Boost your spiritual life this Lent…

“The Spiritual Life” Lecture Series
with Fr. Bernard Uttley, OSB

Fr. Bernard Uttley, OSB

It’s Lent, and that’s the perfect time for a spirituality booster. In these bizarre times, it is most necessary never to lose sight of the fact that everything we do, we do ultimately in order to attain union with God in the perfect and eternal bliss of the Beatific Vision. That is the final goal for which we strive; it is the purpose for which we exist in the first place. It is the reason why God created the world, why He became man and redeemed us, why He founded the Catholic Church, why He sent the Holy Ghost — why Divine Revelation and the Catholic Faith exist at all.

In his incredibly informative lecture series The Spiritual Life, the Benedictine monk Fr. Bernard Uttley gives a comprehensive overview of the supernatural life every Catholic soul is called to live. His explanations are refreshingly clear and yet profound, simple but not simplistic, comprehensive but not overwhelming. They will greatly increase your Faith in God’s Revelation, your hope of salvation, your love for God, and your sorrow for the sins you have committed. The Spiritual Life is a great summary of the timeless spirituality the true Roman Catholic Church has to offer!

Below you will find the entire playlist of all 16 episodes, plus an introductory “zero” episode that introduces the listener to Fr. Bernard and his own spiritual journey and background. The episodes can also be played directly from the Soundcloud web site.

All audios are free of charge. We trust you will greatly benefit from Father’s in-depth presentations, which are insightful, captivating, hopeful, and consoling.

Topics discussed in depth in this program include:

  • doctrinal foundations of the spiritual life
  • the Passion of Christ
  • the Resurrection of Christ
  • sanctifying grace and the indwelling of the Holy Ghost
  • abandonment to Divine Providence
  • the life of prayer: vocal prayer and mental prayer
  • perfect contrition
  • spiritual Communion
  • mystical contemplation

The program was originally produced by True Restoration, and Novus Ordo Watch has since acquired the rights to it.

By making this program available to the general public, we are fulfilling in part our stated goal of helping to educate people in the true Roman Catholic religion and making people aware of how true Catholicism differs essentially from the fake Novus Ordo/Vatican II counterpart that is currently occupying the Catholic structures. This is one way in which we would like to “give back” in gratitude to our donors, without whom operating Novus Ordo Watch would not be possible. Anyone wishing to support this apostolate financially, may do so here (donations are tax-deductible in the United States).

Please share Fr. Bernard’s The Spiritual Life with family members and friends. You can even let them know that they need not “worry”: Although Father is a dyed-in-the-wool sedevacantist, as he explains in the introductory episode, The Spiritual Life is not an apologetics program for Sedevacantism, and one need not be a sedevacantist to benefit from it.

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