News Digest February 21, 2020

Novus Ordo Watch NEWS DIGEST
February 21, 2020

Behold the “now of God”, as Francis likes to say

Running out of slogans? After declaring the young to be the present and future of his “Church”, Francis says the same about the elderly.

Finally, there is a new way to cope with your ecological grief: Try Ecowriting!

Utah legislature mulls decriminalizing polygamy in part — time for the Salt Lake City diocese to have “no position” on the matter!

Four German Novus Ordo dioceses join “climate fast” for Lent. Hey, why fast for spiritual reasons when you can fast for the planet?

“Fr.” John Zuhl$dorf is trying to cash in on the Coronavirus hysteria. (He makes a commission on all of those Amazon-linked books.) If at least he were promoting Catholic spiritual books, that would be OK. But no, it’s all secular fiction works, one of them by Albert Camus, who believed suicide was the natural solution to the absurdity of life. Way to go, Mr. Salesdorf!

Kansas City prelate says Francis “has our backs” on fighting abortion. Maybe so, but only long enough to stab them….

Culture of encounter: Novus Ordo priest in Germany marries his pastoral assistant — and she keeps her job.

Something Club Bergoglio can get behind: Faith for Earth Initiative unites world religions against climate change.

For years Francis has been demanding that any and all migrants from overwhelmingly Muslim nations and cultures should be given free entry into Europe, denouncing “populism” for wanting to stop that. Now he detects a “barbaric resurgence” of anti-semitism and blames it on…? Why, populism of course!

Eww, chastity?! Some Irish Novus Ordo schools have a problem with that!

Why you’re not Novus Ordo anymore, example no. 209. Also: Why you’re not Novus Ordo anymore, Special Ukulele Edition.

On St. Robert Bellarmine and ‘heretical Popes’: Louie Verrecchio refutes Taylor Marshall and Ryan Grant.

In his February 2020 “Pope Video”, Francis wants you to believe that all migrants are really victims of human trafficking. Maybe one way to help fight human trafficking would be to close the borders? Just a thought….

No, Catholic Monitor, sedevacantists don’t deny Vatican I. If the editor, Fred Martinez, could actually read what sedevacantists write instead of just blogging about it, that would be great. But now we have a question: Does Mr. Martinez deny Vatican I?

The Modernists say that Vatican II has kept churches from being turned into museums. They are right. The council has turned them into brewpubs instead. And not just brewpubs! Wish they were museums!

Survivors storm Rome to mark anniversary of global abuse summit.

OK, so Francis still says that priests aren’t allowed to marry. But he didn’t forbid seminarians from entering a perverted civil partnership, did he?!

Nothing like getting religious instruction from the enemies of Christ: Bergoglio happily receives Talmudic-Jewish Tikkunei Zohar.

Unlikely to happen: Sexually-abused Argentinians want to meet Francis. There’s a reason he’s been dragging his feet visiting his home country — because they know him down there, which means they can’t stand him…

You can’t make this stuff up: American Novus Ordo bishop McElroy says “climate change” is deadlier than abortion and threatens the “very future of humanity.”  Perhaps he could lead by example and cut down on the hot air he emits….

Since they’re not training Catholics anymore: “Catholic” universities in Belgium to help train Muslim imams. This is only the next logical step after opening Muslim prayer rooms in “Catholic” schools. Now you know why Polish Novus Ordos celebrate “Islam Day”!

Confusion in Novus Ordo Land? Surely the Frankster isn’t to blame!

In an intercepted phone call, a Vatican intelligence officer has apparently been caught admitting that Francis is a member of the Masonic Lodge. Whoever is shocked at this has not been paying attention. Bergoglio has been preaching Freemasonry from Vatican City since 2013. Not to mention the handshakes. No wonder they’re recruiting other Masons rather openly now straight into the Roman Curia!

Memo to Michael Matt: Nothing says “fighting for traditional Catholicism” like rejoicing that the president you want to see re-elected is hated by the “Pope.”

Blowing the whistle again: “Abp.” Carlo Vigano alleges “that the cardinal whom Pope Francis recently approved to preside over the next papal conclave was involved in covering up the misdeeds of infamous Legionary of Christ founder, Marciel Maciel.”

A “Catholic”, of course: Virginia Lt. Governor breaks senate tie to liberalize abortion access. Like Pontius Pilate, she too is probably “personally opposed, but….”

You have to admit, these guys are creative in their heresies and blasphemies: “Bp.” Franz-Josef Bode of Osnabruck claims that while Christ became human, He did not become a man (male). Don’t expect Francis to do anything about that.

Fraternity among comrades: Francis blesses Lula da Silva, Brazil’s Communist ex-president, who received a 29-year prison sentence for corruption and money laundering.

Speaking of fraternity: Ukrainian Novus Ordo bishops fraternally correct their German colleagues for abandoning Catholic sexual morality.

Second attempt: Francis meets with woman whose wrist he slapped on New Year’s Eve.

Francis appoints new, hand-holding private secretary.

Miami’s Archlayman Thomas Wenski posts selfie without his mask.

Who says Ecumenism accomplishes nothing?! More and more Novus Ordos identifying as “born-again”.

The spine of a squid: Novus Ordo priest apologizes for calling Islam “greatest threat in the world” in sermon, says he wasn’t aware of the full teaching of the Vatican II Sect on the matter.

Caution! The Underlings of Satan Creating Chaos for Bergoglio (USCCB) give election advice — at the same time they’re being sued for allegedly “obtaining millions of dollars in charitable donations under false pretenses and privately investing that money into ventures such as luxury condominium developments and Hollywood movies.”

Good riddance: “Cardinal” Marx to step down as chief German “bishop.”

It’s interesting to see how, now that they think they have Benedict XVI as an alternative to fall back on, some semi-trads suddenly discover what sedevacantists have been saying for decades about public and manifest heresy….

Yeah, that’s it: Vatican official claims Canon law required giving “communion” to pro-abortion Argentine president and his mistress. (That’s in reference to THIS incident.)

Double irony: Prelate of a Modernist sect that believes God wills religious diversity suggests digital imprimaturs should be required for Catholic blogs, while people claiming to be real Catholics are shocked at such a (very traditional!) idea. We suggest a compromise: Maybe Barron could start by introducing belief in Catholicism as a job requirement for “Popes”….

Fake woman wants to meet fake pope. But he’ll turn it down so he can look like a hero to his conservative adherents.

The Vatican has announced the next Synod will be held in 2022, but the topic is still being determined. May we recommend that it be on the most effective way to implement the Syllabus of Errors of Pope Pius IX?

Does your local Novus Ordo high school have a “welcome pole”? Asking for a friend….

It doesn’t take much to be lauded as a “faithful cardinal” these days. Apparently Muller’s denial of Transubstantiation, of the Perpetual Virginity of Mary, and of the Physical Resurrection of Christ don’t matter. Or his love for Liberation Theology.

Wow, that didn’t take long: New Legionaries of Christ superior accused of mishandling sex abuse allegations.

Socci, Magister, Tosatti, Valli: More and more Italian Vaticanists accept Benedict XVI as the ‘real’ Pope

In a recent homily, Francis asked God to “grant us the grace to send us always a prophet … who will slap us a bit when we slide into this atmosphere where everything seems legitimate.” Why Francis, there are a lot of people out there who would love to be your prophet if only you’d let them!

How Francis sells out (what’s left of) Catholicism with the United Nations, is explained by Stefano Fontana. At this point, Francis is just a U.N. Secretary General with an ugly pectoral cross, as Alexander Kissler once remarked.

According to a new book, then-“Cardinal” Bergoglio saved the Jesuits from a Vatican intervention in 2007.

Yes, they’re still debating which of the two Modernists is the real fake: A Francis adherent summarizes the reasons why Benedict is not Pope.

See, space is greater than time: The Amoris Laetitia sacrilege has now reached the diocese of Leiria-Fatima, Portugal.

In case anyone was in doubt as to where the Bergoglian Vatican stands politically: Population Control Advocate Jeffrey Sachs Attacks Trump Administration at Vatican Gathering.

Chaldean-rite priest gushes over meeting Josh Groban, singing on his stage. “During the drive to the concert, Father Setto said nine ‘Memorares,’ praying that he would be able to meet Groban….” How about praying nine Memorares for the conversion of Groban’s soul instead?

Our Francis: Bergoglio’s revised Our Father will soon go into effect in Italy.

This would explain a lot: Benedict Carter says he has knowledge of the fact that there is a council (cartel) governing the editorial positions of sundry semi-traditionalist outlets (“Trad Inc.”) to ensure they all stay in line theologically and continue to acknowledge Bergoglio as Pope. And Ann Barnhardt rips John Salza on his alleged involvement in the post-Gruner “purge” at the Fatima Center.

Chaos Frank claims to want Catholics who go out and proclaim Jesus Christ — so he can later denounce them for “proselytism”!

See, Hellboy is sorely needed: “Catholic” college presidents say they need “Fr.” James Martin, SJ, to help with unisex bathrooms and “non-binary” language. (That’s this James Martin.)

That’s a first: Italian “Bp.” Giovanni Nardini has reported a group of Novus Ordo priest-pedophiles to civil authorities.

Beware of people who insinuate that Catholic teaching on sexuality is responsible for some people committing suicide. It’s absurd because the same Catholic Church that teaches that unnatural sexual acts are mortally sinful also teaches that suicide is mortally sinful. And in fact, it is even worse because, unlike sexual sins, suicide cannot be forgiven since the penitent will be dead and therefore unable to repent.

Francis knows the most lasting impact he has is with his episcopal appointments: Perversion Advocates welcome Philadelphia’s New Archlayman as “Breath of Fresh Air”.

Vaticanist Edward Pentin reports on Germany’s Synodal Path to Hell as the much-anticipated curia reform is still looming. Meanwhile, Roberto de Mattei accuses German church of simony.

Yep, that’s definitely one way to set the Word on fire: “Bp.” Barron’s bogus evangelization institute adds Modernist reporter John Allen, Jr., to its team.

Put on your surprise face: Francis tells Vienna’s satanic “Cardinal” Schonborn to remain in office for the time being. He’s probably not going to extend the same courtesy to “Cardinal” Sarah later this year.

“Cardinal” Philippe Barbarin of Lyon has been acquitted of sex abuse coverup.

During ad limina visit, American Novus Ordo bishop asks Francis to elaborate on difference between evangelism and proselytism — but isn’t impressed with the answer: “I have to say I am still a little confused about his distinction. I don’t know if he answered it directly.”

Spread the wealth around? A blogger lambasts Francis for his “calling for international wealth redistribution”.

Indoctrination into Bergogliology starts early: Another children’s book by Francis published.

Tragic and diabolical: Young Novus Ordo priest from Missouri commits suicide.

A year after signing, Francis’ apostate Declaration on Human Fraternity is beginning to get implemented: “Code of Ethics” for media professionals establishes rules to ensure reporting will be biased in favor of the Bergoglian-Masonic agenda.

The feeling is mutual: Mark Shea says he doesn’t take Novus Ordo Watch seriously.

How to produce fake news: Lone ranger Br. Alexis Bugnolo writes “Catholics overwhelmingly support military intervention at the Vatican” because 159 of 235 people who took a poll at his obscure blog voted accordingly. But a misinterpretation of the facts seems to be this man’s specialty — last month he had trouble understanding a Novus Ordo Watch tweet (and even his postscript gets it wrong, as we call “Resignationists” those people who hold that Benedict did not resign validly — like him!).

Francis’ deal with the Chicoms has succeeded just as intended: Total submission to the Communist Party is enacted.

If you’re trying to be a Catholic in a Modernist sect, don’t complain if you get treated accordingly.

In full communion with the Vatican II Sect, of course: Notorious LA Religious Education Congress to display “artwork” by sodomite cleric who paints blasphemy against Christ.

Speaking of Los Angeles: Pro-abortion doctor who promotes euthanasia gives keynote at archdiocesan end-of-life conference. So much for the “seamless garment”…

Words fail: In Michigan a Novus Ordo priest has been sentenced to 60 days in jail for — get this — wrapping a boy in bubble wrap and tape, leaving him alone like this for an hour.

You can thank the Charismatic Movement: Novus Ordo parishes in France increase “healing services.”

The Latin-English translations of the semi-trads’ rising star, Ryan Grant, are coming under scrutiny — and not by sedevacantists!

Louie Verrecchio provides a refreshing reality check on “Bp.” Athanasius Schneider and explains that no, Benedict XVI isn’t “saving the Church.”

A new 10-minute video explains the royal scam that is the post-1960 impostor of Sr. Lucy of Fatima. (See also some interesting commentary here.)

Peter Chojnowski takes Chris Ferrara to the woodshed on submission to the Pope.

A college professor explains why we should not use the term “homosexuality”.

Steve Speray pays tribute to the great Mexican anti-Modernist Fr. Joaquin Saenz y Arriaga (1899-1976), one of the first openly sedevacantist priests.

Bp. Donald Sanborn explains what’s wrong with the modern family.

And Rorate Caeli presents the program of the anti-Modernist Sodalitium Pianum.

And one for the road…

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