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Vatican Spokesman:
Naked Amazonian Woman Figure is NOT Virgin Mary

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Official caption: “ROME, ITALY – OCTOBER 04: Pope Francis and Cardinal Cardinal Cláudio Hummes, Archbishop Emeritus of São Paulo, President of the Pan-Amazonian Ecclesial Network (REPAM), stand in front of a statue representing Pachamama (Mother Earth) as they celebrate the Feast of St. Francis of Assisi at the Vatican Gardens on October 04, 2019 in Rome, Italy….”

Bad news for Francis’ useful idiots: All their outlandish attempts to make the vile wood carving that was worshipped on Oct. 4 in the Vatican Gardens into an Amazonian representation of the Blessed Virgin Mary have been ruined. An official Vatican spokesman for the Amazon Synod has just made clear that it does not depict the immaculate Mother of God, as some had blasphemously argued in a desperate attempt to exonerate their “Pope” from the crime of presiding over idolatry.

At today’s Vatican press briefing on the ongoing Amazon Synod, the following exchange took place between Life Site journalist Diane Montagna and the press panel, specifically Paolo Ruffini, the Prefect of the Dicastery for Communication, and “Fr.” Giacomo Costa, S.J., secretary of the Commission for Information:

The full press conference is available here.

The so-called Catholic News Agency published the following report on this topic:

Fr. Giacomo Costa, a communications official for the Amazon synod, said Wednesday a wooden figure of a nude pregnant woman, which has been present at events related to the synod, is not the Virgin Mary, but is instead a female figure representing life.

“It is not the Virgin Mary, who said it is the Virgin Mary?” Costa said Oct. 16 at a press conference for the Amazon synod, a meeting taking place in the Vatican Oct. 6-27 on the ministry of the Church in the region.

When told “many people have said” the woman is a figure of the Virgin Mary, Costa added “‘many have said,’ okay, as you like, but I have never heard that.”

“There is nothing to know. It is an indigenous woman who represents life,” he stated, adding that his information commission will look for more information about it, but “it is a feminine figure” and is “neither pagan nor sacred.”

Paolo Ruffini, prefect of the Vatican communications dicastery, said Wednesday he sees the figure as “representing life.”

“Fundamentally, it represents life. And enough. I believe to try and see pagan symbols or to see… evil, it is not,” he said, adding that “it represents life through a woman.” He equated the image to that of a tree, saying “a tree is a sacred symbol.”

Ruffini said that interpretation is his personal opinion, and he was not speaking as the head of Vatican communications or synod communications.

He added that “We know that some things in history have many interpretations” and he would look for more information about the image and inform journalists about what he finds out.

(Hannah Brockhaus, “Vatican communications official: Carved figure at Amazon synod not Virgin Mary”, Catholic News Agency, Oct. 16, 2019)

Of course this still won’t be enough for dyed-in-the-wool Bergoglians, who will continue to adhere to their fantasy that what has been taking place in and around the Vatican since Oct. 4 is all very Catholic, and the carved wooden statue must be the Blessed Virgin Mary because a woman who subsequently handed it to Francis did so with the words: “Our Lady of the Amazon.”

For anyone who needs a quick refresher, this is what we’re talking about (more details here):

Mr. Costa’s claim that this figure is “neither pagan nor sacred” cannot hold up, considering that it has been used in acts of worship and veneration, and keeping in mind that the indigenous Amazonian pagans adore the earth as a giver of life, whether under the title of Gaia, Pachamama, or perhaps “Our Lady of the Amazon”.

The abominable idol did not stay in the Vatican Gardens but found its way also into St. Peter’s Basilica, the synod hall, and the nearby Roman church of Santa Maria in Traspontina:

So, what’s going on here?

We are witnessing the beginning stages of pantheistic nature worship in the Vatican — apparently they are starting to worship “life”, fruitfulness, creation. Apostasy from the true religion always ends up in idolatry, so this is only to be expected. The “monkey business” of the Amazon Synod will be a gift that keeps on giving!

True, Christ came to give us life, and life more abundantly (see Jn 10:10). But He was speaking about the life of grace here on earth and Eternal Life in Heaven. The same Christ warned: “He that findeth his life, shall lose it: and he that shall lose his life for me, shall find it” (Mt 10:39).

Do not worship life. Worship the Creator of life, even if it means losing your life in the process. Then you will know what it truly means to have life “more abundantly”!

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