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June 18, 2019

Vatican II theology in action: Moslem call to prayer in ‘Catholic’ cathedral in Paris, France

Vatican denies rumors that Ratzinger Emeritus Benedict XVI has suffered a stroke. You know what they say: Believe nothing about the Vatican until it’s been officially denied.

The Vatican’s biggest carbon emitter, “Pope” Francis, warns: “Time is running out! …We do not have the luxury of waiting for others to step forward” to save the planet! Here we must quote the words of “Saint” John XXIII at the Vatican II opening address: “We feel we must disagree with those prophets of gloom, who are always forecasting disaster, as though the end of the world were at hand”!

The Vatican has released the Working Document for the Amazon Synod in October. It’s BAD! (And “Cardinal” Kasper knows a thing or two about synods.) Conservative Novus Ordo José Antonio Ureta says the document serves a “neo-pagan agenda.”

A new Our Father and a new Gloria for “Catholic” liturgy in Italy: Francis “corrects” biblical text to agree with his own theology — acclaimed Cambridge professor slams.

By the way, the Amazon Synod has its own soundtrack already. Will Jeff Bezos attend? (just kidding)

Tell No One: Shocking new documentary exposes sexual abuse in Polish church. Full video with English subtitles: HERE.

Look who’s got a fat lip: Tribal leader of the indigenous Kayapó people meets with Francis in the Vatican.

When the Novus Ordo bishops of California call on people to convert, you know it’s got nothing to do with the salvation of souls… Hey, they’re just following Francis’ lead!

The Vatican’s Congregation for Novus Ordo Education has released a 31-page document against gender ideology. Psychologist Dr. Gerard van den Aardweg blasts it as a compromise with “Neo-Paganism”; Jesuit hellboy James Martin says it “should be praised for its call for ‘listening’ and ‘dialogue’.”

CAUTION! When he visited Romania, Francis had a conversation with Jesuits there… Vaticanist Sandro Magister has some observations to make on that.

The Francis Effect: Now that Bergoglio has sold out the underground church in China, the Communists in charge are forcing dioceses to join the state-controlled fake church.

Only in the Novus Ordo religion: Vatican effectively shuts down order of nuns for ‘too much prayer’….

From his hiding place, Vatican whistleblower and former nuncio “Archbishop” Carlo Maria Viganò gives interview to Washington Post. With a follow-up for clarifications and some more comments over the weekend.

Move over, God, here comes man: Novus Ordos in Sri Lanka celebrate arrival of Buddhism by feeding the poor.

Speaking of nuncios: Not-amused Francis issues “Decalogue” for his diplomatic representatives, saying it’s not permissible to be “criticizing the Pope behind his back, to have blogs or to downright join groups hostile to him….” (Presumably, Francis won’t admit of exceptions to that decalogue….) Ah, but recall how he said in 2017: “It’s good to be criticized. I have always liked this…” Since he will not meet with his critics and goes out of his way to prevent any opportunity for being confronted by them, how then can people criticize him except behind his back?

French “Catholic” paper La Croix reports on ecological harm caused by Hindu pilgrimage to an ice stalagmite (no joke!). Not one word, of course, about any spiritual harm such idolatry causes.

Novus Ordo journalist Antonio Socci’s new book now released in English: “The Secret of Benedict XVI: Why he is still the Pope”. Dr. Peter Kwasniewski posts changing review on Amazon: from endorsement to repudiation. An interesting Twitter discussion ensued.

It seems so far we have only scratched the surface: Scottish Child Abuse Inquiry: Boys raped by priests at ‘satanic parties’.

In interview with Church Militant, former Vatican Bank director Ettore Gotti Tedeschi recommends Fr. Antonio Rosmini-Serbati’s Of the Five Wounds of the Holy Church, a book that was placed on the Index of Forbidden Books in 1849.

Francis’ overhauled Pontifical Academy for Life has allegedly “covered-up for member who rejected Catholic sexual teaching”.

Selective memory serves him well: “Pope” Francis forgets.

The Wanderer‘s “Fr.” Kevin Cusick settles it: “Let’s clear the air by making one thing clear: The Pope is Catholic. If the Pope were not Catholic, the Dubia would never have happened, if the Pope were not Catholic, none of the other growing list of letters, petitions and other appeals would have occurred. Yes, Pope Francis is indeed a Catholic. Because he is a Catholic, it is incumbent upon him to consistently profess and teach the true Catholic faith. And that has become a concern. It is precisely because Francis is both Catholic and the Pope that so many are voicing concerns about his way of enunciating the faith.” That’s it: It’s because Francis is a Catholic that we must rebuke him for his many heresies! You can’t make this stuff up….

Archlayman of Utrecht, Netherlands, “Cardinal” Willem Eijk, has discovered apostasy in his sect.

Sounds about right: Islamist leader gives talk at “Catholic” church in Chicago, so “Cardinal” Cupich apologizes — to Jews!

Speaking of Archlayman Cupich: His own cathedral promotes Rocketman, an R-rated movie about the other queen of England, Elton John.

Utterly disgraceful: Rhode Island “Bishop” Thomas Tobin has the spine of a jellyfish.

Vatican’s Jesuit university in Rome hosts anti-Catholic exhibit featuring homosexual couple, witch. Once you realize the Vatican II Sect is an anti-Catholic institution trying to destroy Faith, hope, and charity in souls, it all makes sense.

So much emotion, so little Catholicism: Vatican establishes Charis as single international service for “Charismatic Renewal.”

In Bergoglio’s homeland of Argentina, a doctor has been “convicted” of saving a baby. So, where’s the ever-talkative Francis, who’s got a video message for every (unimportant) occasion? We can’t hear you!

Because “Our Father” wasn’t clear enough: Novus Ordo schools down under discover that God has no sex. And yet He revealed Himself as Father, Son, and Holy Ghost!

That figures: Francis gets kudos from secular globalist icon George Soros. Marco Tosatti shares some thoughts on that here.

Joy stopper in Honduras: Francis’ pet and “Vatican II huckster” “Cardinal” Oscar Maradiaga had to be evacuated from plane due to political protesters threatening to lynch him.

Still not enough broken families: Francis upbraids Italian “bishops” for not implementing his new drive-thru marriage annulments fast enough!

And now… Green Ecumenism! “During the Time of Creation (September 1 to October 4, 2019), Christians from the six continents will work to put Laudato si’ into practice. They will participate in community events to deepen their love for the Creator, for creation and for others. The events will vary according to each community, from worship services and prayer to picking up trash or actions asking for changes in policies to limit global warming to 1.5 degrees Celsius.” No plans announced to prevent souls from experiencing eternal climate change after death…

Nighty-night, baby: Francis appoints “Cardinal” Joseph Tobin to oversee “Catholic” education… What could possibly go wrong?!

Kosher Jesus: Francis adds to his collection of Talmudic Judaica.

Can you guess whose money that was? “Between June 2017 and June 2018 the Catholic Church in the United States spent a whopping $301.6 million on costs related to clergy sexual abuse….” Hint: It probably wasn’t taken from any “bishop’s” personal piggy bank….

Argentinian Novus Ordo bishop promoted to Vatican position by Francis after sudden departure from diocese, Gustavo Zanchetta, has now been formally charged with sexual abuse of seminarians.

Because it’s all about man, not God: Yet another idolatrous Francis movie.

Forty-one years later, has anything changed? A 1978 quote from Abp. Marcel Lefebvre.

Slight exaggeration there maybe? “Cardinal” Robert Sarah calls comfortably retired Modernist Benedict XVI a “martyr for the truth.”

“Catholic” professor is worried about loss of biodiversity, extinction of species, and more. But wait a minute! Don’t these people believe in evolution, where everything can develop from nothing at all?! Don’t stress out, bro, just give it enough time!

No mercy for those nostalgic neo-pelagians: Knights of Malta leader bans 1962 version of Traditional Latin Mass.

A genius he isn’t: Francis compares U.S. President Trump’s border security to Berlin Wall (1961-89) separating socialist East Germany from capitalist West Germany. Uh, hello: The Berlin Wall was built to keep people from fleeing a socialist dictatorship; it wasn’t built to prevent foreigners from invading the country!

The serial plagiarist is done: “Fr.” Thomas Rosica resigns in disgrace from Canadian Salt + Light Television. But adding insult to injury, he still maintains his countless instances of plagiarism were not deliberate but the result of negligence. Let’s hope at least his letter of resignation wasn’t plagiarized.

Bad news for the Fatima Center, The Remnant, Catholic Family News, the SSPX, and more: They won’t be able to use that convenient “diabolical disorientation” slogan anymore

A no-win situation: Nones move in with Novus Ordo nuns. Predicted positive outcome: none!

Francis tries to sound tough on abortion, compares it once again to “hiring a hitman.” What he doesn’t say, of course, is that he has no problem inviting such hitmen to a friendly chat about migrants, or to bestow “papal” honors on their advocates.

Lepanto Foundation: Francis promotes Goals of Communists. If you’re surprised at this, you haven’t been paying attention.

Fair question: Did Catholic Relief Services Director Participate in Pagan Ritual? Hey, why not, if “Cardinal” Gianfranco Ravasi can do so with impunity?

British academic Dr. Joseph Shaw slams Taylor Marshall’s flimsy, over-hyped and under-researched new book Infiltration: “Marshall signally fails to deliver”. That’s THIS Taylor Marshall, by the way. Related: Marshall and Timothy Gordon vs. E. Michael Jones.

Popular TV commentator “Fr.” Jonathan Morris to leave Novus Ordo priesthood. Not a bad thing, actually — if he’s ever going to look into Sedevacantism, it’s best if he’s not a practicing cleric of the Anti-Church!

Wanna-be Fulton Sheen “Bishop” Robert Barron wants to “rejudaize Catholicism”. Hmm…. like this, maybe?

Don’t like Judaization of Catholicism? Should have attended the interfaith Ramadan dinner at St. Margaret Mary’s in Winter Park, Florida. Buon pranzo! Or you could at least have celebrated Ramadan with “Bishop” Olivero in Italy!

Over 50 years after the close of the council, the Knights of Columbus finally get a Vatican II look!

Francis expands his collection of blasphemous literature, receives “Jewish Annotated New Testament.” Come on, why wouldn’t you want to read commentary on the New Testament from Christ’s enemies?

Still not enough Vatican II yet: Irish prelates wants even more “joyful” language in the Modernist sect! — Meanwhile: Novus Ordo priest attempts “Floss Dance” with First Communicants in Ireland. Joyful enough for you, Mr. Martin?

German author Martin Mosebach says schism could result from Francis’ continued flirt with heresy. Yeah, it’s just not fun when your “Pope” isn’t a Catholic…

Gallican semi-trads in shock after Prof. John Rist barred from all “Pontifical” Universities after accusing “Pope” Francis of heresy. What do they think Pope Pius IX would have done?

The Vatican II Effect: The more “Catholics” are in public office in the U.S., the less safe unborn children are. But if you want to build a wall to reinforce the nation’s borders, you know the Frankster will quickly denounce you as a non-Christian…

When it concerns something he actually cares about: Francis suddenly discovers that God isn’t just love and mercy but also has wrath in store for sinners. How come he didn’t tell that to abortionist Emma Bonino? And what happened to “God never tires of forgiving”?

Now there’s a politician Francis won’t touch with a ten-foot pole: Bergoglio vs. Matteo Salvini. What did Christ the Lord say? “Amen I say to you, that the publicans and the harlots shall go into the kingdom of God before you” (Mt 21:31).

Francis and the specter of “Proselytism”: “If by ‘proselytism’ Francis means a missionary effort pushed to the extreme, forced, measured by the number of the newly baptized, it is a mystery from where he would gather the conviction that this is a real ‘danger’ in the Catholic Church that ‘is popping up again today.'” In reality, of course, he is denouncing any kind of evangelization that seeks to convince people that only the Roman Catholic religion is true, and that only in the Roman Catholic Church can souls be saved from eternal damnation.

Do you identify as Roman Catholic in the diocese of Jefferson City, MO, and do you send your children to a Novus Ordo school there? Too bad!

After 50+ years of the Vatican II religion: New Jersey parish promotes Perverts’ Pride “Mass”.

An invalid bishop will make a perfect complement to their false theology: Lefebvrists announce that former “Bp.” Vitus Huonder of Chur, Switzerland, will retire to a house of the Society of St. Pius X.

Vatican Modernist “Cardinal” Gerhard Muller plays tough conservative again. Muller’s purpose is to distract. This “good cop, bad cop” routine has been allowing the apostasy to move forward at full steam for decades… If Muller wants to be a Catholic, he can start by retracting his own heresies….

Semi-trad apologist Prof. Roberto de Mattei slams the “Philosopher of Inclusion”, Jorge Bergoglio.

Put on your surprise face: Vatican magazine’s former editor backs decriminalization of abortion. The Modernist Vatican is a cesspool of heresy, blasphemy, and immorality.

In Malta, the family of a slain migrant gets help from “Archbishop” Scicluna. Fair enough, but do Novus Ordo bishops also help the families of Italians slain by migrants?

It doesn’t bode well: German Novus Ordo bishop Hans-Josef Bode supports “church strike” in favor of women’s ordination.

An easy way to see that the Vatican II religion is not the Roman Catholic religion: Traditional Catholic catechisms on the sinfulness of false worship.

Did you know? The home of “Bp.” Athanasius Schneider is the Illuminati capital of the world….

Akin to heresy: On Jimmy Akin and the concept of heresy.

Was John XXIII a valid Pope? The Case against Angelo Roncalli.

If we Sedevacantists were Protestants, then Francis would be telling you to join our prayer campaigns….

Former Resignationist Jonathan Byrd responds to Ann Barnhardt’s smear job against Sedevacantists and explains why he became sede even though it wasn’t the “cool” thing to do.

Francis defender Robert Siscoe has a St. Alphonsus quote problem.

Sedevacantist Bp. Donald Sanborn comments on Bergoglio’s wishing Muslims a happy Ramadan and dismantles Ratzinger’s comments on the causes of the sex abuse crisis.

And sede blogger Steve Speray considers how long the Church can exist without a true Pope.

And one for the road…

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