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June 29, 2020

And now… Arabic Pentecost Chant in Germany! With some red things…

After Bergoglio: Edward Pentin releases new book, The Next Pope: The Leading Cardinal Candidates. Video of panel discussion with author here.

This may just qualify for dumbest tweet of the year: Francis says that the Sacred Heart “wants to welcome us all into the revolution of tenderness.” On second thought, this “papal” tweet is a serious contender as well

Get ready! The Vatican is inviting you to the “Season of Creation” and a year-long celebration of Laudato Si’!

Invalidity would not be impacted: Novus Ordo priest in Germany tells laity to say Mass prayers over bread and wine at home

Caution! Munich’s “Cardinal” Reinhard Marx is trying to be relevant. Perhaps because he just heard that a record number of Novus Ordos have left his archdiocese of Munich since they don’t see the point of paying church tax to a leftist social justice NGO with bad liturgy and unreadable documents….

The Vatican has once again found a United Nations-backed temporal cause that has virtually nothing to do with Catholicism. “Pope Francis ordered the end of cigarette sales in the Vatican from the beginning of 2018, stating that the Holy See would not contribute to an activity that clearly damages the health of people.” No word yet on fate of homo parties….

Speaking of the United Nations: Official German Novus Ordo prayer book includes abridged “Prayer to the God of the Free”

WARNING: The Vatican has released a new Directory for Catechesis. “This latest guidebook”, one blogger summarizes, “comes complete with ‘existential dimensions,’ three new ‘major action principles’ of ‘Witnessing, Mercy and Dialogue,’ an invitation to ‘accompany others with closeness, listening and understanding,’ as well as a ‘focus on acceptance, trust and solidarity for migrants,’ and of course, a call to ‘profound ecological conversion!'” Well, if that isn’t going to kick the Vatican II gospel into high gear finally!

After decades of Vatican II’s “Great Renewal” at work, Detroit archdiocese now realizes it is time to “renew” its parishes and “align them for mission”!

He must be quite the asset: Argentine “bishop” accused of sexual misconduct returns to work at Vatican central bank. On the other hand, Francis removes 64-year-old Argentine “bishop” for suspicion of Catholicism.

Kentucky’s woke Rainbow “Bishop” publishes video: “I’m happy to greet you during this pride month!”

After 55 years of interreligious whatever: Scottish Novus Ordo bishop joins in Muslim prayer while stripping his own prayer of Christian content.

After release of massive new book on Benedict XVI: Interview with Peter Seewald, Ratzinger’s biographer.

German theologians find “hidden hint” in Francis’ Querida Amazonia that allows for women in church leadership positions. Didn’t we tell you that was contained in the premises?!

Move over, COVID-19: Here comes climate change!

“Health, employment, and the elimination of inequalities and poverty”: Francis has a Pentecost message for Anglicans and other ecumenists.

Can you keep up? Since his big condemnation of the Vatican II religion, ‘Abp.’ Carlo Maria Vigano has published at least two more letters, and one of them clarifies he still believes Francis is the Pope: Letter of June 14 and Letter of June 15. And then: Maike Hickson has conducted a lengthy interview with Viganò, and Phil Lawler just published one as well.

Austrian liturgists argue for “benediction” of same-sex couples. This kind of thing barely elicits a yawn from people anymore… And then there’s Italy, too, of course.

If that isn’t reassuring: “Cardinal” Parolin denies funds were diverted from Order of Malta to Vatican.

Behold Francis’ Sanitary Church. Where the only filth is vice and heresy.

Vatican II made it possible: Munich’s Marxist criticizes “pure obedience to God.” You can’t make this stuff up!

Build bridges, not walls! Unless, of course, it’s a Laudato Tree wall….

Too Novus Ordo even for the Novus Ordo: No drive-thru “Baggie Communion” in Cleveland after all….

What happened to Sister Lucy of Fatima? A video interview with Peter Chojnowski of Sister Lucy Truth.

Oops! Did this Novus Ordo presbyter ‘accidentally’ play the wrong tune on his phone for the closing hymn?

“Your sacrificial death”, “the living dead”, “show ’em round the jolly place we call heaven” — in farewell letter, Novus Ordo bishop from Botswana goes beyond canonizing George Floyd and almost divinizes him.

Pure coincidence, no doubt: The cover of “Bishop” Robert Barron’s firey new Bible bears a striking resemblance to the Jewish Kabbalah’s sefirot.

It’s show time: Imagine the “Pope” calls you while you’re reading the Gospel at “Mass” — and of course you answer

Don’t say Novus Ordo priests don’t ever deny people “Communion”… It all depends on the circumstances!

Meanwhile: President of German Novus Ordo Women’s Association moonlights as abortion ‘champion’ fanatic. But at least she doesn’t kneel to receive ‘Communion’.

False premises coming home to roost: Novus Ordo ecumenists in Germany want to see Martin Luther’s excommunication revoked. And why not? If, as can be found on the Vatican web site, Luther can now be recognized as a “witness to the Gospel”….

This is a headline on Vatican (!) News: “UN urges conservation and sustainability of world’s oceans.” At this point, Vatican News is basically the United Nations communications department at prayer. And we’re not so sure about the prayer part.

“Cardinal” Zuppi accepts premise that inevitably leads to acceptance of sodomy, by claiming that same-sex attraction “is not separable from the identity of the person”. Would he say that also about inclinations to racism?

Vatican News is excited: Swedish Novus Ordos and Lutherans now offer an ecumenical online spiritual retreat!

Daily Life in the Vatican II Sect: Nothing to see here, just the usual Rapping Nuns

Change at the helm of the Austrian Conference of Novus Ordo Bishops: Schönborn out, Lackner in. But the sodomite theology remains.

VatiVision: New streaming service aims to be a Novus Ordo version of Netflix.

Florida “bishop” calls for end to state’s death penalty. Memo to Mr. Estevez: The safest and quickest way to end the death penalty is for people to stop committing capital offenses, especially murder. Why don’t you lobby for that?!

The openly heretical “Archbishop” Georg Ganswein knows how to restore Catholic culture, of course.

He’s about 60 years too late: Former Vatican nuncio Joseph Ender alarmed at German Novus Ordo bishops’ plan to “reinvent” church.

New head of German Novus Ordo bishops says Laity will move Church “forward”…. Sure they will — the problem is they’re standing at a precipice.

Please welcome your new Cactus Presbyter! A Jesuit, of course….

The Archdiocese of Chicago has some explaining to do after tweet on “covert white supremacy”….

Fair warning: Buffalo prelate is unleashing “diocesan-wide renewal”! Includes plain-clothes nun and “vibrant” parishes!

Back to where they were: After death of Grand Master Dalla Torre, tensions resurface in Order of Malta.

He communicates, therefore he is: New book collects Francis’ infinite wisdom on “communion-building communication.” Admit it: You rolled your eyes!

A Chinese billionaire dissident claims that the Vatican has been bribed into silence regarding church persecution in China. Yeah, like Bergoglio wouldn’t be doing that for free….

EWTN’s Raymond Arroyo interviews President Donald Trump, asks about letter from ‘Abp.’ Vigano. Michael Sean Winters blows a gasket.

No kidding: The Frankster tells charismatics the world needs Jesus Christ and His Gospel. Someone (perhaps some ex-Muslims?) should remind him of that next time he’s in front of an interreligious audience and claims God wants there to be a diversity of religions, or that religious differences are necessary!

Who’s the world’s greatest high rise window cleaner? Come on, just guess….

The “New Springtime” raging in New York: Novus Ordo school sold to abortion provider. And elsewhere: Over 100 Novus Ordo schools won’t reopen in the fall.

The gloves are off: Novus Ordo priest in Sicily in row with his “archbishop” for refusing “Eucharistic butchery”. At least he hasn’t been sent to a mental hospital yet…

There’s no other way to say it: This article is reporting on disgusting content.

Take it from Archlayman Cupich: No matter the problem, the answer is always Vatican II!

Relax, Bergoglio’s got this: “Pope” issues decree to address Vatican corruption.

From a church in which two plus two can equal five, why would you expect zero tolerance to mean exactly zero?

“Polyvalent Sexuality”? Novus Ordo auxiliary bishop has had enough of the German Synodal Way…. The Frankster, on the other hand, appreciates it!

Put on your surprise face if you can find it: “The United States Conference of [Marxist] Bishops, through the Catholic Campaign for Human Development (CCHD), is funding organizations actively involved in calls for revolution, the killing of police officers and the defunding of police departments.” And while you’ve got that surprise face still up: Francis floats ‘New Feminism’.

Those poor kids: Francis blathers insufferably at Scholas Occurrentes children for World Environment Day. Read through this tripe and ask yourself if a single school-aged child would have the faintest idea what he is talking about — or an adult, for that matter. Something about roots, history, humanity, education, growth, dreams, prophecy, crisis, life, promise, meaning, beauty – and encounter, of course.

The German branch of the Vatican II Sect needs more estrogen as much as Keith Richards needs a Halloween mask

In Novus Ordo Land, people are still debating the validity of Benedict XVI’s resignation, when what they should be debating is the validity of his election

Rabbi Bergoglio: The day the future “Pope” got a Jewish Siddur, which he still uses

Photographic evidence: The Fun Church being, well, funny.

Video evidence: When three laymen, two of them dressed as priests, lose it in the sanctuary.

On the same Marxist page anyway? Internet-censoring Chicoms allow livestream of “papal Masses” during lockdown

Memo to rioters: Know Justice, Know Peace.

Fantastic news: Mgr. Gerard van Noort’s 3-volume Dogmatic Theology Set has been reprinted!

If you think God might be calling you to lead a chaste single life in the world, this is the book to read: The Mystery of Love for the Single by Fr. Dominic Unger (1958). To be clear: This book is suitable for anyone who either wishes to or has to live a celibate life while remaining in the world (=not joining religious life). That includes not just bachelors but also widows, married people who have been abandoned by their spouse or had to separate, spouses in a Josephite marriage, victims of a crime, and even those who have sinned deliberately and now cannot find someone to marry.

Beautiful, comforting, enlightening: “What will Heaven be like?” – sermon by Bp. Donald J. Sanborn.

You may have heard an ad on our podcast for Catholic composer of sacred music, Nicholas Wilton. Here’s an interview with him.

Fr. Francis Miller visits the newly converted sedevacantist Franciscans of Brazil.

Steve Speray showcases 21 absurdities of Feeneyism.

And sedevacantist Bp. Sanborn provides insightful comments on recent statements about Vatican II by ‘Bishop’ Athanasius Schneider and ‘Archbishop’ Carlo Maria Viganò.

And one for the road…

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