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Vatican “Abp.” Vincenzo Paglia retweets Picture of Naked Adults with Naked Children

Some stories are so disgusting that one absolutely detests having to blog about them. This is one of them.

This morning, the Vatican’s president of the so-called Pontifical Academy for Life, “Abp.” Vincenzo Paglia, sent a message on the social media platform Twitter that includes an image showing a nude man and a nude woman lying on the floor, surrounded by four nude little children.

The conservative Novus Ordo web site Life Site covers the story in a news article by Anthony Murdoch and Pete Baklinski:

The tweet in question did not originate with Paglia; he “merely” retweeted it and commented on it. The tweet including the lewd image originated with the Twitter account of the John Paul II Pontifical Theological Institute (Pontificio Istituto Teologico Giovanni Paolo II). On Twitter, a “retweet” is basically a forward of another account’s tweet to one’s own group of followers, and it allows one to add one’s own comments.

Life Site provided a pixelated screenshot of Paglia’s Twitter account retweeting the post with the scandalous image:

To be clear: The pixelation was added to disguise the image. What Paglia retweeted was not pixelated.

The Life Site report explains what the tweets are about:

The original post was part of a promotion of a broadcast featuring film director Alessandro D’Alatri. The film director was behind the 2002 film Casomai, which according to the John Paul II Institute’s web page promoting the broadcast, is “used today in all premarital courses.”

“Today at ‘Now airing Gp2′ we will talk about cinema and family with Alessandro D’Alatri, winner of four awards at the festival @PopoliReligioni,” wrote Paglia’s in a retweet as translated from its original Italian to English.

The image shows two actors of the film Casomai, Fabio Volo, and Stefania Rocca, lying down naked with one arm holding up their heads. They are surrounded by four naked children, who appear to be male and of a similar age. The actors are posed in such a way to mostly cover intimate parts of the body.

(Anthony Murdoch and Pete Baklinski, “Vatican archbishop retweets image of naked adults surrounded by naked children”, Life Site, July 16, 2020; italics given; links removed.)

Paglia was appointed to his current Vatican position by “Pope” Francis in 2016, and he is no stranger to controversy.

According to Life Site, Paglia “oversaw the release of a controversial sex-ed program during the 2016 World Youth Day in Poland that includes sexually explicit images.” More information on that here:

In a 2016 interview with the Italian paper Il Resto del Carlino, Paglia stated that Francis might abolish the automatic excommunication for procuring or assisting in an abortion.

In 2017, Paglia defended a blasphemous homo-erotic mural he had commissioned for his cathedral:

Ladies and gentlemen, Paglia is laughing at you. He has Francis’ backing, and he knows it.

Embed from Getty Images

The Vatican II Sect is a paradise for sexual perverts, especially under Francis. Keep in mind what the “Pope” told an atheist sodomite last year, what utterly disgusting sexual conference was hosted by the Vatican in 2016 (caution!), and what kind of “retreats” the notorious New Age Franciscan “Fr.” Richard Rohr gets away with.

And don’t forget that at the Vatican’s sex abuse summit last year, “Abp.” Charles Scicluna in all seriousness maintained that same-sex attraction isn’t “something that really predisposes to sin”. All that is to say nothing of the horrendous sex scandal Vatican “Cardinal” Francesco Coccopalmerio has been implicated in. Oh yeah, does anyone remember the 300-page dossier that Benedict XVI left for his successor? Francis hasn’t been too interested in it, or perhaps he’s just been too busy covering up sexual abuse for people like Theodore McCarrick and Gustavo Zanchetta.

Can you connect the dots yet? Vatican City has become a playground for perverts. A warning from our Blessed Lord comes to mind: “I say to you, it shall be more tolerable at that day for Sodom, than for that city” (Lk 10:12).

When one looks at the whole picture, words simply fail. But then, are more words really necessary at this point?

Image source: Wikimedia Commons / Life Site / Getty Images
License: public domain (CC0) / fair use / Getty embed

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