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Summer Fun at the Vatican — but does Francis approve?

Fun and games at the Vatican — nothing wrong with that! Although tiny, Vatican City State is a sovereign nation that has real citizens, old and young.

For the first time ever, Vatican City is now offering summer fun to the children of Vatican employees. Rome Reports has put together a little video overview of what’s going down in the world’s smallest country this summer. Have a look:

Just recently we got a peek inside the infernal Paul VI Audience Hall, which, as mentioned in the video, has now been set up for children to have fun while the Vatican apparatus is on vacation. Notice in particular the “sinking Titanic” inflatable slide — truly an apt metaphor for the state of Francis’ sect:

(image source: Arthur Herlin)

The Vatican summer camp is called Estate Ragazzi in Vaticano, and there’s even a dedicated web site for it.

More information about the event can be gleaned from another video clip (in Italian) showing the present set-up in the Roman enclave:

Despite all the sun and fun, however, Novus Ordo adherents loyal to “Pope” Francis have every reason to be concerned, as the summer camp seems to openly flaunt some of Jorge Bergoglio’s favorite teachings and most frequently repeated mantras.

As is made clear in the videos and on the official web site, these fun activities are open only to children of Vatican employees. This means that all others are marginalized and excluded, even migrants, the elderly, and the most vulnerable! This stands in direct contrast to the Bergoglian dogma that the Christian “always includes”! The fact that the participants must be children of Vatican employees indicates a shocking disregard for the unemployed and, by extension, the poor. Has Francis not declared social inequality to be “the greatest evil that exists in the world”?

Another thing that is extremely disturbing about the Estate Ragazzi is that in the advertisements for the event, there appears to be no room for ethnic, cultural, or racial diversity. Although Francis has proclaimed that God desires a diversity even of religions, all of the children shown in the photo ads on the official web site are clearly Caucasian (white). What kind of a message does this send to Francis’ universal church, which is clearly not represented in all its multifaceted richness and ethno-cultural diversity?

The games the children can play at this event will also raise the eyebrows of all sufficiently familiar with Bergoglian ideology: soccer, tennis, ping pong, basketball, swimming, and more — those are competitive disciplines with rigid rules and certainties excluding all dialogue. Playing these games will generate winners and losers, thus cementing inequality and disrupting fraternity. What are these people thinking?!

But it gets worse. As can clearly be seen in the video clips embedded above, the Vatican summer fun is taking place behind walls, barriers, fences, and gates — all things that divide. Summer fun only for the privileged few? Surely this will nurture only conflict and division! Francis has made clear that Christians must build bridges, not walls. There does not appear to be a single bridge involved in the entire Estate Ragazzi.

Although no announcement has been made either way, it may be expected that Francis himself will show up at some point to greet the children, in another one of his legendary “surprise visits”. The trouble is, he’s just not the kind of guy you’d want around your kids:

Oh yeah, and good manners aren’t his thing either:

In short: Vatican children, beware!

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