News Digest January 31, 2019

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January 31, 2019

The Novus Ordo Titanic now comes with a BOAT ALTAR!

Vatileaks 3.0: Wikileaks publishes crucial “papal” letter on Order of Malta Affair, and Francis is exposed as the Peronist he is!

The “Pope” who knew too much: Sandro Magister on Francis and sex abuse.

Hermeneutic of continuity hiatus: In a newly-translated text, the “Pope Emeritus” Ratzinger admits that the discontinuity between the papal magisterium of Pius XII and his predecessors with the Novus Ordo magisterium that followed, “is obvious.”

Put on your surprise face: “Saint” John Paul II believed in Reincarnation. Said who? Said the late Prof. Robert Spaemann!

“Pope” Francis denounces Catholic media for denouncing heresy! The funny thing is: In the very same sentence, the papal pretender denounces schism. So schism is OK to denounce but not heresy? Oh, and what about THIS, Your Wickedness?

From the “conservative” Archlayman of New York, Timothy Dolan: Excommunicating Gov. Andrew Cuomo for signing extreme late-term abortion law “not an appropriate response.” If he doesn’t repent, he will find out from God Almighty what the appropriate and eternal response is to his sins.

Someone must have sent them a copy of the Catechism of the Council of Trent: Covington diocesan offices evacuated after ‘suspicious package’ found.

Francis’ message to ecumenical Taize youth fails to surprise: It’s the usual claptrap about encounter, fraternity, hospitality, respecting differences, dreaming, walking, bridge-building, enrichment, journey of communion, and making the world a better place.

Antonio Socci laments: The Church is collapsing, but the Vatican has launched a crusade against Matteo Salvini! It all makes sense once you realize that they’re destroying the “church” deliberately… And when they’re not speaking out against Salvini, they’re putting together their new migrant-friendly sports association!

Introducing… The Bible of [False] Friendship. Francis writes foreword to joint Jewish-“Catholic” commentary on the first five books of Moses.

The Political Antipope: Francis hijacks whatever concept he can to push his globalist politics. Commenting on World Youth Day in Panama, he said: “To see all the flags joined together, waving in the hands of young people overjoyed to meet one another, was a prophetic sign, one that runs contrary to the current, sad tendency of conflictual nationalisms that raise walls and close themselves to universality and the encounter of peoples.” Come on, just how will the Antichrist ever rule the whole world if there are nations with borders?! Francis is just preparing the way…

Only in the Novus Ordo: In Poland, the Vatican II Sect observes “Day of Judaism.”

Never let a good crisis go to waste: “Cardinal” Reinhard Marx uses sex abuse scandals to push for “further adaptations of Church teachings.” One could call that an abuse of abuse!

An American Novus Ordo bishop has threatened to sue Church Militant for exposing that he just ordained two sodomite lovers.

Discovering a kindred spirit: Francis’ Christmas message was so full of Masonic fraternity that the Grand Lodge of Spain could not keep silent about it.

Hellboy got himself a new gig.

Francis has abolished the Pontifical Commission Ecclesia Dei, which was founded on July 2, 1988, after the Lefebvrist schism. The remaining duties of Ecclesia Dei will be handled by the Congregation for the Destruction of the Faith.

Semi-trad Roberto de Mattei reviews Antonio Socci’s new book, The Secret of Benedict XVI.

Bergoglian blather on steroids: Francis’ message for World Communications Day begins thus: “Ever since the internet first became available, the Church has always sought to promote its use in the service of the encounter between persons, and of solidarity among all.” And it gets worse from there.

A leading religion reporter has called the Pennsylvania grand jury report on clerical sex abuse ‘inaccurate and unjust’.

Switzerland’s top Novus Ordo bishop is in hot water after installing a convicted abuser as pastor of a parish.

Heretical liberation theologian Leonardo Boff has turned 80. Guess who sent him a congratulatory note. This shouldn’t surprise since liberation theologians are no longer barred from Novus Ordo sainthood.

A Novus Ordo priest admits to “reversal in Catholic doctrine” in a new book on Vatican II.

These airheads are considered “Catholic theologians” in the Novus Ordo Sect: Vatican should not try to limit critical theology, says German scholar, because “submissiveness to an institution is not what distinguishes a science.” Well yeah, unless, of course, the institution was divinely established as the “pillar and ground of the truth” (1 Tim 3:15), doofus! — But then again, that cannot be said of the church he‘s a part of….

Poor and rich: Vaticanist Sandro Magister compares Francis’ vision with the real figures.

When the label “Archbishop’s Annual Appeal” becomes a fundraising liability: Baltimore Archdiocese changes name of its fund drive. Now if Mr. Lori could just stop calling himself “Archbishop” entirely….

Poetic justice for those who abandoned Catholicism in favor of Eastern Orthodoxy: Ukrainian Orthodox Church formally breaks from Russia.

Just what we needed: New 1950s manuscript by Fr. Karol Wojtyla (later John Paul II) discovered: The Catholic Social Ethic.

Judging by his homily for the so-called Week of Prayer for Christian Unity, it is absolutely clear that Francis believes all the baptized — whether heretics, schismatics, or Catholics — are part of a divided Church of God and on the way to Heaven, and the task of ecumenism is simply to heal these divisions within the one Body of Christ. This is directly contrary to the perennial Catholic teaching up until Pope Pius XII (d. 1958), as expressed, for example, by Pope Pius IX, who taught that “all groups entirely separated from external and visible communion with and obedience to the Roman Pontiff cannot be the Church of Christ, nor in any way whatsoever can they belong to the Church of Christ” (Instruction Ad Quosdam).

Conservative Novus Ordo journalist George Neumayr points out that Francis’ laxity is catching up with him….

From condeming Anti-Semitism to condemning Anti-Judaism: 19 centuries of Catholic teaching and practice had it wrong — Jorge has it right!

The SSPX has published an exclusive interview with its new Superior General, Fr. Davide Pagliarani.

You’d think that considering how bad everything is in the Vatican II Sect, the pundits and commentators would at least refrain from publishing this kind of ridiculous stuff.

Francis refuses to receive lambs for the traditional St. Agnes’ Day blessing. So much for that that “smell of the sheep” stuff….

Munich’s “Cardinal” Marx doesn’t like the term “Christian West” — it’s not inclusive enough! Well he’s certainly doing his part to make sure it isn’t…

Perversion and blasphemy, soon at a parish near you? Novus Ordo priest gives pulpit to sodomite partners to share ‘witness’ story prior to Sunday liturgy.

Did the Lord assign the wrong “gender” to your body? Not a problem! This “Catholic” hospital can help!

Theology is definitely not his strong point: No, “Pope” Francis, it’s not better to be an atheist than a hypocritical Catholic because the hypocritical Catholic retains Faith and therefore can avail himself of the means of salvation at any time, whereas the atheist has nothing.

Who wants to read a document from Francis that begins with, “The human community is God’s dream…”?

Jorge Bergoglio, renowned expert on absolutely everything (other than Catholicism), knows how to defuse family fights: “We should think, ‘What is good about this person?’ and marvel at that goodness. This will help family unity.” Because “to be astonished is to open oneself to others, to understand their motives.” Got it?

The world is waiting for the clerical sex abuse crisis to explode in Francis’ native Argentina. Here’s a preview.

They pulled it down quickly but it was too late: Vatican News web site publishes, then removes, Tribute to 60th Anniversary of Communist Revolution in Cuba.

In a comment reminiscent of John Paul I, Francis says: “Sins of the flesh are the lightest sins. Because the flesh is weak.” False! Impurity is mortal by its nature, and the fact that the flesh is weak is precisely why we must guard against those sins the most! It is much easier to fall into a sin of weakness than into a sin of malice!

400 pages to know and share: Novus Ordo apologist Jimmy Akin takes a break from talking about Star Trek and Doctor Who and publishes a book on magisterial authority and “what the Church really says” (wink!).

The oh-so conservative Franciscan University of Steubenville, Ohio, is in hot water after an English professor assigned as required reading a book that contains blasphemous and pornographic content about the Blessed Virgin Mary.

Swiss “Bp.” Vitus Huonder has announced he will retire to an SSPX facility. Expect a Lefebvrist civil war between those who consider Novus Ordo ordinations valid and those who think they’re doubtful.

Bet you didn’t know: The saints were “madmen of concreteness”, Francis informs his poor listeners.

We told you the Novus Ordo Church was a bunch of bull: In Brazil, a Novus Ordo priest enters church riding a bull. Of course not everyone has a bull available, so some use a hoverboard instead….

The New Evangelization in Poland: “Bishop” Antoni Długosz dances while serenading his pewsitters with sweet melodies.

Capuchin apostate Fr. Raniero Cantalamessa, retreat master for U.S. Novus Ordo bishops in early January, “hardly touched [on] sexual abuse or homosexuality but spent much time speaking about the evils of riches.” All those victims must have been abused by a bunch of filthy rich clergy, eh?

Francis also had a message for the “bishops” gathered in retreat, but it didn’t go over too well. Not at all.

Circus Roncalli has morphed into Circus Bergoglio. Literally. (Caution! Immodest images)

The Legionaries of Christ — aka Millionaires of Christ — are still celebrating the legacy of Fr. Marcial Maciel, even 13 years after his terrible crimes were revealed. (On a related note, the Vatican is said to have known about accusations against Maciel since 1943.)

It might depend on what the meaning of “is” is: In 2002, “Cardinal” Theodore McCarrick claimed he had always been celibate. Imagine that — a sex abuser who lies!

At odds with his boss: “Cardinal” Müller says blaming sex abuse crisis on “clericalism” is an insult to the victims.

Why you’re not Novus Ordo anymore, reason no. 9466: St. Francis de Sales Church in Norton Shores, Michigan.

Cult-like Opus Dei pays $977,000 to settle a sexual misconduct claim against the high-profile Rev. John McCloskey.

It’s been 60 years: Barely having usurped the Chair of St. Peter, “Saint” John XXIII announced his intention to convoke an ecumenical council. Nothing has been the same since, and that was by design.

Bergoglio’s ideological sidekick, “Fr.” Antonio Spadaro, notes on his private blog that walls are the “ogres that undermine the communities.” No doubt he leaves his front door open at night, this fearless defender of “true” security….

Newly Vatican-recognized Chicom bishop says he’s ready to take his marching orders from the Communists. Shocker, huh?

When potentially tens of thousands of unborn babies were on the line in Ireland last year, the ever-talkative Francis had nothing to say. But when 49 migrants were potentially prevented from entering Europe illegally, guess who quickly appealed to politicians on their behalf.

From our “hermeneutic of continuity” files: The Jewish influence on Vatican II’s abominable Nostra Aetate document. In case you haven’t seen this hilarious parody of Nostra Aetate, it’s worth a look!

The worship of man: “Fr.” Thomas Rosica insults the Holy Family yet again.

“Archbishop” Carlo Vigano has called on “Uncle Ted” McCarrick to remember his last end and REPENT. Maybe The Remnant could start a petition….

Oops, did he say that? “Cardinal” Donald Wuerl caught lying about his knowledge of accusations against “Uncle Ted”. And then he made it worse!

After the sudden joint departure of Greg Burke and Paloma Ovejero from the Vatican press office, Francis has appointed Mr. Alessandro Gisotti as the interim director.

They didn’t elect a Catholic, that’s the problem: R. R. Reno diagnoses “a failing papacy.”

No, this isn’t the logo for the next Soccer World Cup. This is the emblem for Francis’ upcoming trip to Morocco. The reed shaken by the wind is supposed to be the cross, and the fact that it’s encircled in a Muslim crescent means nothing, of course.

A sworn declaration from a handwriting analyst demonstrates that there was an impostor “Sister Lucy” of Fatima.

What do real Catholic Popes say about the virtue of modesty? Find out.

Atila Sinke Guimaraes takes a look at the expensive trips of the poor “Pope.”

Sedevacantist Fathers Francisco and Dominic Radecki are announcing the publication of their new book, Vatican II Exposed as Counterfeit Catholicism. To be released in February.

Beware of this dangerous double-agent: The Malachi Martin Dossier.

Another Catholic has had enough of the bullying and shenanigans of “TradCatKnight” Eric Gajewski.

Steve Speray has some information for Catholic-turned-Orthodox John C. Pontrello and responds to the misconceptions about Sedevacantism recently aired by Dr. Taylor Marshall and Timothy Gordon.

Thomas Droleskey looks at the company “Pope” Francis chooses to keep, and Marco Tosatti lists “Francis’ parade of embarrassing friendships.”

Fr. William Jenkins exposes the fatal folly of the recognize-and-resist position.

And a blogger explains the truth about miracles vs. the darkened modern mind.

And one for the road…

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