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A New Logo for Novus Ordo Watch

No doubt you’ve noticed it: Novus Ordo Watch has begun using a new logo, displayed above.

Many people will be asking themselves: why? Was the old logo — the sede vacante coat of arms — not good enough? Was it not, in fact, the best possible emblem to use for a sedevacantist apostolate?

Quite simply, there were two main problems with the old logo.

First, it wasn’t our own creation but the work of an artist who licensed his work under a creative commons license and later released it into the public domain. This means that anyone had the right to use it, and therefore it was not a unique identifier for Novus Ordo Watch.

Second, as consisting of elements belonging to the Holy See, which is a sovereign nation, use of the old logo needlessly opened us up to potential legal challenges. Recall that in the not too distant past, the Vatican began cracking down on what it called illegitimate use of their emblems and other copyrighted material by third parties. The Spanish web site Info Vaticana, which is Novus Ordo but very critical of Francis, was ordered to stop using the Holy See’s coat of arms for its logo or else be drawn into a long and costly legal battle. The fact that the Holy See is currently under occupation by Modernists, who have no morally legitimate claim to Catholic symbols, is true enough, but the practical consequences are the same. Fighting over the use of an emblem is not a hill worth dying on, and even the mere risk isn’t worth it.

Thus, we decided it was time for a new and real logo.

Coming up with a unique, professional, eye-catching and easily identifiable emblem design for a sedevacantist apostolate was not easy. We ultimately decided on a pencil portrait of Pope Pius XII (r. 1939-1958), since he is the last known true Pope of the Catholic Church. It was only after his departure that the Novus Ordo religion was officially established, beginning with Angelo Roncalli, the supposed “Pope” John XXIII, in a turbulent conclave that included even the announcement of the election of a Pope two days prior to Roncalli claiming the Papacy. The pencil portrait of Pope Pius XII was specifically commissioned by us for our exclusive use. Thus what we have now is truly our logo, copyrighted, and all rights are reserved.

For those who might be worried that this new logo is the harbinger of other, bigger changes, we can assure you: No, it is not. It’s simply a new logo, and nothing else is changing. We’re not turning this organization or web site into anything else than it already is, we’re just gradually trying to make everything about it more professional so we can ultimately reach more souls. All our content will also remain free for everyone, although we do request your financial help because without it, this work is simply not possible. Thank you to everyone who has sacrificed to make it all happen!

By the way: The TRADCAST logo is new too.

And now, please help spread the word — about Novus Ordo Watch, about our podcast, about the truth concerning what has happened to the Roman Catholic Church since the passing of our dear Holy Father, Pope Pius XII.

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