic Bella Dodd has been discovered and put online.

Ann Barnhardt asks why the “Christ” figure on Francis’ pectoral cross has one foot facing backwards.

A sedevacantist blogger dissects the social construct known as the “Genderbread Person”….

And John Daly explores what theologians have said about electing a Pope when there are no more cardinals.

And one for the road…

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