News Digest December 10, 2018

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December 10, 2018

With the authorization of the Novus Ordo authorities:
Sacrilegious light show projected onto Basilica of Santa Maria Sopra Minerva, Rome, in late October

An investigative report by a Honduran news site claims to have confirmation that “Cardinal” Oscar Maradiaga’s auxiliary “bishop” Juan Pineda Fasquelle “embezzled approximately 1.2 million USD of government money destined for poor parishes and spent the money on a lavish lifestyle for himself and his homosexual lovers.” Ah yes, the “poor church for the poor.” So far, they’re only working on the “poor church” part.

Shocking, stunning, explosive testimony: James Grein, who says ex-“Cardinal” Theodore McCarrick abused him for 18 years, tells (almost) all in video interview with Taylor Marshall. What’s come out so far is just scratching the surface of what’s really there, if Grein’s testimony is accurate…

Churches closing down left and right? Nothing to worry about for Francis because… time is greater than space! And besides, what’s wrong with “selling the precious items of worship and distributing the proceeds to the poor”?!

The man dubbed “The Dictator Pope” by Henry Sire, who refuses to meet with his “dubia cardinals”, explains that the ‘world needs humble leaders unafraid to meet their enemies.’

Antichrist can’t be too far off: In Jerusalem, nascent apostate Jewish Sanhedrin announces dedication of altar for Third Temple. The question is: Will the post-Catholic Vatican send a congratulatory note?

Who needs comedians when you’ve got Jorge Bergoglio? Francis says he’s worried about homosexuality among Novus Ordo priests. Sure, and Barack Obama is concerned about the high abortion numbers in America…

Starting over? New SSPX Superior General, Fr. Davide Pagliarani, meets with CDF head “Cardinal” Luis Ladaria.

Just in time: The next Novus Ordo miracle is ready for the next Novus Ordo saint…

The numbers are in: The total financial cost of the Francis Show in Ireland was roughly $19,000,000. Guess who’s paying for it!

The Vatican has announced that in March of next year, Francis will travel to Morocco. Maybe he wants to bankrupt them, too.

Vatican announces Francis will travel to United Arab Emirates in early February to attend an “interfaith meeting” on “human fraternity.” This kind of thing is right up Francis’ alley. As long as it’s not Catholic, he’s for it.

Francis has an important message on clean drinking water. The Living Water of Christ (cf. Jn 4:10,14), on the other hand, is at best an afterthought for him…

The former “Archbishop” of La Plata, Argentina, has admitted on television that there is a “kind of lodge or lobby” for sodomites in the Novus Ordo priesthood in some dioceses. La Plata’s new “archbishop”, by the way, is Victor Manuel Fernandez, author of the book Heal Me With Your Mouth: The Art of Kissing. Just saying!

Fearless Francis denounces “ugly perversion” at seminaries! (No, it’s not what you think…)

Looks like those balloon “Masses” and the dumbed-down catechism didn’t do the trick: New study reveals that most Novus Ordos stop identifying as Catholics at a median age of 13. But not to worry — the “bishops” in charge will know exactly what is needed: more Vatican II, what else?!

The Mystery of the Missing Tweet: Transgender Day and the Novus Ordo Bishops of England & Wales.

Coming soon, to a Novus Ordo church near you: Woman appointed parish administrator in Connecticut, with “decision-making authority over a team of priests….”

Another doozy of a Francis sermon… Look, if he had simply meant: “Preach to convert the nations, just make sure you always practice what you preach, lest the people be scandalized”, then he could have simply said that

Peronism practiced to perfection: Francis preaches against oppression of the poor but then supports those who oppress them

“With zero violence and 100% tenderness”: Francis’ November 2018 “Pope Video” summarizes his Naturalist vision for peace.

‘Climate change is man-made’, says the Secretary of State of the man-made Modernist sect. And while we’re on the topic: Please meet the “climate pilgrims” on the way to Katowice… It really is a religion!

Could someone please tell Peter Kwasniewski that the Catholic Church cannot give to her children a flawed liturgy, and any claim to the contrary is blasphemy? (See Pope Pius XII, Encyclical Mystici Corporis, n. 66)

“Cardinal” Gerhard Ludwig Muller has too much time for interviews. Here is one with Vatican Insider. Here is one with Life Site. Here is one with Die Tagespost (German). Here is one with Trouw (Dutch). Alas, the man is considered a great conservative because he talks tough against adultery. That’s how low the bar has fallen. The man is a Modernist to the core. (Here’s another example. And another one.)

Michael Voris is concerned you might abandon the Modernist Titanic and become a Catholic…

“Forests are sacred”: In Colombia, the Jesuits have finally found a cause worth supporting.

Theological shysterism at full blast: Novus Ordo historian Roberto de Mattei seriously argues that the Novus Ordo Sect under Francis “is holy and immune from all error”. Yeah, sure, if you don’t count the false sacraments, false saints, evil disciplines, blasphemous and heretical documents, sermons, and allocutions, and all that…

In Italy, Novus Ordos are now praying a new version of the Our Father, thanks to Francis the “Absolute Monarch.”

“Too much prayer!” While playing footsies with the SSPX, the Vatican has moved to practically destroy another order of nuns suspected of being sympathetic to Catholicism.

Collegiality? That is so 1960s… Now there’s Synodality! (Of course there are exceptions!)

Semi-trad blogger and public heretic Hilary White has the correct diagnosis but the wrong cure.

With “Cardinal” Blase Cupich of Chicago — the guy with the “rabbit hole” comment — appointed to the organizing committee for the Vatican’s February 2019 abuse summit, you can expect the meeting will be “damage control”, Phil Lawler opines. And “Fr.” Hans Zollner assures us that the meeting will have a ‘synodal dimension’, so what could possibly go wrong? Oops, well, maybe this

Money talks: Major U.S. donors to “Holy See” temporarily withhold their annual tithe until they can get some accountability on how these funds are actually used in the ongoing Bergoglian circus.

Some comic relief: Imagine if Francis were given some truth serum

The Vatican always knows what’s ailing this world: ‘Holy See affirms need to care for oceans.’

Hedging his bets: In case push comes to shove, “Fr.” John Hunwicke has already determined that if Francis were to revoke Summorum Pontificum, it wouldn’t be valid….

Nighty-night, baby: “Cardinal” Tobin admits Italian actor Francesco Castiglione “temporarily” lived at his rectory. Thanks to George Neumayr for the investigative reporting! On a related note, Phil Lawler says Tobin “still doesn’t get it.”

Another one bites the dust: Archdiocese of Santa Fe to file for bankruptcy. And Christopher Manion asks: “Will sex abuse claims bankrupt the Vatican?”

Caution! The logo for the “Extraordinary Missionary Month October 2019” has been released… Or is it the logo for the next Soccer World Cup?

Proving his point: Henry Sire, author of The Dictator Pope, has been expelled from the Order of Malta. However, Sire is fighting back.

Mr. John Zuhlsdorf’s ordinary, “Bishop” Robert Morlino of Madison, Wisconsin, has died.

Have you noticed? The only time Francis ever condemns Paganism is when he can accuse Christians of it

Former SSPX Superior General, Bp. Bernard Fellay, “takes a kindly view of the Holy Father”, according to Michael Warren Davis, who sat down with him for a piece in the Catholic Herald.

A Novus Ordo parish in the Netherlands has given a whole new meaning to the term “digital collection”

CAUTION! Hellboy recommends a Rosary… And it turns out that these special beads are sold by a “pro-gay online store that happens donate to pro-abortion charities”

They check in every now and then: On November 20, Francis got a visit from his supervisors… And of course they all released a joint declaration shortly thereafter. (A few days before, the “Pope” had gotten an attaboy from the CEO. No wonder, since he so obediently covers his pectoral cross lest a Christ-denier be offended…)

Novus Ordo theologian John Cavadini sees a strong connection between Benedict XVI and Francis. We do too: Neither of them is Pope.

Hong Kongese “Cardinal” Joseph Zen has said that “indirectly, the Vatican is helping the [Chinese Communist] government to annihilate the underground Church that Beijing was not able to crush.” And the National Catholic Register says that “the Vatican’s agreement with China looks even worse now.”

The Francis Effect reaches Novus Ordo apologetics: The days of easy contra-Protestant apologetics is over.

Maybe that’s where Francis got his stang: In Kentucky, a beautiful traditional Catholic church building, sold off by the diocese, has been turned into an “Alabaster School of Witchcraft and Wizardy”. Don’t think this only happens in the U.S. — in Naples, Italty, a diocesan church was used for an occultist Halloween party, complete with a simulated hanging of a young woman in the choir loft… (CAUTION! immodest photos)

The (Witch) Doctor is in: Francis makes “surprise” visit to makeshift hospital for homeless set up in St. Peter’s Square… Total surprise, eh?

Speaking of Kentucky: A Novus Ordo deacon in Lexington has blasphemed our Blessed Lord in a YouTube video.

The Last Judgment according to Francis: “an encounter of mercy, of joy, of happiness” for all!

That would explain why he won’t stop talking: Francis says “the Church grows in silence, in secret” and “without making a fuss”… That must be why Christ said: “That which I tell you in the dark, speak ye in the light: and that which you hear in the ear, preach ye upon the housetops” (Mt 10:27)… and why St. Paul wrote: “How then shall they call on him, in whom they have not believed? Or how shall they believe him, of whom they have not heard? And how shall they hear, without a preacher?” (Rom 10:14). That triumphalist proselytizer!

Here’s one for practicing your surprise face: Report Reveals Details of Ongoing Homosexual Network in Several Dioceses.

Family feud: “Abp.” Carlo Vigano responds to claims he defrauded his brother in an inheritance dispute.

This is bound to be good: Semi-trad Courrier de Rome to hold conference on the Frankster in January, entitled: “Francis, Pastoral Pope of a Non-Doctrinal Council.” One of the speakers scheduled is new SSPX Superior Fr. Pagliarani. Apparently the only binding and dogmatic thing in their non-binding, pastoral religion is the idea that Francis is Pope…

Against Vigano, of course: Vatican journalists Andrea Tornielli and Gianni Valente have published a book on the ongoing Vigano drama. When it comes to books in favor of Vigano, the Vatican is quick to intervene.

Welcome to Novus Ordo Land. Now meet the “walking theology of the body” nun.

If someone were to give you an assignment to pen a 690-word interreligious message to Sikhs and include the word “tenderness” 15 times in it, would you be able to do it? No? Don’t worry: The Vatican already did it for you.

The rot runs deep: A convert to the Vatican II religion from Protestantism relates his RCIA experience.

So you’ve been led to believe that Sedevacantists are nothing but a bunch of angry, nasty, arrogant, judgmental weirdos… OK, time for a reality check: Meet two of the postulants at the Congregation of Mary Immaculate Queen in Spokane, Washington.

Perfect for your collection, or as a Christmas gift: Pope Leo XIII’s encyclicals on Socialism, Freemasonry, and other dangers. Why not challenge a Novus Ordo friend with this gift?

Sedevacantist Bishop Donald Sanborn evaluates Feminism and the “Me Too” movement.

A new sedevacantist blogger calls on the recognize-and-resist newsies to “stop pretending” about Francis.

Another sede blogger exposes the “schiozophrenic church” of the recognize-and-resist traditionalists and explores the question how we could possibly have a Pope again.

Dr. Peter Chojnowski gives an update on the status and extent of the Sister Lucy Truth Investigation and has uncovered more photo manipulation by the Vatican regarding “Pope” Paul VI and the Fatima seer.

And Steve Speray explains why Eastern Orthodox is not the way to go and also why non-infallible Catholic Church teaching cannot be heretical.

And one for the road…

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