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Bergoglio’s Sister Reveals: As a young Cleric, Francis taught his Godson Swear Words

Maria Elena Bergoglio is the only still-living sister of Jorge Mario Bergoglio, the man in the Vatican who goes by the pseudonym “Pope Francis.” In an interview shortly after the conclave of 2013, Maria Elena told the following story, captured by the Austrian public broadcasting organization ORF, which we have translated for you:

“When he was already wearing a collar” and much to her displeasure, the man who is Pope today taught swear words to his nephew, whose name was likewise Jorge and who was also his godson, according to Maria Elena Bergoglio. This led to an embarrassing situation when her brother began to preach “at an important Mass” with lots of priests, and her son, being surprised at seeing his uncle [at the pulpit], disturbed the calm by yelling out “a very bad word” — audible to all. “After Mass, Jorge came to us and could not stop laughing”, according to his sister. In addition, her brother dipped her child’s pacifier into whiskey. Her brother got the sanguine temperament and the joke-telling from his father, so [Maria Elena] Bergoglio.

(“Kindheitserinnerungen von Papst Franziskus” [“Childhood Memories of Pope Francis”], ORF.at, Mar. 19, 2013; our translation.)

As the mother of the nephew in question, Maria Bergoglio would know what she is talking about. The fact that Jorge Bergoglio “was already wearing a collar” and was allowed to preach indicates that he was a cleric at the time, though it remains unknown whether he was a “priest” or merely a “deacon” then.

This story really speaks for itself. In the case of Jorge Bergoglio, we have a man who has no Faith, no love for the truth, no love of God, and no respect for the sacred. His “ministry” is centered on man, not God — everything is “encounter”, peripheries, and soup kitchens. He wants to feed the body while starving the soul.

Francis is the man who, even as a “cardinal”, thought nothing of publicly cracking a joke about the Crucifixion of our dear Lord, and who as a young “priest” broke off and stole the Rosary cross from the dead body of his late confessor:

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